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Hi There! How was your weekend? Mine was packed with parties with the kid-lings. We had a Halloween Family night at an indoor play gym and a 7 year old’s birthday party and I am seriously partied-out! It’s funny how the tables have turned and the munchkins have more of a social life than mummy. 

My ‘party’ now a days involves my quiet sewing time and playing with skincare in my home made lab. Plus it becomes even more exciting when I receive products in the mail from PR agencies, it’s the highlight of my week!

I’m giddy with all these bright and amazing colours out in the stores now. Spring is here and cue in the new Colour Theory range of make up. 

The price point of this range is so affordable. It ranges from $4 - $10 which makes them great as stocking fillers this Christmas.

I received 8 colours but there are actually 22 colours in the nail polish range.

I like the look of the packaging, it’s so simplistic and neat. The bottles are 6mL each. And the formula is nice and thick that I find I only need two coats to coat the nail properly.

I have been really surprised by the quality of the polishes! With my busy lifestyle, the finish of these polishes are top notch because the finish lasts for days. I do use a top coat, but even without a top coat, the polish stay perfect for 3 days.

And I noticed the drying time is cut in half! They have certainly impressed me with their $4 price tag. Plus the formula is formaldehyde free so you don’t get the headache-causing fumes.

Here are some of my favourites from the range:


Creme de la creme reminds me a lot of OPI’s Bubble Bath, it is sweet french manicure cream shade. Lila-A-Lovely is just a pretty pastel purple which is gorgeous any time. Feel like Teal has shimmer pigments in it which makes it appear glossy but not over the top sparkly. And my last pick, Cherry on Top is a true red colour which looks terrific on toes and an all-round classic colour for any hot-blooded female.

Since the weather is getting warmer that means it’s sandal territory and toe nails will have to be polished before they make an appearance. That’s just a habit I have developed over the years, because well look at THEM…my toes aren’t the most attractive part of the body. So they certainly deserve a dressing up :) 

The Colour Theory range is available at Amcal and Guardian Pharmacies from October 2013. You can also shop them at www.colourtheory.com.au

Do you see any colours that you like? Have you tried out any of Colour Theory’s new products?

Hope your Monday has been magical :) 

Thanks for reading!

E x

*This product was provided for consideration, it has no way affected my opinion. This review has been written in accordance to this site’s disclosure policy.

This year I decided NO MATTER what…I’m going to enter the Tessuti Awards 2012. I am not sure I managed to muster up the motivation and strength to complete this sewing project, there were a few late nights, sore back and sore hands but I finished it!

This competition runs every year, by Tessuti Fabrics, a company based in Melbourne. They sell designer fabrics to the keen sewinista and each year they run competition with a specific theme, this year’s was ‘Spots & Stripes’ and it had to be a dress suitable for race wear. The 1st prize this year was $5000 to spend on a trip of the winner’s choice.

For me, it wasn’t about the money or winning in the end. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could sew a dress and wear it. In the past 2 years, since I started sewing I would only sew PJ pants and skirts for myself. The rest of the sewing projects were clothing for the kids, bags and homewares.

When I finished the project my inner sewinista was jumping for joy, throwing confetti into the air! It was such a great feeling to finally say I sewed a dress. However, I couldn’t take photos of me wearing the dress because I still had baby weight to lose. The photos I uploaded to the voting site were pretty crap, as the dress hung on a hanger behind my bathroom door…

So one beautiful, sunny day this week I decided to try the dress on again and it fits. Woot woot! And just when the competition has come to an end…*sigh*.Here they are anyway, Hubby helped me to take the photos in my parent’s backyard :) 

And did you notice it has a peplum! I love peplums…

What do you guys think? Would you wear something like this to the races?

E x

What a lovely sunny 34 degrees in Perth on the first day of October! This weather is making me feel pretty LOVE-d up. So I thought I would share with you my favourite things that I am LOVIN’ right now!

