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Summer days are long ahead, for it has only just BEGUN! 3 days in and I am looking very much the part thanks to the self tanning product Tuscan Tan. I have not heard of this brand before I started using it, never even spotted in in the shops. I must admit the packaging is quite plain and it doesn’t really scream out to me. 

I was given 3 items to try, the Wash off Bronzing Mousse, a Facial Tanning Serum and Full Self Tan Mousse.


However, that being said, outer layers are so superficial for it is what inside that really counts. I have been using Tuscan Tan for around 2 weeks now, and only had to apply the Full Self Tan Mousse twice. It gives me a long lasting bronze that doesn’t fade too noticeably. 

My skin started out being very pale and white! I could outshine a mirror with my legs. And I was quite impressed with the Tuscan Tan instant bronze, and it didn’t look orange or artificial either. It just gave me a natural and even tan look.

The trick is probably in the application mitt, if I didn’t have this it would turn out to be pretty messy. The mousse is light weight, but when you apply it to your legs and arms make sure you blend as you go otherwise there will be noticeable streaks. My first time, I think I forgot to blend and resulted in looking like a tiger with stripes!

Also I exfoliated and showered before every application, and then when the skin is dry I applied the mousse. The very next morning, after my morning cuppa tea I jump in the shower and wash off the excess. Then Voila instant Malibu Barbie Tan! 


This is me looking nice and tan and in my new Blackmilk galaxy swims. Tuscan tan has given me the confidence to pose like this :)

I’m not the biggest tan fan, and therefore I am fairly new to the whole process. I’m loving my new bronze look though, and happy to have found a self-tanning lotion for the face too. The colour change is subtle and looks very natural. 

The smell of the products is very nice too, the smell reminds me of chocolate or cocoa butter. 

The tan just lasts and lasts… I don’t really like the whole application process, but with it lasting so long I don’t have to think about reapplying so soon. It was great when I took it on my trip down to the South West, I was able to don a swim suit with confidence!

It’s a miracle what a great tan can do to the appearance of ‘dimpling’ of the skin, imperfections, spider veins and alike. I’m ready for those Summer days of wearing short shorts and ‘lazing by the pool’ days. 

Tuscan Tan Facial Tanning Serum 30ml retails for $30

Tuscan Tan Wash Off Bronzing Mousse 150ml retails for $35

Tuscan Tan Full Self Tan Mousse 150ml retails for $45.

The application mitt retails for $12

To find a Tuscan Tan stockist, head over to their website www.tuscantan.com.au.

Have you tried any of Tuscan Tan products?

E x

*This product was sent to me for consideration. It has not affected my opinion in any way. All views are honest.

Last week I was suffering from ‘pink-eye’ syndrome, also known as conjunctivitis. It is one of the most horrible, eye-tearing, itchy and pain-in-the-arse feelings in the world! It’s mainly my fault for exacerbating my hay fever symptoms by rubbing with unclean hands.

I made three trips to the chemist to get three different types of eye drops, because the first two didn’t work. The one that relieved my puffy eyes in the end was the one that tasted the most bitter and unpalatable…but I was ready to keep up with it because it helped me stop rubbing my eyes. And at least I didn’t resemble a drug addict anymore.

And after so many trips to the chemist, I had to pick up the latest Colour Theory All-in-one 5-shade palette in ‘All Eye Need’, well…to make my eyes feel better (and spirit too)! I’d been ‘itching’ all week to try the eye shadow on my eyes and blog about it, but my eyes weren’t photo-ready. They were more Halloween-costume ready! All red, pink, swollen like a fish-eye! OK ok…..I’ll stop with the ‘eye’ puns…

I was drawn to this set of colours because it is something that I would get everyday wear out of. It seems appropriate for a work setting and shimmery enough for after-work drinks. Plus the packaging is clear, sophisticated and minimalist. I simply adore this!

