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One day left to go…until The Simple Chic goes live! Hope you will join me at my new blogging space at http://thesimplechic.com

Sorry for the quietness on this blog, I have been busy preparing for the launch of the new one. However, I’m not the type to abandon a home that was made, so I have decided to keep this as my personal blog where I share my ongoings. 

And the new spare will be about style, beauty and design. My social media platforms however will take on the new brand, so if you see me posing as 'The Simple Chic' on Twitter and Facebook, please don’t be alarmed. It’s still E from Sew is Life :)

Thanks for supporting Sew is Life, and now it’s onto new adventures at The Simple Chic.

Please come and follow my posts over at my new home! Also a new competition to follow shortly, to celebrate the launch of the fresh space.

Have a great weekend All!

E x

Oops the last post wasn’t my last post of the year…sorry to fib! But this will be :) It is Sew is Life’s most popular posts of the year, a great way to check out what post received the most traffic and what has our readers coming back.

Looks like we have a lot of beauty fans and DIYers visiting SiL. We hope to bring you more of what you love to read in 2014! Make sure to check out the new space The Simple Chic coming soon…

For now, please enjoy reading some of the popular posts of the year gone by.

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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! And thanks for dropping by and supporting this little blog of mine. Look forward to more great times with my readers in 2014.

E x

I can’t believe I am writing the final post of the year, it wasn’t too long ago that I was sitting in front of my laptop saying my goodbyes to 2012. How was 2013 for you? Was it everything you hoped for?

First of all, let me just say:

2013 was such a learning curve for me. I took on a few more projects, including starting my own organic bath & body range, and the focus of the blog slightly matured and I felt my skin thicken a little more. I learnt a lot about myself when put under pressure, so even though it was mostly stressful I gained so much.

So let me say my farewells:

1. I am a soft person at heart, and so I believe in the positiveness of things and have an optimistic outlook on every bad situation. But there were times this year, that I just wanted to turn that smile upside down and just let it out. Especially at the people that don’t count, those who discourage you, who say all the negative things when you are trying so hard. Also to those who aren’t happy with themselves and their attitude brings you down. I have learnt so much about myself and who are the people who deserve my time and those who don’t. So farewell Haters

2. Also good bye to my You Tube Channel. I haven’t been active on it for months and when I do I have been posting reviews on products. Which doesn’t make sense when I continue to write my reviews on my blog. And it is becoming trickier with three children running around in the background, so filming is usually done at night and I don’t really suit artificial night time lighting :)

3. Being so time restrictive in 2013, it has been difficult to find any time for myself. Therefore I have had to ignore my beloved sewing machine and from time to time I look at it lovingly from my desk. I do hope to pick it up again some day, it is my dream to sew beautiful garments to wear.

4. Hallelujah! See you later nappies, hopefully before school starts I will be down to just one child wearing diapers. I have left it this long, but hopefully my little man will be proud and confident to start pre-kindy with big-boy undies.

5. And a sort of semi-goodbye to this blog. A new space has been in the making to take over my regular posting. I have decided to change the branding of my blog to be a more focused on a couple of main topics rather than a list of things, which should be more helpful to my readers. Therefore Sew is Life shall remain my personal blogging space and my new blog on Wordpress ‘The Simple Chic’ will be about beauty, fashion and design. Three topics I am happy to go on and on about :)

6. Also good-bye to Emerald, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2013. And say welcome to Radiant Orchid, which is by the way…a stunning colour! Here is my tribute to the Emerald with an end of year party look. Spot the ‘radiant orchid’ in the photo :)

On the eyes, I used Lime Crime's 'Alchemy' Fantasy Palette - Lucky Charm. And their discontinued magic dust in Cupcake Thief. 

Would you dare to wear an Emerald Lippie? This is Serpentina from Lime Crime

And that’s a wrap for Sew is Life 2013, thank you to all the readers who stop by and give this site some love in a way of traffic, comments, words of support, tips and so on. Wishing each and every one of you a fantastic New Years Eve celebration where ever you are. And may 2014 bring you all the happiness, love, good health, prosperity and may all your hopes and dreams come alive for you.