Coral nail polish - Heck, I could wear this shade every day of the year. It is one of those colours that would suit anyone’s skin tone. I like Rimmel’s ‘Hot and Spicy’ to add a lil heat to the rest of my get-up.

Raw Dark Chocolate - My newest obsession and a part of my plan to get healthier for the new year. I have to have raw dark chocolate from Loving Earth everyday (a habit I can live with), this one has organic Maqui powder and sweetened slightly with organic coconut nectar. The other day I had a Cadbury milk chocolate and almost spat it out, it was way too sweet and creamy. I am no longer used to the taste of it.

Body Oil - As opposed to body creams and moisturisers. Applying Be Genki’s ‘Serenity’ body oil after a shower is amazing for my skin. The skin absolutely drinks this one in and glows beautifully! Not forgetting to mention the calming mix of bergamot, rose and neroli essential oils, the smell sends me to sleep.

Musk Sticks - I know this is a baddie, but it is such a goodie! Packed full of sugar, it is a treat I seldom have…It is like eating turkish delight but in a stick form. So I stick to one STICK a day to keep up my hard work with new healthier diet.

Hand Cream (the thick stuff) - I don’t particularly like hand lotions, they are too runny…it’s like slapping on water. And I find lotions don’t give me the extra moisture I need for my hands. Give me a full bodied, thick hand cream any day. That is why I am currently using Cath Kidston’s Blue Bell Hand Cream. It is lightly scented of Bluebells and nourishes your hands like butter… 

Tea for one - One of my absolute vices, is a cup of tea. I’m drinking Lady Grey from Twinings at the moment. I know it is a black tea…and black teas are bad because they have caffeine. To me one cup a day doesn’t hurt! I like the subtle hint of citrus, I steep it for ages in hot water with a dash of milk to enjoy the flavour. For some reason it goes perfectly with musk sticks! The combination to me is bordering Orgasmic!

Hydrating Facial Creams - I have a sample pot of La Prarie’s Cellular Time Release Moisturiser and would love to afford the larger size. For now, I shall continue to use what I have and enjoy the luxurious feel of the cream on my face! It is amazing how it plumps my skin instantly with moisture and hydration…it didn’t get its expensive price tag for nothing!

"Roses smell like poo-poo-poo" (no not really!) - When I was young girl I always thought rose scented perfume were for old ladies. Overpowering, gives you a headache and makes your eyes water perfume! Now closer to 30, maybe my nose has matured since then…I believe everyone can enjoy a rose scented perfume. I recently discovered Bvlgari Rose Essentielle which is lovely, soft and feminine rose scent for any age. It has become a favourite of mine, one I can wear during the Spring season.

What are your favourites right now that you just can’t get enough of?

Please share them with me (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, here on the blog)…I would like to know what you are in love with!

E x

Found @gorman today @harbourtownper! Found these two sweaters, which one should I get? #fblogger #fashion #gorman #shopping #september2012 #spring #sweater #retailtherapy (Taken with Instagram)

Besides sharing my beauty and fashion addiction on this blog, I also admit to having a problem with fabric. Yes, beautiful, uncut, soft and flowing fabric that in sense has been ‘untamed’ or not tampered with. A piece of fabric to me is like a DREAM…waiting to be moulded into a beautiful shape to fit a form such as the human physique. It is waiting to be transformed from something so basic to something very extraordinary! So here I am sharing my newest ‘fabric haul’ :)

My latest fabric buy comes from Tessuti Fabrics in Melbourne. I have bought fabric online before, but it is such a shame I am unable to touch the fabric when buying textiles this way. Tessuti made the experience easy by showing images online on how the fabric drapes and how large the pattern appears.

The main reason for me buying fabric from Tessuti is because they are currently running the annual Tessuti Awards, which is an international competition for sewing/fashion enthusiasts to work towards a brief. This year is all about Spring Racing fashion and the return of ‘Stripes and Spots’. Stripes and spots are my favourite pattern, it is so versatile and striking! 100% of the garment’s outer fabric must be made from Tessuti Fabrics. I was particularly inspired by Marc Jacobs recent Spring 2013 fashion show for New York Fashion week, he described his collection as “Very brutal, very sexy, very straightforward, no romance, no emotion, just real power and force and simplicity,”, undoubtedly resurrecting the Mod-era.

