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Today I had planned a simple outing to seek some advice for my complexion, because it has been looking more pubescent that late 20s. Every morning this week presented me with a new present - a fresh blemish. Yuck! It could be the late nights, the stress levels or just hormones running a muck. I have been thinking about investing in some serious skincare, and after winning a small competition with Rescu.com.au I was able to arrange a skin consultation with a La Mer beauty consultant. 

Both are equally as bad for my skin! Evil things…

I felt terrible leaving the kids with the hubby, especially since it was his day off. So I asked them to come along with me, I thought this way I could help Fernando if there were any meltdowns. But they were good kids, I underestimate their behavior sometimes and being a typical mum I believe I can fix things and can be quite overprotective. I really don’t do so well with ‘me’ time anymore, how do I relax again? I need to be reminded how to relax…

Came back with more homework than anything…

Sitting down at La Mer, I felt out of place. Thoughts ran through my head, 'Do I really need such luxe skincare?', 'How much am I willing to spend to save my skin?', 'Is seaweed kelp the answer to preserving my youth?'…but trying not to be too judgemental (I couldn’t help it, although I had to be, because these products cost over $200+ per 50ml bottle), I was staring at the blemish on the poor consultant’s face who also claims the La Mer products work for her. Hmm…again thoughts running through my head 'maybe this was a bad idea'. She then told me they had crushed diamonds in the scrub, I was shocked! Why oh why would you want to disintegrate the most gorgeous rock in the world and slather it on your face, just to wash it off! 

From left: the radiant infusion, moisturising lotion, radiant serum and moisturising cream. Little treats to try!

So my plight is for the past month is I have been on the hunt for the miracle skin wonder regime. But nothing seems to have worked or come to mind. And there are so many things I want to avoid in my facial products too, such as petrochemicals, parabens, strong preservatives, artificial fragrance, animal byproducts etc. This may also be the right time to turn to organics and vegan products instead of investing in a luxe brand. 

I’m not sure what to do, I have even contemplated making my own natural products from the comfort of my home. At least that way I know what goes into a product and that I am responsible for my looking after my skin 100%. Hmm…I’m turning into one of those self-sufficienardos aren’t I? 

What are some of your tips for eliminating a morning blemish? Please share in the comments section below.

E x

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