To my surprise, this brick-like pattern comes with two brushes. One is your normal eye shadow sponge-brush and the other is a liner brush. After trying out the darkest middle colour with the sponge-brush I didn’t get anywhere. So I ran the other one under the tap and mixed it with the dark brown. It became like a thick matte formula and I used this for my eye liner. It was smooth and stayed on so well. 

The other colours in the palette were metallic and shimmery. From the top is a light gold, to the right a silver, the bottom is a copper and the left is a dark bronze/gold. They were stunning against my skin, and created a sexy metallic smokey eye. 

And because I have a small double eyelid, it is difficult to find my socket bone. So I used the darker colour on the outer corner of my eye to create the illusion of a socket. The copper was blended with silver in the middle of the eyelid. And the lightest gold colour I used on the inner part of the eye (near the tear duct) to make the eyes appear larger. Though I tried not to overuse this shade because it can also make my eyes appear more wide a part than they naturally are.

The colours are intense and highly pigmented. These were gorgeously shimmery but not over the top so you can wear them during the day.

I consider myself a novice when it comes to contouring and blending. I can never get one eye to look identical to the other. So please excuse the blending mistakes :)

Here is a photo I attempted to take of my full frontal face. However, my terrible selfie shots meant I cut off half of my eye and face! Hope you can still see the colour this shimmer brick created.

The Colour Theory All-in-one 5-shade palettes costs $10. They are made in Taiwan and the quality is amazing considering the budget price tag.

What do you think of this eye shadow palette? Have you tried any Colour Theory products?

Enjoy the week ahead friends! 6 weeks till Christmas…the countdown is so ON!

E x

*This product was bought by me and these are m honest thoughts :)

You can shop Colour Theory here

When it comes to Father’s Day gift shopping, it can become a total mine field (or MANfield more like it)! This is because I find I have to sift through all the tacky, dad-joke gifts to come up with something ‘nice’. I don’t think these gifts are going to get much use, they will probably sit on a shelf somewhere, good for a gag in the interim but they ultimately become a dust magnet.


Could you see Dad into one of these? Hubz gave a thumbs down for this one.

My Father has always received socks, polo shirts and jocks for Father’s Day. He has also received the handmade card, the handmade key hanger and other little creations. And I have bought him chocolates and trackie pants in the past, I guess it is always something that he will ‘use’ or need. He isn’t the type of guy that talks about his hobbies or his interests openly. I usually catch him watching movies on the iPad and listening to music or playing his apps. 


Seriously are the men into this? I wouldn’t want to go near those balls after they have been used (hehehe).

Lately, big skincare companies are showing their masculine side. The are listening to the modern male market and bringing out their own range of mens’ skincare products. Or maybe, it’s because Father’s Day advertising has been in my face the past 2 weeks?? 

Anyway, skincare products are gifts that he can definitely ‘use’. No matter what a man says I believe he enjoys being looked after and care for his appearance. The modern man enjoys a little pampering too, as much as they hate to admit it.

Hubz is one of my latest experiments. I was given 3 items from the Neutrogena Men’s range to trial on him. Because most men would shy away from pampering themselves, but if their partner did it for them they wouldn’t complain :)

Here is what he had to say about the products from the Neutrogena Men range that he was given to trial:

"the cleansing gel felt refreshing, cooling. The beads were massaging, and didn’t feel too scratchy. Sometimes you get that ‘sandpaper’ feel from other scrubs but this one was gentle. Afterwards my skin felt smoother and it didn’t dry out"

"I felt I had to be more generous with the cleansing gel because it didn’t create a lather that I am used to. I like to put the product in my hands and create an emulsion for my face" 

"The cleansing gel is suitable for use on the body too, it was  great at exfoliating the skin and I didn’t have many ingrown hairs causing me problems"

"The gel also had a ‘cooling’ effect, it would be great in Summer. One down side of it was that the instructions were in Chinese, there were some English instructions but all in all it was hard to decipher!"

