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A few weeks ago, my friend and I decided that because we were going for the BIG push fairly soon that we should combine our super hormonal powers and host a joint baby shower! This is her first baby and I’m on my third! So I know too well what to expect at a baby shower…but was only too happy to share the festivities. 

Is it that obvious? You can tell one of us is having a boy and the other is having a girl just from the theme. 

It is becoming more common now a days, it’s great the singled out pregnant lady isn’t left to sit alone in a circle of friends where they admire how ‘large’ she has grown. It is nice to share the limelight, so everyone can bounce pregnancy jokes off the both of us. Maybe some women out there love the individual attention and being queen bee of the day. But not me.. *looks for the escape route and bounds towards it*

The spread of food on the day

I believe it was when I was carrying my second child that I had hosted a ‘kitchen tea’ baby shower at my house and the beverages on offer were tea, water and champagne! I knew I couldn’t drink…so I thought someone should. But of course they didn’t…they probably felt sorry for leaving the poor pregnant girl out.

Design a bib’ game (I sewed all the bibs by myself with terry towelling and ripstock), you might be able to pick out Sofia’s creations from the pack ;)

Party favours in green (suits the boy/girl theme)

Overall it was a great day with friends, fun and food. I was honoured to have shared it with my close friend.

Here are some benefits of holding a joint baby shower:

  • lower costs
  • set up time is shortened
  • less mess
  • less stress
  • less food
  • pregnant ladies get to chit chat about their approaching ‘mummyhood’ and share tips

Joint baby showers and bridal showers…do you think it’s a good idea?

E x

Shopping for the perfect baby shower gift? Check out Best Baby for some great ideas for Mum and bub. 

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