I hope you will come and join me at my newest adventure at The Simple Chic, to be launched very shortly. There may even be a giveaway coming up soon to celebrate this new beginning :) Keep an eye out!

Be safe, drink and be merry on NYE.. So..what plans DO you have for NYE?


E x

Shop Lime Crime goodness here:

My apologies for not updating for the past few days. I have been absolutely manic with Christmas preparation that I have trouble fitting anything else in! 

School holidays has begun and I’m thinking of ways to keep the 3 little monkeys busy and away from the Christmas presents sitting under the tree. Last week, I had the presents sitting under the tree for a day and not too long after I hid them away in the cupboard because my 3 yo was asking me every 10 mins “Mama can we open the presents?”.It is very difficult to explain to a 3 yo that Christmas is like 8 days away and he has to wait till then to open them. When they are so tempting and teasing him from under the tree!

One of my most biggest worries is how to pull off the whole ‘Santa’ thing. I never really wanted to be a part of this, but now that I have children and it is marketed through every channel and into their pores that I have to play along. I gather information from other parents who have done it before. Such as creating reindeer poop from damp brown crepe paper and faux muddy boot prints with my husband’s work boots. And of course laying out the cookies and milk for good ol Santa.

I don’t want Santa to overshadow the real meaning of Christmas though, and I hope to take them to church on Christmas morning. I have been telling them about the story of Christmas, but I will have to look at buying a nativity scene though to strengthen my stories with a visual. The kids would love that and recreating the scene themselves.

I have also been working on my new blog space in the mean time and creating fresh soap and balms for SELF Organics. There are some labelling issues with my new balm range and therefore I have had to hold back on the release till the new year. So much to do before 2013 comes to an end. My to-do-list is growing by the day!

But please do keep in touch and send messages and comments through on Sew is Life Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I am still actively going on about my Christmas chaos on these channels and hope to hear about how you are coping with yours too ;) I’m never too busy to chat to my readers.

Have a merry weekend! It’s not too long now…

And here is a little message to You my gorgeous readers


(SiL - my new abbreviated name for Sew is Life)

Eat, drink, sing and be merry! :)

E xx

What He wants for Christmas…

Are you almost done with your Chrissy Shopping? Need last minute tips on what to buy for Him? Then you have come to the right place :) 

This was me the other day 'Hubby, What do you want for Christmas?', Hubz goes 'Nothing, don't worry about it'. 'What do you mean? I have to get you something' I say. 'Honestly, don't worry about it…I don't want anything'. This is a guy that has pretty much everything he wants or I get the idea that he doesn’t trust me to go shopping for him.

I know my Hubby and he would rather go out and buy it himself, which defeats the purpose of gifting and surprises! I like to surprise people…I get satisfaction from seeing the smile spread across their face. I’m a big giver, not so much a receiver :)

1. Body Shop Zoom Groom Travel Set - $29.95

He won’t buy it for himself, but he will thank you for it.  Most men enjoy their grooming even though he won’t admit it. And it a bonus for us ladies who get to smell their manly scent.

It includes - Maca Root Shave Cream (50ml), Maca Root Razor Relief (50ml), Scissors, Large Nail Clippers, Tweezers, Razor with replacement blades, The Gadget and Zip Case.

Available from http://thebodyshop.com.au

2. Beats by Dre Headphone (Gold) - $201.88

These gold edition Beats by Dre look like they have heaps of street cred. They are seen every where I turn and would make any music enthusiast weap with joy. There is also a wireless range available for those who don’t like cords.