Photo courtesy of Dawn.com

Photo courtesy of Stylebakery.com

Here was what I bought from Tessuti, Ivory Yuki Small and Ivory Yuki Big. Both have a polka dot pattern, just one is bigger than the other.

You won’t believe how much this little package made me light up! :)

Such a sweet message from team Tessuti

My lovelies, how I love to work with you

The unveiling 

Come back to check on my progress and see how I transform this fabric into something wearable! This will be my first attempt at sewing a dress using a pattern…so I’m fretting just a little (OK A LOT!!) and the thought of inserting an invisible zipper gives me nightmares!! Only 4 days left to go to get in my entry…and I’m pulling my hair at the thought of it. I can’t wait to reveal the end result to you guys. Stay tuned ;)

So tell me…are you more of a spots or stripes person?

E x

What are you up to this weekend? If you are in a ‘Spring Cleaning’ mood here is a fun organisation task for you ladies! Why not get rid of all those old make up bags, throw away the stinky expired creams and mascaras hiding in the dark crevices of your under sink cabinet.

The before shot…big items weren’t included of course…just concentrate on those 3 make up bags

That is what I did last week, I told myself no longer will I go out of the house with my lack lustre, sleep-deprived face. I was considering buying the make up box shop organiser that retails in Australia for AUD$99. However I can’t afford that beautiful, clear, perspex box at the moment, but I really can’t stand my bathroom cupboard being in such a mess. Everytime I want to find something, it is just plain stressful and I can’t be bothered putting on a ‘face’ when I head out of the house.

The after shot of the organiser

Top drawer - Foundation, blushers, bronzers and other face cosmetics

Second Drawer - Eye make up

Third drawer - lipsticks and lip glosses

So I settled for a cheap alternative, $16 from Big W’s stationary section!! It is really a box to keep your papers and forms but it worked so well organising my cosmetics. I didn’t realise I had so much until I put all my items together! Time to curb the beauty buys until I use these up first…

Fourth drawer - Nail polish galore! And nail art..

Fifth drawer - Miscellaneous, spf moisturisers, false lashes, samples and little perfumes.

How do you organise under your bathroom cabinet?

Have a lovely Friday and a great start to the weekend!

E x

From top left: Maria from Crashing Red, Romi from Romi Ya, Nora from Nora Finds

From bottom left: Norlin from Baubles Bubbles Bags, Me! from Sew is life, Christie from Dark Blue Stripes 

To keep the Spring in your step going check out the latest ‘Spring’ looks by our Australian Fashion Bloggers. Be inspired by sophisticated, classy, cute, edgy and feminine styles showcased by our favourite local female bloggers.

This will become a regular feature each fortnight, so come back to be inspired by different outfits teamed up by different bloggers. And I must say we have some great looks this week that I wouldn’t mind trying out ;) After all fashion is meant to be fun, flirty and never ‘by the book’. 

My ‘Winter to Spring’ outfit made it to the top looks for this week! Glad to be sharing this with you all.

Do you like what you see? Will you be following these lovely ladies’ blogs?

E x

Who likes a SALE? Something about that four-letter word that just drives us to grab a bargain. Great time to spring-cleaned your wardrobe and added new refreshing pieces. The thing is, I am not a rich lady so I have to be smart about my purchases to make sure they are classic and can see me through the fashion trends that come and go. But I do have a few worn, and very-loved pieces that should be culled from my wardrobe…I’m just sentimental and find it hard to part with them.

Forever21 is giving their customers a 'Buy one get one free' offer on their SALE items. So not only are getting your favourite outfits cheaper but you will be getting a free item! Woot Woot! 