"The Shave cream smell was a bit too strong for my liking. I like a refreshing scent, but this was more potent and lingered on for a while. And I only used a small amount, so a little goes a long way"

"The SPF 15 moisturiser had the same scent as the shave cream although not as strong. It was light and non-oily and absorbed well into the skin."

"The 3-step system is easy and simple and the packaging is pretty manly too."

The Cleansing Gel is made in Korea (hence the Chinese characters) and the shave cream and moisturiser is from the USA.

To my male readers, would you go out and try this range? Are you using something already for your skincare? I’m curious to know…

These items are priced from RRP $7.99 to $13.99 and available from selected pharmacies, Target and Priceline.

I would like to wish all Dads have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend. Good luck to everyone who is still shopping…because I am one of them :)

Are you stuck on what to buy Dad? Would he be interested in a 3-step skincare routine like this?

E x

*These items were provided for review. All opinions were honest and those of my Hubz.

It seems like the bloggasphere went into overdrive when these babies were launched a few weeks ago. I caught up quite late due to things going on in my personal life. However, I’m absolutely thrilled that the new Rimmel London Apocalips range has finally hit Australian shores. They come in a range of 8 stunning colours.

Nude Eclipse - matte nude

Phenomenon - pink nude

Stargazer - shimmery nude

Solstice - dusky rose

Celestial - soft pink

Nova - Bright pink

Apocalyptic - bright, hot fuchsia 

Stellar - classic intense red

I was amazed when I received the complete set in the mail, the collection falls into a pretty spectrum of light nudes, bright pinks to an intense red.

They retail for around $15.95 each


Apocalips is a highly pigmented ‘gloss’ or also known as a lip laquer. It gives the staying power of a lipstick and the shine and creaminess of a lip gloss. 

So it’s like having the best of both worlds in one. I really liked the packaging it kind of reminds me of a black crystal. And when it sits in my lipstick organiser, they all look like a crystal cluster…it’s absolutely beautiful! image

Each tube has their own colour identity that helps with finding the right shade. For example, with Nova, it is a bright pink and the base of the tube is a bright pink. This is especially helpful because hunting for a lipstick in a handbag can be impossible if the packaging is a dark colour. 


When I opened the tube for the first time, I noticed there was a little window where I could see the excess lip lacquer push away from wand. It was oh-so satisfying to see its gooeyness return into the tube. This is a great feature of the Apocalips, because it gave me the right amount to apply to the lips.


It doesn’t have a typical doe foot applicator, because this one comes with a micro-reservoir in the sponge. This tiny indent catches the right amount of lip lacquer for the lips. Isn’t that ingenious? The sponge is soft yet strong enough to apply the product evenly. And it is tapered from the top, so a precise line can be drawn around the lips.


Here are the colours swatched for your pleasure with the reflection of the sun against it. They glisten beautifully, especially ‘Stargazer’(third from the left) which includes shimmer pigments.’Solstice’ (fourth from the left) also shows a slightly purple shift and it is a lovely dusky rose.


Here are the colours swatched whilst I was standing in my bathroom under natural light. 


This is me wearing ‘Nova’, the colour is so vibrant and pigmented. I absolutely love it! Makes me feel a little warmer inside and I can’t wait till Spring to wear brights again.


This is me, after lunch…after eating I must have left my mark mostly on my cup and sandwich but as you can see, the lip colour is still sitting on my lips! No need to reapply if you prefer the matte look. Or reapply for more gloss and moisture. Colour will stay on lips for approximately 3 hours and throughout meals.

My favourite shades are Celestial, Nova and Apocalyptic. I was hardly ever a pink girl, but these I like!

Apocalips are available from from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy,Target, Kmart, BIG W, selected pharmacies and selected Coles and Woolworths.

Have you tried Rimmel London’s Apocalips range yet? What’s your favourite shade?

Have a great weekend!

E x

Being married to a beautiful man, of Hispanic background is my downfall in the eyelash department. I am jealous of my Husband’s long natural lashes, that I don’t see what is the reason he needs them for! You know who would win in an eyelash batting competition. And he should be really feeling sorry for me and plucking his lashes just to make me feel better. 