Available from the http://www.headphoneclubs.com

3. PS4 - $548

The hottest thing to be release just before Christmas is the Play Station 4. Already sold out of their first few shipments. It may be difficult to get your hands on one before Christmas. Try pre-ordering online to guarantee shipment in 2014. All the males in my family have been going on and on about it…

Shop here: http://www.jbhifi.com.au

4. Burburry Summer for Him - $99

A brand new 2013 fragrance released by Burberry that is something to spoil him with this Summer Season.

Burberry Summer for Men has aromatic-fresh with citrus accords, icy mint and juniper berry. The heart includes spicy thyme laid on the woody-musky base. All in all, the scent is very fresh and dynamic. For casual everyday wear.

Available at http://www.fragranceheaven.com.au

5. FitBit - $129.95

This is the perfect gift for the fitness fanatic, it is the latest accessory for your man who loves to keep track of his health goals.

It is a slim, stylish device that is with you all the time. During the day, it tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep quality and wakes you silently in the morning. The lights to see how you stack up against your personal goal. 

Find out more here - http://www.fitbit.com/au

6. SuckUk Key Finder - $9.95

This is a handy little gadget to help him find those lost keys. It has a cute dog key chain that beeps when you whistle, plus its nose flashes a bright red to lead you the way. Ends those last-minute-out-the-door frustrations.

It can be found here - http://www.buydesignatclayfield.com.au

So…what do you think of this hit list. Or did I miss the mark? I hope it gives you inspiration to hunt down that perfect gift for your man. It can be quite stressful when you go to the shops unprepared…I know the feeling of spending hours and hours browsing! Browsing never used to be a bad thing…but it gets that way when there’s Christmas traffic!

Happy Christmas shopping! I’m almost done, just a few little gifts yet to get and to pick up the kids Christmas lay-by from July!

Have a great week ahead!

E x

*This is not a sponsored post. All prices were found online and are current on 15/12/13.

How’s everyone going with their Christmas shopping? I still have a fair way to go. So I decided to begin with a list, it usually goes…Mum…Dad…Mother in Law. It gets tougher as budgets get tighter. And there needs to be some put away for food too! I have put together a Christmas gift guide for ‘Her’, the prices range from the top to the bottom end to suit all budgets. Guarantee there will be no regifting here… :p

Here are my suggestions for gifts for Her:

1. Passing Moment Bag in Black - $279

This is a beautiful piece that deserves to hang off her arm. It is the perfect carry-all for phone, camera, books and make up, hmmm..maybe a couple of nappies. You can pick up one of these babies up from Status Anxiety. They also offer FREE SHIPPING on orders (within Australia) over $99.

2. Mollini Wakes Tan Sandals - $129.95

The ideal sandals to keep feet stylish and cool throughout the hot Summer days! Perfectly teamed with a maxi dress.

You can shop these at Style Thread

3. The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Gift Tin - $54.95

A ‘merry’ smelling gift set of Gingerbread, this will please any girl with a sweet tooth and a lover of baked goods.

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Gift Tin is a gift pack that contains Bath and Shower Gel (250ml), Body Butter (50ml), Body Polish (75ml), Soap (40g) and Gift Tin

You can shop this at The Body Shop

4. St.Tropez Sensitive Mousse - $49.95

  • Pack size: 200mL

For the self-tanning friend, who likes to look like a bronzed goddess over the Christmas season. You can’t go past the new Sensitive range from St Tropez. The tanning mousse that has been formulated to be gentle on skin using naturally derived tanning ingredients, a delicate fragrance and added moisturisers. Self-Tan Sensitive contains no added colour, meaning there is no leftover residue on towels, sheets or clothing. It has been formulated to provide a sun-kissed colour that matches the natural skin tone, while grape, mango and avocado oils help nourish and soothe the skin for an indulgently soft finish. The product features a slight hint of colour for easy application. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

You can shop this at St Tropez and Priceline.

5. GHD wonderland deluxe gift set - $370

This is the ideal gift for the primped and proper girl, this set will guarantee top marks. No girl would say no to this..

The ghd wonderland deluxe gift set features the ghd wonderland styler with a protective plate guard and the matching wonderland ghd air™ hairdryer.

