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How’s your start of the week shaping up? I can’t believe it’s HERE! The first Tuesday of November and we’re celebrating Melbourne Cup Day! How did it come by so quickly? I would have been more prepared with a DIY post, but this year has completely caught me off guard!

'The Race that stops a nation' couldn't be more true. As I imagine myself cheering on the horses at noon (Perth time and 3pm EST) along with my colleagues at work. I must admit it's fun to be at work on Melbourne Cup day to take part in the celebrations, but imagine how the Melbournians spend the day off work… they wouldn't be shy to have a drink! We Perth workers have to get back to work! lol.

Before we jump ahead of ourselves, the races may be about the punters and the horses but as we ladies know it, it is a pretty good excuse to get dolled up :)

Here are some of my racewear pics for 2013 Melbourne Cup Day, courtesy of theiconic.com.au

Do you see anything you like? As a matter of tradition, black/white or monochrome frocks will be big this year, as well as lace dresses and jewelled patterns. Emerald will still be the colour of the year and will make an appearance. And Spring’13 has brought back the pastel hues again, I really like the light pink fascinators.

From the top left:

- Stylestalker Got Game Dress $189 

- Morgan & Taylor The Grace Fascinator $89.95

- Elle Zeitoune Kyra Dress $230

- Morgan & Taylor The Amelia Fascinator $125

- Shakuhachi Lace Block Fitted Dress $174 (on sale)

- Morgan & Taylor Annabelle Polka Dot Sun Hat $39.95

I am still not sure which horse to place my bet on but I like the sound of Green Moon and New Moon. Because I am a lover of the Luna :) I have never been one to gamble, but this is the one time of the year that I will give my luck a try.

The Iconic is currently celebrating their 2nd birthday, and to share the good vibrations they are offering customers 30% off . All you have to do is use the code BDAY30 (available for a limited time only!) at the checkout. Please view their T & Cs regarding the promotion.

Probably too late to shop for the race but a great discount to purchase for the holiday season coming up.

What will you be wearing? Any tips to share? 

Hope you all have fun with your outfits and celebrations tomorrow! 

E x

It’s BACK! It’s that time of year again where Vogue offers the best of fashion and shopping in one night! It will take place today 19th June 2013 at midday to midnight EST.

The year 2013 sees a lot of new online retailers jump on board with some very special one night offers for keen shoppers to grab a stylish bargain.

All you have to do is shop as these retailer websites during the allotted time and remember to use those promo codes!

With my first day back to work, I think I deserve a little reward…it’s not pay day. But it soon will be! :) Check out my favourite picks. This is the time of year to invest in some classic/timeless pieces that will see you through the seasons:

The Iconic (Fashion Apparel & Accessories)

A further 20% off all stock - including all sale items

Enter code VOSN20P (on orders over $69)

Frockaholics (Fashion Apparel & accessories)

Take a further 20% off all already reduced stock and save up to 60% off your VOSN purchase. Enter the code VOSN20 at the checkout to redeem.
From 6pm-9pm on June 19: access our Secret Flash Sale using the password vosn _flash. Everything priced at $49, $79, $99 and $149. Further reductions on Flash Sale not permitted.

20% off site wide

Another Love (Fashion Apparel)

Enter the code VOGUE at the checkout to redeem this offer on June 19.

Aveda (Hair care)

- Free Volumizing Styling gift 
- Free shipping at Aveda.com.au

Help hair reach full potential with your Free Volumizing Styling Gift, valued at $29.95, with any purchase of $65 or more at Aveda.com.au. 
Gift includes: Pure Abundance™ Style Prep 40ml, Phomollient™ 50ml, Control force™ Firm Hold Hair Spray 50 ml.

Enter the code VOGUE at the checkout to redeem this offer on June 19. 

