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What an achievement, I take a moment for myself and pat myself on the back for attempting to sew a buttonhole with my sewing machine. I have had this machine now for over a year, and the two dreaded things I have been putting off are zippers and buttonholes. But they are so important when constructing a garment because you need them to close parts of the clothes. Anyways I summoned the courage to make a buttonhole with the inspiration of the Cath Kidson ’Sew’ book I purchased at the Perth Craft Fair 2011. It looks so easy and the instructions were very simple to follow…any monkey could do it!


So I made the Cath Kidson shoulder bag last week, didn’t even have to cut out the material because the book comes with all the pieces cut for you! Even buttons and the fabric tag! All I had to do was use the step by step guide to create the bag. I’m quite proud of the outcome, such a cute little vintage bag to take out shopping. I could have made it more structured by adding a base to the bag, but most sling bags are just casual and slouchy. So I left it that way! I may just give this one to a friend because since I know how to make it now…it shouldn’t be too tricky when I attempt the second one. 

Cath Kidson bag

But yes, I’m super duper happy about the buttonhole, I will be sewing buttonholes right left and centre from now on because I have finally overcome my fear of them! :) The first ones don’t look perfect, but practice makes PERFECTO!

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