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When kids arrive into your life, you begin to forget the days of when you and your partner dated, the fresh, enliven days of pure romance. It is the times like these that you have to be very organised, inventive even and it will test your patience. But ultimately the pay off is learning to be very grateful for the partner that you married because even a short window of quiet and alone time is all you need to remind each other of why you are still in love.                       

It is even more nerve wrecking, because I haven’t done this in a while…that is, having a date with my hubs. I was pulling out all sorts of clothes from my wardrobe and checking myself, rechecking myself…and my self consciousness was amplified by the fact that I am 6 months pregnant and nothing fits me! This was actually the biggest dilemma of the night. The kids were happy to be taken care of by their grandparents.

And then to top things off I was secretly nervous that we wouldn’t know what to say to each other, with the kids being absent (which meant zero fussing over them) and me worrying ‘what is date conversation’?  But I was reminded again that this is the man I love and I can tell him anything, we couldn’t stop talking and we didn’t just talk about the kids. We still discussed our hopes and dreams and our goals together which is one of the ‘magical factors’ in any marriage.

It was just nice to have a chance to dress up, apply some lipstick and eat a meal that didn’t involve tomato sauce. 


What is your idea of the perfect ‘date night’?

E x