Najo (Jewellery)

- 30% off everythig at najo.com.au
- Free shipping on all orders Australia wide
- $20 voucher when you spend $100 
- $20 voucher + a free leather Rapture bracelet valued at $69 when you spend over $150


She’s Electric (Fashion Apparel & Accessories)

 40% off all full priced stock online
- All orders over $200 will receive a free necklace, valued at $49.95
- Complimentary overnight shipping on all orders

Hope you pick up something to spoil yourself or a fellow female friend. Let me know if you do find a bargain :)

E x


It seems everywhere I turn, there are ladies with beautiful baby bellies or new borns and teeny toddlers. Even little Luna has started crawling and sprouted her first tooth! Whenever she smiles with that toothy grin, I want to give her an eye patch, a pirate’s hat and listen to her say “Arrrgg…”. It would be the cutest thing I reckon!

So these days, I find my wallet is being emptied and going towards shopping for bubs and other friend’s bubs. The Lime Crime restock will just have to wait until I can save up  some extra dough for a Velvetine. Don’t get me wrong…I secretly love this stuff…who doesn’t like buying mini outfits? At least it looks cuter on them than it would you. I mean…come on…adult onesies? 

Do you know of someone who has a mini-human, but you have no clue what to get her and her new bub. If you haven’t been shopping for a baby before, believe me you will be blown away at the selection! There are just so many different ways to transport and feed a little person. 

I have put together a short guide on top gifts for Mums and their babies, to help you on your way at the department stores:

1. Always include a gift (no matter how small) to pamper the woman who just went to ‘hell and back’ - maybe a massage voucher, a voucher for a mobile hair service, online shopping voucher (for clothes, makeup, skincare etc), a nice comfy set of PJs to lounge around in (make sure they have buttons down the front for breast feeding)

2. A gift to keep baby occupied - find a baby mobile with soothing music, or a baby bouncer, toys with lots of colour, textures and lots of sounds. But make sure the toy has a volume control! Also make sure it is age appropriate, little children tend to put everything in their mouths…so small items that can break off should be avoided.

3. Making chores a breeze - Ajax wipes, Easy off Bam shower spray, Vanish Napisan (this stuff is made of gold I swear!), a dust buster or even offering to help do a load of washing is a great way to help a new mum out. Cooking a meal and freezing them are also great ways of showing you care.

4. Something to keep baby happy - Baby blankets, soft toys, bath toys…most TOYS! Also learning how to play with baby, so mum can go and have a shower. Sometimes if you haven’t held a baby or played with children in a while, you can forget how to see from a child’s perspective. Singing, being silly and talking to them are great ways of keeping them amused. And if they cry, it is just their way of communicating…as they haven’t learn grown up language yet.

5. Something for travelling with bubs - a stylish nappy bag, baby bottles, maybe go halfsies with a friend to buy a pram, portacot or baby sling. 

The possibilities of baby gifting are endless! The trick is not to get too bogged down by the choices and listen to the mother’s needs…what is she hinting at? Hmm…

Also check online stores for bargains, with baby shopping - the best price is OUT THERE! With so much competition, you can bargain hunt till you find the price you like.

If you have any questions about baby gifting please feel free to ask. With three little ones, I have already done the research for you :)

E x

And here are some online stores for you to scope out and get you started:

Best baby

Maternity Sale

The Iconic (Yes! They have recently opened a baby store, so you can shop for yourself, mum and bubs hehe…free shipping too)

I have been busy this weekend…busy on the toilet! It was horrible, I went to the Perth Royal Show last Thursday and had a bad case of stomach pains the day after. I could not sit in front of my laptop without the urge to expel my insides. Sorry to gross you guys out!! It was just pure evil whatever that bug was…and now Lil Miss S has it too. We could only narrow it down either to the Chinese food or the EXTRA Blue fairy floss. Because…well the toilet was blue by the time I was done with it. Ewwww!

