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How’s your week moving along everyone? I am back to work for the third week and I still feel like the ‘slow’ kid in the class, the brain is slowly adjusting itself to absorb new information. So far everyone has been nice to me, with two days a week…how much can I really retain?

My kids are also slowly getting used to the idea of me being away from the house, but the youngest is at the clingiest stage…so she is well aware of when Mummy needs to say bye-bye. So there are still plenty of tears before going to work, which makes it so hard for me to realise this ‘sacrifice’.

Today, I want to share a little sewing project I whipped up a few weeks ago. Something that I have longed for, and that was to touch my precious sewing machine! The poor thing is collecting dust in the corner…

So with the idea of making my life a little easier in the morning, instead of rushing about to find a HAIR CLIP for Lil Miss S, I started on a mission to make a hair clip organiser.

I add a couple of buttons and flowers to make it 3D, also I could hang hair ties off the buttons.

If you would like to read more about how to make your very own hair clip organiser or for your little girls please click below

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Here is a birthday pressie I received in the post from my bestie who lives in Kuala Lumpur. Isn’t this framed print so ‘kitsch cute’? I’m in love with it! Now to hang it above my sewing machine to remind me how happy sewing makes me feel. 

It seems that almost all my recent posts are about Cath Kidston! I simply love her stuff, but it is a pity that it is so difficult to find it locally. Cath Kidston is based in the UK and has yet to open a store in Australia. Maybe my desperate plea for her cute accessories and constantly badgering on her Facebook and Twitter wall she will finally realise that there is a potential market here in Australia! Ok…so if she was to take her store down under, I wouldn’t keep my hopes up and think she would settle in Perth. So for the time being I did my research and found a cute, kitsch shop in the heart of Fremantle called Corner Store.

Corner Store 

Many gifts, home wares, books and more are still on sale

Corner Store has currently moved next door, literally! They have set up a new shop on Market Street right next to their old location. The previous shop is still opened as a ‘SALE’ shop, they are selling items from 20%-50% and it is a good time to pick up some killer bargains. I dragged my family along to take advantage of the sale and got some lovely shots of the store. Once you walk through the doors of Corner Store, there is a childlike playfulness and a burst of colour emphasised by their white interiors. International brands of kitsch, modern homewares and designer accessories are displayed so gorgeously you eyes simply dart through the store because there is too much loveliness to absorb! Plus a price tag that you fall in love with!

Sofia eyeing a doll house

Sofia admiring the Swedish Doll House - what lucky dolls to have designer furniture

I was hoping to find the Cath Kidston Blackberry Cases in the shop, on sale for $15 but they must have ran out of stock. However their online shop is still selling them, so I may decide to purchase one through there. I am just happy to stumble upon this sweet little store and hope to make another trip into Fremantle to take another wander around their Sale shop. They have recently advised on their Facebook Page that they will be keeping the Sale shop open for another month. So it might be wise to get in before it closes down at the end of July!

Corner Store

On the right is the ‘Sale’ shop and to the left is the new Corner Store