And all my three children have picked up on that gene, beautiful, gorgeous looking, black, thick and longggggg lashes. They are so lucky they will never have to worry about mascara, falsies, eyelash curlers, heated eye lash curlers and lash extensions.

My background is Malaysian Chinese, and naturally my eyes are almond shaped, narrow and wide-set adorn with short lashes. 

Women worldwide admire wide doe-eyes and having long curled lashes helps achieve this look. It’s not that Asians want to look more Westernised but it is a feature that looks youthful, bright and attractive.  I was pretty excited when I found out I was given the chance to trial a The BYS Lash Fibre™ & Lash Extend™ Mascara kit, because I had heard a lot about this cosmetic trend in Korea…but now it is making its way to Australia.

Here I share my experience with this kit…

The Lash Extend Mascara has quite a large, thick bristled brush head. I was wondering how it would be able to coat my teeny lashes since the bristles were so close together. The formula is black, dense and a little sticky, but glided on nicely without any clumps. One coat was all I needed to clean the lashes and prime it ready for the next step.

Step Two, require a generous layer of the Lash Fibre Pre-coat. As you can see from the picture above, the fibres are like cotton-like fluff and they stick onto the first coat of the mascara. After this step, the lashes look really strange with these white fluffy ‘clouds’ in your immediate view. Its purpose is to ‘build’ the lashes.

Then the last step, I waited a few seconds before I applied another coat of the Lash Fibre Mascara. Had to jiggle the brush and drag these fibres all the way to the tips of the lashes. This gives the lashes that ‘false eyelash’ effect, with maximum length and thickness. It can look rather clumpy, but just make sure you are gliding the brush all the way to the ends. And Voila! Instant ‘enlarged-eye’ look.

I’m sure with practice, I can work on minimizing the ‘clumpy-look’. 

Here are some before and after shots from using the kit:

It retails for RRP $9.95 and can be found at Kmart, selected pharmacies and specialty stores.

The great thing is that it doesn’t damage your natural lashes and doesn’t have that fake lash feeling. There are no messy glues that end up in ‘sticky’ situations, for example the false lash glue once shut my eyes tight before a night out…such a major fail!

This kit gets a BIG YESSSS from me, no longer do I have to be jealous of long giraffe lashes of my husband and kids. And I can join their club ;) 

Do you suffer from short-lash syndrome? How do you achieve luscious and long lashes?

Have a funky Friday friends!

E x

*This product was provided for review, opinions, whinges & photos are my own.

Nine months on, and well…my baby is still not sleeping through the night. I look like a wreck without any makeup, resembling more ghost than human.

These are the times of my life where I will lose hours of sleep that I will never recover! And we all know how crucial sleep is to the functioning human being. These days it can feel as if time is slipping away, and I try to stay up late to play catch up. But due to my busy lifestyle, my skin is paying the ultimate price.

Tell tale signs of stress and tiredness have shown up on the face. I only need to look into the mirror to see the dark circles and tired looking skin. I was initially skeptical, because I have never tried an Aveeno product in my life. In the post I received the Aveeno Positively Radiant intensive night cream to try out. 


According to research, only 44% of women actually use a night cream before bed. During this time of slumber, it is when the skin does its best regenerative work. Aveeno Positively Radiant intensive night cream is oil-free and contains vitamin B3 and Total Soy complex to boost 5 factors of radiance: tone, dullness, brown spots, texture and blotchiness.

I used this cream every night for the past 2 weeks and it is just pure bliss before turning in for the night. The texture of the cream is soft and milky, but not too light…it soaks right into the skin. It completes the final step to my cleansing regime. It has a lovely calming scent that stays on the skin and lightly fades away. 


In the morning I wake up and wash my face all over again and I do not get that sticky, greasy feeling that I get with other heavy creams. Aveeno Positively Radiant intensive night cream is very light and since it is oil free I have notice there is no build up of whiteheads or pimples from using it.

