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Everyone has their bad days, the ones that when you wake up from the get-go you are already dreading the fact that there are still many hours ahead before this day is over. I have been having those recently, I just rise to the feeling that the whole world is going to cave in and the idea of self-control is tested to the limits that it seems to be so much easier to give in and lose yourself to that downward spiral. But there are always the little things that seem to piece your life back together and perspective kicks in.

Today I experienced my first car accident, it was such a shock to the system! I didn’t know whether to feel violated, or happy that I was still in one piece. Looking back to the rear passenger seats, seeing the frightened eyes of my two children sent an unusual rush through my nervous system that caused my limbs to shake. And then realising if the impact of the rear-end crash was any worse…if the car had hit me even harder, my vehicle would have spun onto the main road at peak traffic and would have no doubt crashed to my side. The worse case scenario was playing in my head, either my daughter would have been in a critical condition or I would be laying in hospital suffering a miscarriage or some sort of trauma. Am I over exaggerating? Maybe…but we really should appreciate what we have now.

Just imagining the worst of the situation made me thank God that it was only a minor impact and that I am still in one piece and my children were ok. I hate this  feeling, I had gone through life without being in an accident until today. Now I have this sick feeling in my gut that it will happen to me again in the near future. 

I held my children an extra bit longer and tighter today and told them that I love them. After hearing a few recent stories about car accidents lately, I have come to realise that our lives are not controlled by us entirely…we can be taken away at any moment. So we must see life for what it is, an opportunity to live it to the fullest and to tell the people you care about how much they mean to you (every moment you get).

Have you ever experienced one of those moments in life where it causes you to want to head in a different direction?