6. Grumpy Starry phone case  - starts from $35

Who wouldn’t want the cutest little face on social media protecting their phone? A budget friendly gift, The Dairy is also offering $5 off plus free shipping on any purchases made before the 26th December. Enter code HOHOHO

Buy it at The Dairy.com

So…has this gift guide given you some inspiration on what to get your favourite gal pal or missus? What would you suggest? And what is on your wishlist? :)

Stay tuned for the next Christmas gift guide post on ‘What he wants for Christmas’. Sometimes I find buying a gift for him a little trickier… 

And Thank God it’s Friday! This week seems to be dragging on and on…could be something to do with the 38 degree heat.

Have a great day!

E x

Busselton Jetty Stop Off - Our Family Holiday Part 3

When I see these photos, I just miss the beach and the water so much. We had some fun and relaxing times at Busselton Jetty. It is said to be the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere! It expands out to the ocean and at the very end there is an underwater observatory. People can also walk the jetty and there is a small train that operates on the jetty.

The kids wanted to take the train ride, but it was very windy and the sun was disappearing very quickly. We decided to head back to Preston Point before it got dark.

We had a great holiday near the beach. Busselton is truely one of the best places to visit in Western Australia.  

Hope to come back again soon…

Do you take road trips with the family? Where is your favourite place to go?

E x

Look out guys!! It’s another haul, this time it’s a mini one from the November Vogue Online Shopping Night (VOSN). It was best for me to hold back on this one because of the upcoming Christmas season. But it took me so long to post about it because I was enjoying my goodies too much! The packages arrived just before I went away on my family road trip…so it was nice to bring the goodies along.

I bought some lovely leather ballet flats from Lolliette. Lolliette was a part of a select few Etsy shops that took part in the November VOSN who were offering customers 20% off their wares. I have been looking for a pair of comfy flats to wear to work, shopping and for every day running around and these were perfect! The fit is comfortable and the leather is soft. I bought the bronze colour, which is more like a tan brown because I figured it would go well with the rest of my colourful clothes. The shoes came in a dust protection bag too, which can double as a shopping bag. 

If you want to pick up some ballet flats for the holiday season, Lolliette is offering 15% off at their Etsy Shop now, use promo code XMAS2013 and the special runs until the 15th December. 

I picked up some amazing natural bath and body products from Milk and Co. at VOSN. They were having 50% off and I couldn’t resist to try out this brand. I bought a little bit of everything for the family. I have been wanting to try Lindy Klim’s range because knowing she is a busy mum/business woman she would know what Mums want!

I have to say…I am so happy to have discovered the beauty wipes, they are reversible. One side has micro-bead technology and the other side is smooth.  Exfoliating wipes for the WIN! The facial cleanser is very gentle and the smell is sweet like lollies, it also contains goji berry and hibiscus flower extracts.

My other favourite from the haul, would be the ‘Stinky Winky’ room spray, it naturally deoderises the room after a wiffy nappy change. Lindy would know how hard it is to extinguish that poo-ey stench, even opened windows and burning a matchstick won’t do the trick. This has a lovely geranium scent that leaves the room smelling right once again.

I bought hubz the face and body scrub. The man always talks about scrubbing his skin of impurities and this does all over! Simple and has a manly fresh smell that I love. I noticed Woolworths supermarket is now stocking some of the Milk and Co. range at the moment too. It seems to be every where I turn!

The November VOSN was a total shopping success. I saved a load and scored some things that I am now using day in and day out :)

Did you shop at the November VOSN? What did you end up buying?

Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!

E x

Summer days are long ahead, for it has only just BEGUN! 3 days in and I am looking very much the part thanks to the self tanning product Tuscan Tan. I have not heard of this brand before I started using it, never even spotted in in the shops. I must admit the packaging is quite plain and it doesn’t really scream out to me. 

I was given 3 items to try, the Wash off Bronzing Mousse, a Facial Tanning Serum and Full Self Tan Mousse.


