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The other day I came home to a very peculiar box, it was a white shipper with the logo stamped ‘Violet Box’. I did a little skip and a hop because I have been wanting to try out this beauty box for a while. I have not subscribed to beauty boxes before, so please forgive my ‘noob-ness’ at reviewing this box.

When I opened the white shipper box, it revealed another sleek black box with a purple foiled logo. You probably guessed, that I pay especially close attention to these things, because I am such a packaging-hore! I really appreciate a well-packaged product :) Plus I admit, my cabinet is still filled with old packaging of beauty products. Some are just too cute to throw away.

But let’s not waste a second longer, you guys want me to get on with all the juicy details of what to expect inside the box dontcha?! I found 3 postcards, two of them which have special offers relating to the samples provided in the box. And the other one explained a little bit about each product you get to try. 

So here is what I received in the Violet Box (June Launch):

1. John Plunkett Glyco Peel 15ml - $28.95

2. CK One Colour Cosmetics, Gloss Eyecolour in 800 Ultra - $25.00

3. Lash Control Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix - $25.00

4. Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser 200ml - $23.95

5. Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT 50ml - $80.00

6. Argania Hair Oil Travel Cuties 100ml - $34.99

I liked the fact that each sample was a decent size, this is important to me because otherwise how would you get a feel for each product? I especially liked the CK One Colour Cosmetics, Gloss Eye colour as I received a pearlescent silver colour that is subtle and illuminates the eye nicely. I will have to give this one a proper review or include it in a make-up look so you can see the real beauty of it!

Another sample that I really liked was the argan oil. I haven’t tried argan oil before (I might be one of the last!) and I heard so many benefits of using it on the hair. This one from Argania Oil and is made from certified organic argan oil and you wouldn’t believe it, but it smells like lollies! My bleached hair is screaming out for this one…

Liked the sample? You can purchase the full sized version through Violetbox.com.auThe Violet box is sent out every month, you can choose from different subscription plans. However a box will cost you $22.95 each.

If you are like me, any package in the mail with my name on it will put a smile on my dial :)

Have you tried a beauty box before? Would you want to try out the Violet Box?

*Violet Box kindly sent a box for review, all opinions are my own.

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