*Offer ends 2nd September 

Now I am going to make a pact, I’m going to make the effort to wear more dresses this season because I have become quite a pants-lady. Therefore in the spirit of ‘dress-wearing’, I have suggested some dresses that will see you through to next year. Patterns, peplum, leather and denim are some of the key classic items you can add to your wardrobe. This is what I call dressing ‘financially-free’, all you have to do is accessorise around these key pieces. They are a steal when priced $20 or below!

icon iconicon icon

icon iconicon icon

See anything you like? Head over to the Forever21 online store to select your buy one get one free items.

Only two days left!! 

E x

The sun is setting that little bit later and the weather is definitely warming up. I couldn’t decide whether to have the air conditioner on in the car today. It was that awkward in between feeling of being cold and hot. I can’t believe it, one day left of Winter! Wow, that went by rather quick…

To kick off the Spring season, I want to share my latest outfit post on some great bargains I got towards the end of the Winter season sale. It’s great how pastels have been ‘IN’ for a while, so I picked up a fairly cheap pink lace blazer from Target’s ‘below cost price’ sale. I think it only cost me around $10. It’s so feminine and cute, and light weight so it can be worn for those unusual ‘cold/hot’ days.

I bought some espadrille wedges from Brands Exclusive when they had their Mollini sale. These look so pretty and the natural colour is perfect with any outfit. Plus they make me look so tall! They were only $29. So I bought another pair of hot pink platforms around the same price. After all, I was waddling around in flats for months! It is nice to be strutting around in heels.


And these blue jeans are my favourite pair at the moment, I just love the bright colour! I bought these from FOREVER21 on my last trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They were only $10 too. And I accessorised with my favourite Mimco resin chain link bracelet I bought ages ago but it goes with everything. And if you didn’t know me already…I like to wear my chains thick ;)

The green clutch was a prize I received from Style Sofia from Vogue’s Online Shopping Night. It has a smooth, rubbery texture and enough room to store my phone, lipstick, cards and money. I adore the colour!

And I’m wearing a handmade silk scarf called ‘Antarctica’ from a competition I won through CrashingRed.com and Scarf by Charlotte. Such a delicate piece, it is one of my favourite wardrobe items at the moment.

What is your favourite item from this outfit post? Which do you think works best with this outfit - The espadrilles or the pink heels?

Enjoy the beginning of Spring this weekend!

E x

Snap out of those Winter woes…take some time out to smell the flowers, because yes Spring is just at our Australian door step. Plants are so smart, they naturally react to the changing seasons. I wonder if we humans do the same too. My lemon tree is definitely responding with cute, little pink buds on the branches. Can’t you tell I’m really excited that Spring is less than 15 days? Well my reaction to SPRING is to hold another giveaway for my loyal readers :)

Not too long ago I told the bloggerverse that I started a new Facebook Page for ‘Sewislife’. Hi and thanks to all my new followers for ‘LIKING’ my page, I have been posting a lot of photos and interesting links on a daily basis…but not too much that I am bombarding your feeds. *looks sheepish* I hope I am not! Please spread the word out there so others can join in the Spring ‘Essence’ giveaway too.

Here are some items that have put together for the giveaway, that I feel expresses what the ‘SPRING’ essence means to me. See anything you like?

- Essence Season of Extremes colour3 nail polish in ‘06 My best nude friends and me’

- SELF Organics ‘AM to PM’ soap, handmade using organic coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil and grapefruit essential oil

- Handmade colourful bag

- Rimmel Glam’Eyes Quad Eye Shadow Palette in Urban Flower

For your chance to win this ‘SPRING’ essence prize CLICK on the Rafflecopter entry form below and ENTER!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


The competition is opened worldwide. It commences on Thursday, 30th August and ends at Midnight Sunday, 16th September. Make sure you leave your email address in the comments section so I can contact the winner.

The winner will be announced on the blog on Monday, 17th September 2012.

The winner must respond to their email within 24 hours of the announcement to claim their prize. Otherwise another winner will be selected.

Best of Luck my Lovelies!!! Start spreading the word about THIS giveaway :)

E xx