However, that being said, outer layers are so superficial for it is what inside that really counts. I have been using Tuscan Tan for around 2 weeks now, and only had to apply the Full Self Tan Mousse twice. It gives me a long lasting bronze that doesn’t fade too noticeably. 

My skin started out being very pale and white! I could outshine a mirror with my legs. And I was quite impressed with the Tuscan Tan instant bronze, and it didn’t look orange or artificial either. It just gave me a natural and even tan look.

The trick is probably in the application mitt, if I didn’t have this it would turn out to be pretty messy. The mousse is light weight, but when you apply it to your legs and arms make sure you blend as you go otherwise there will be noticeable streaks. My first time, I think I forgot to blend and resulted in looking like a tiger with stripes!

Also I exfoliated and showered before every application, and then when the skin is dry I applied the mousse. The very next morning, after my morning cuppa tea I jump in the shower and wash off the excess. Then Voila instant Malibu Barbie Tan! 


This is me looking nice and tan and in my new Blackmilk galaxy swims. Tuscan tan has given me the confidence to pose like this :)

I’m not the biggest tan fan, and therefore I am fairly new to the whole process. I’m loving my new bronze look though, and happy to have found a self-tanning lotion for the face too. The colour change is subtle and looks very natural. 

The smell of the products is very nice too, the smell reminds me of chocolate or cocoa butter. 

The tan just lasts and lasts… I don’t really like the whole application process, but with it lasting so long I don’t have to think about reapplying so soon. It was great when I took it on my trip down to the South West, I was able to don a swim suit with confidence!

It’s a miracle what a great tan can do to the appearance of ‘dimpling’ of the skin, imperfections, spider veins and alike. I’m ready for those Summer days of wearing short shorts and ‘lazing by the pool’ days. 

Tuscan Tan Facial Tanning Serum 30ml retails for $30

Tuscan Tan Wash Off Bronzing Mousse 150ml retails for $35

Tuscan Tan Full Self Tan Mousse 150ml retails for $45.

The application mitt retails for $12

To find a Tuscan Tan stockist, head over to their website www.tuscantan.com.au.

Have you tried any of Tuscan Tan products?

E x

*This product was sent to me for consideration. It has not affected my opinion in any way. All views are honest.

Two or was it three weeks ago (my memory has taken a holiday…) I took part in the Fox in Flats ‘Red Lipstick’ Challenge. You can read what it is all about here.

One of the reasons I decided to do this challenge was to prove that simple things such as applying a brighter lip colour would add a little boost to my self esteem and also increase my everyday confidence.

Putting on the red lippie does not take away time from rushing out of the house to make it before the school bell, nor does it take up the energy to be more presentable at work and complete my to-do-list. It definitely does brighten up my face and my mood, so I feel I can get out there and JUST do.

During the challenge, I received a few compliments from colleagues and customers at the shop. They really take notice of a red lip! But I must admit by day 4, I was not feeling the ‘red lip’ energy and was ready to give up. There were times I would blot the red away just because I felt like a more natural colour. As much as I love to look my best, I don’t like to look as if I tried too hard (depends on the occasion). for example school drop offs, there’s something to bed hair, naked lips that screams ‘Thank goodness the kids are ready and I made it!’. The mothers kind of all have a mutual understanding :)

By Day 7, I decided my final red shade would be the Lush Lip Balm in ‘A Million Kisses’. It is one of my favourites, because it has the added soothing properties of a balm, and the tint of the brightest red! My finger looked like it was bleeding after application. It is sooo highly pigmented! Even though the lucky last wasn’t a lipstick in the end, however it completed the challenge nicely with a gorgeous red tint.

Would you take up such a challenge? Are you into neutral tones or bright/bold lipstick colours? 

Have a terrific week ahead! I’m looking forward to the end of the week when I can let my hair down at my team Christmas lunch…can’t wait to see my colleagues in a different light hahaha!

E x