The only down side is that comes in a pot, so be prepared to dip your fingers in and risk contamination of the rest of the product. Best to buy a bunch of mini plastic spatulas that you can find from your pharmacy or online beauty suppliers. Cute packaging and ‘natural’ looking with the use of green and cream colours.

After two weeks, I noticed my skin was super soft, brighter and there was  evenness in skintone. I am completely thrown by this product. At $19.99 for a 48g pot, I am going to go out and get another once I have finished.

So…all those years, my mum told she drank lots of soy milk that gave her beautiful soft and creamy complexion, she already knew the secret of SOY. And she even drank copious amounts when she was pregnant with me, which she said was the result of me being such a fair skin baby. It could be contrary to Chinese belief…

Are you a night cream queen or do you skip out on this step?

Have a great week lovelies!

E x

*This product was provided for consideration and review. My opinions are my own.

Once again I have been hit with a Summer virus. And it isn’t even Summer any more! That’s what my doctor called it, he couldn’t describe it any other way. So with my body aching, where swallowing is equivalent to dragging sand paper down my tract and a tiny hammer is thumping on my brain. It doesn’t feel good to be me right now…Hence the hiatus on the blog :(

What is even worse is it has gone through all my three kids. With my baby and I being the last of the victims to this horrible virus. I had to call the health line the other day because she was coming up with a rash, had a fever and non-stop running nose. I thought the worst! Thankfully she is better today.

With the chaos, I decided it was a perfect time to trial these new facial cloths from Valleygirl. I didn’t even know that a fashion apparel store would stock beauty products! This is new to me! I love Valleygirl fashion, it is so affordable and always on trend. 


The facial cloth masks are made in Korea and the packaging is an ‘oh-so-cute’ blue pinstripe pattern. On the back, there are some clear instructions on how to use them. Firstly I gave my face a good cleanse and then pat it dry. Tear the aluminium packet and pulled out a sopping wet mask, placed it on my face and smooth out with my fingers. Then I laid down, closed my eyes and relaxed while the serum penetrated my face. The mask wasn’t too drenched in serum so I didn’t have problems with excess running down my neck.

The cut out of the face sheet was awesome, it had little tears in each corner to fit all face shapes. However, the longer I stood up to take this picture it begun to slide and that’s why my upper lip disappeared!


The ‘token’ face cloth shot! Ran into the lounge shortly after the scare the kids. But they just laughed, they are used to mummy’s beauty trials.

After 15 mins or so I removed the mask, which had already warmed up due to temperature of my skin and pat the skin with a tissue. My skin felt clean and moisturised, it even glowed with cleanliness. Though I can’t say that feeling lasted long because the serum didn’t feel as if it soaked into the skin. I wanted to apply my usual night time moisturiser to give it another boost of moisture. Although, it left my skin smelling clean and fresh and it didn’t have a strong perfume scent which I liked.

Some of the natural ingredients included in the serum were Red Ginseng extract, Green Tea extract and Citrus extract.

These masks are useful when you are going travelling and when you just need a quick pick-me up. Even more great when you are feeling run down and needing a little luxury in your life without the expensive price tag.

You can find them at your nearest Valleygirl store (available in Australia only)!

What do you like to do when you are feeling sick and want to feel better?

Have a lovely weekend all and a long weekend to my W.A readers.

Stay Well!

E x

I’m currently running a giveaway on the ‘Sewislife’ Facebook page, so come by and ‘like’ us, comment on the wall and you could be the lucky winner! 

*This review has been written in accordance with this site’s disclosure policy.

Towards the end of 2012, I was not being nice to myself at all. I was sleeping at odd hours of the night, waking up at least 4-5 times to breastfeed, forgetting to moisturise before bed time and even skipped on my daily SPF moisturiser. And even worse, I was succumbing to my sugar cravings and ate loads of chocolate and cake! And you could see the tell tale signs of torture to my body and wellbeing was showing on my face.