Anyways…enough of the toilet talk… being sick has also allowed me more time to browse online shopping sites from my iPhone in the comfort of my bed. I have been drawn to the gothic-style of dressing and makeup too. Back in high school I experimented a lil with the goth style, I loved my black laced up combat boots, black eyeliner and ‘matrix-style’ trench. It was so cool back then…and I still think it’s cool ;) But that was also the time when I was a major tom-boy. I wasn’t into heels, lace, florals, makeup or things that typical teenage girls loved. My mum worried about me ALL the time… (maybe she thought I would never find a man)

So those were my identity-searching days and of 90s goth. It has been slightly updated to make this trend more fashionable and easy to style. You just have to check off a few things on the ‘Goth Glam’ list - spikes, metallic finishes, skulls, leather, baroque patterns and latex ;)

Here are some things I would love to own and wear right now. I would be the fiercest mummy around with these Grand Spiked Wedges and Tassle Skull Bag (they have one left!) from The Cult Label. I’m lusting after so many things in their online store it’s practically haunting me.

And if I can squeeze into a pair of 'Leather Goods Ponti Pants' from Shakuhachi (available at The Iconic) or these ‘Revenge of the burnt velvet leggings’ from Blackmilk Clothing. I would burn all my tunic tops just so I could show off my fit bottom. But first to get off this computer chair and perform 10 random squats… *squat…squat…squat with me*

And here are some spikes, but wait…not in silver (the preferred gothic metal colour) but GOLD thick chains…and you know how I like my chains thick. This is available at The Iconic. (and ghetto-like)! Plus I spotted these cute Baroque-style ‘Leopard Swirl Sunglasses’ at The Cult Label. Very Prada-esque! Only for $26!!

Warning: Men may find this type of fashion ‘scary’ and ‘witchy’, but heck what do they know? ;)

So tell me…How would you inject some ‘Goth Glam’ into your wardrobe this season? Is it a trend you would try out?

Have a great week everyone!

E x

6 days and counting…till Spring time that IS! OMG…I can’t contain my excitement, I was just staring out of my kitchen window yesterday evening and noticed that the sun was setting a little bit later. My heart fluttered a tiny bit just because of it! I’m such a ‘warm weather’ person, my toes are getting tired of these cold tiles and showering has become annoying! The hot water is nice, but getting out is horrible, I dread that ‘teeth chattering’ feeling.

Any ho…what a better time to update your wardrobe with a Spring outfit because The Iconic is offering their customers 25% off your purchase for this weekend only. No need to use a code, just shop! You have until Sunday midnight to finalise your cart :)

The Iconic also offers free overnight shipping (on Australian orders), so you can’t go wrong! But if it EVER does go wrong (for example your toosh is a little snug in those skinny jeans after Winter feasting) they offer a free returns policy, yep they pay for your return shipping fee!

**OOPS I Forgot to include the code!!! SORRY!! (Baby brain is still around). Use coupon code SPRING25NOW at the checkout

Here you can watch their latest advertisement, you may have come across this whilst watching the telly.

What do you think is the hottest trend for Spring/Summer’12?

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!

E x

I’ve never been a fan of the chilly temperatures, always a Summer girl at heart. So I have been stocking up on some accessories to pair with my Spring/Summer mood. Some of these items can also be teamed together with a Winter wardrobe, so it makes it more economical whilst enhancing your look all together.

The new season pieces at Lovisa range from pastel geometrics to metallic golds and dramatic blacks. You will also notice edgier pieces with spikes, big colourful stones and statement cuffs. The heavier the stack on your wrists, the better!

Here are a few items I picked up in the Perth city store last week, just because…

Pastel geometrics mixed with gold, it screams ‘Spring Fling’!

This is a spike & crystal necklace, beautiful and edgy at the same time

These came in a pack of three, they are plastic dress rings. I like to wear a different colour combination on my digits each day.

I really hope they will open an online store soon because I so happened to be in the city that day, and it is a very rare trip for me! Little presents in the mail are so much nicer :)

If you can’t get yourself into a Lovisa store right now, you can find some Lovisa items at The Iconic. The Iconic is currently offering $10 off minimum spend of $50 using the codeCFAF10M at the checkout (promotion ends 9th August 2012). They also offer free overnight shipping, so you will get a visit from the postie pretty much the next day if you place your order before 10pm (Sydney-siders) or 2pm (rest of Australia).

Do you like any of the new season trends? What accessories will you be wearing?

E x