Dry flaky skin, dark circles under the eyes, white heads popping up everywhere, and pimple parties! Plus my pigmentation had not improved…even with the use of a dark spot corrector.

So it was a blessing really, that Beauty Heaven and Clarisonic was offering a trial of the Clarisonic Mia. I didn’t not think twice and put my hand up straight away! I have heard of this marvel brand, through various beauty blogger channels before and thought hmmm…I’m jumping on this bandwagon!

If you haven’t heard about Clarisonic Mia, I shall let you in on the secret ;) It is a professional-calibre brush that uses gentle sonic micro-massage action to cleanse deep within the pores. The cleansing is very effective, so much that creams and serums are absorbed better which results in beautiful glowing skin. The brush acts as an exfoliator, gentle enough to use every day. I used the ‘sensitive’ brush head and this was a perfect feel on my skin, some may find this too abrasive and can buy the ‘delicate’ brush head instead. 

The unit is small, hand held, maybe the size of an electric shaver. You can use it in the shower because it is waterproof. The Clarisonic Mia can give 20 minutes of use, but each cleanse only took me about 1 minute a day. It does need to be charged, and it uses a special magnetic charger (first I have seen of its kind!) and it gives off a flashing LED light when it is charging.

I just squeezed a half a pea size of cleanser on the brush head (the centre circle) where it oscillates and then press the brush flush against my skin. You have to move in small circular motions around the face. After the first use, I instantly noticed my skin was softer, my pores were smaller, it was glowing, and I was smiling :)

Now after the fifth day I did notice a mini-break out of pimples on my cheek and lip area. But I did some research and it said the skin is going through a ‘purging’ stage, which means the Clarisonic cleans so deeply that it draws the impurities from the pores to the surface. After using it for over a month, there have been no more pimples!! 

I have to say, I am reveling in the comments I receive from people who notice I’m looking ‘younger’ since using it :) 

Look at results and judge for yourself. This was the before and after shots (only after 9 days into the trial). And I promise, these are not Photoshopped! They were taken at different times of the day in my bathroom which is why there is a huge difference in the lighting.



The Clarisonic Mia retails for around $139. I find it is definitely worth the investment! I feel this is such a great gift to buy a friend, your mum or sister. It is something they will be so thankful for! Even guys can use this.

If you are looking to grab a Clarisonic Mia for yourself, you can find them here:

Have you tried Clarisonic before? What is your number one skin concern?

E x

Around pre-Halloween season, Lime Crime released their ‘Alchemy’ range to celebrate the spooky occasion including a new pressed eye shadow palette and two new lipsticks. This is the first time that Lime Crime have launched a fantasy range. In the past they released the China Doll, Mary Antoinette and Aquataenia eye shadow palettes…but it wasn’t a part of a complete range. I would have loved to see lipsticks inspired by those themes…

I’m so thrilled to share this review with you…because there was no doubt that I was going to purchase this palette. It was a no brainer really because I have been into this stuff since I was a little girl. When I say ‘this stuff’ I mean anything to do with spells, cosmos, witchery and alike. Not that I was working towards being a witch, but I definitely had a keen interest in all things to do with magic, fantasy and potions.

So I hail the newest ‘Alchemy’ range from Lime Crime! I was super excited to have received this package all the way from the US the same day I was to attend the Betty Tran Grand Opening and immediately wore poisonberry lips to the event.

Here is the signature purple tin with gold scale like pattern on the cover of the palette. It exudes gorgeousness and fantastical beauty. Definitely a stand-out in the beauty cupboard.

Here are the 5 duo-chrome pressed eye shadows, from the left: Incantation (metallic copper with fiery sparks), Lucky Charm (forest-green/firefly green shift), Love Potion #9 (purple and mint shift), Spellbound (white and gold shift) and Divination (slate blue and peacock shift). All of them pressed with the same fan/scale-like pattern of the tin. I find it hard to break-in these eye shadows because the pattern is just too lovely! 

Here are the swatches, under natural light. I did not use any primer with these swatches and they are dry. You can use these with a hint of water which will bring out the vibrance in the shades. Highly pigmented even without primer or water. The strength of the colour is totally up to you ;)

And here are the two amazing lipsticks in their cute purple packaging, love the fact that there is a holographic/shimmery unicorn on the tube too. This is not a sticker mind you, it is like imprint so it is difficult to remove. Although, I do hope they don’t fade with wear…I must find a safe place for these babies and look after them.

Here I’m wearing the shade poisonberry on my lips. One of my all time favourites! So pigmented and stays on for ages, reapplication is not necessary unless you are having food/drink. The perfect purple/pink shade which makes your lips appear toxic :p

And this is ONE magnificent colour that I have never come across before… ‘Serpentina’. As the name suggests, your lips will resemble the shininess of snake-skin or you will be rocking lips like Medusa but you won’t have the special ability to turn people into rocks ;) Notice the slight green shimmer? Isn’t it mesmerizing?

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, because I was so excited to present it to you as you can probably tell! I’m having a lot of fun experimenting looks with this range and other Lime Crime products. Ever since discovering Lime Crime over a year ago, I can’t help but share my praises for their cosmetics. Their products are 100% vegan and against animal testing.

They have inspired me not to treat beauty one-dimensionally or to follow what is ‘on trend’. But make up should be about what makes me feel comfortable in the way I express myself and to inspire artistry in the looks I create depending on my mood.

Have you tried the ‘Alchemy’ range from Lime Crime? What do you like most about these swatches? Please share your comments below.

Have a great weekend good lookin’ peeps ;)

E x

*These products were bought by me and this review has been written in accordance to this blog’s disclosure policy. 

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. I have been extra busy for the past week helping my parents set up their business. It has definitely been a steep learning curve and long tiring days where the brain has taken in so much that it has turned to mush…so please excuse my poor ability to form a coherent sentence as I write about my recent beauty buy :) 

Living in Western Australia you don’t become aware of the latest releases until you stumble upon something by accident when browsing on the web. And as for beauty products, I get my updates from fellow beauty blogger friends and the beauty directory. I can no longer find the time to go out to the department stores to ‘try before I buy’…so it is crucial that I depend on the opinion of others who also share my love of online shopping and product reviews!

Illamasqua is a cosmetic brand born in the UK and has made its mark known to the rest of the world as make up for your alter ego. The East Coast has Illamasqua products whereas the West Coast do not! It is about high time that they brought a counter for us beauty aficionados! 

I made my first Illamasqua purchase online, when the UK site was promoting free worldwide shipping and no minimum spend. I made a snap decision to purchase the ‘Lover’ blusher, which is a bright coral/apricot colour and the ‘Aurora’ gleam, which is a highlighter/illuminator for the face.

I have been searching high and low for the right apricot blusher, as I have only worn pinkish blushers in the past. This shade matches a lot of skin shades, especially those with a yellowish undertone.

The last highlighter I used was Benefit’s ‘High Beam’ and I loved how it gave my dull complexion a boost. It was an instant radiant, healthy glow that my skin look more youthful and alive! Since my bottle had run out I thought I would try something new…so ‘Aurora’ will be on my face this Summer.

Here are the swatches taken under natural light. I was amazed at how pigmented the blusher was, you only need a little to create a lot of colour. And the highlighter is simply gorgeous. I will be sure to glow like an ‘angel’ this Christmas :)

I have grown to love the Illamasqua brand in 2012 because of all the good things they have been striving for as a company to help out their consumers. They fought for lower pricing on beauty products supplied to Australia. The mark up on cosmetics is ridiculous! They were at the start of the movement and since their success of being able to provide lower prices, other companies have followed in their footsteps. 

Have you tried Illamasqua products before? What are your thoughts on them?

Have a happy Friday lovelies!!

E x