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Parents often talk about the throws of the terrible twos, but they also warn there is a follow on with the terrifying threes. I don’t want to accept this because my beautiful little boy has been so lovely, helpful, wonderful during his twos. When he turned three, it was like a switch has flipped and he is now transforming into a boy who is trying to find his way in the world.

Such a little spunky monkey! 3 going on 13!

He has been shouting hurtful things like he doesn’t like his sisters and he doesn’t like his father. Especially on the days that I go to work. And he is pushing the boundaries and not listening when I tell him off or when something he is doing is wrong. He has screaming tantrums at night when I have to put his little sister to bed because I he wants me to sleep with him. My little boy doesn’t like ‘girly’ things or for me to style his hair. Even certain clothes that I choose for him he refuses to wear. The whole ‘I don’t want to wear a jumper, I’m hot’ come back happens on the coldest days. 

What is happening to my precious little man? Why is he becoming an independent boy so quickly? 

But it’s funny that I say that he wants to be a little man and do everything himself because when he is alone with me, he wants me to cradle him like a baby. 

I want to cherish these years with my boy, because I know it will be the only time of my life that I will be able to cradle him without people saying hurtful things like ‘he’s a mama’s boy’. I think sometimes why do people say that? It hurts both the mother and son relationship…and a son should always be close to his mother and care/adore her like he would his wife/girlfriend in the end. A different adoration of course!

When I am unwell, he will come to give me kisses and cuddles…even at three he will bring me water in his little plastic cup. It’s so endearing, and I don’t want him to grow up.  

Sometimes when we are locked in a shouting match, I just give him a hug and tell him how much he is loved. It’s hard to be a boy sometimes…wanting to be strong, independent and needing to compete with his siblings. I also remember I was once a middle child before…so I find myself in his shoes a lot of the time.

How did you deal with your child turning three? Was it much different from the twos?

And were you the eldest, middle or youngest child in your family? Did you feel you were treated differently to your siblings?

Have a great weekend! Although, I’m not looking forward to the last weekend of the school holidays, because that means it’s time to get organised again for another term. Thankfully it is the last term of the year! Woot woot!

E x

I’m wearing the hottest thing on the block! My little bub, Luna… in this beautiful podaegi that was custom made by Leila of Tiny Mouse Designs. Leila is also blogs at Three Dresses Project  and sews some pretty amazing stuff from scratch! I don’t know how she does it, she is a super talented lady with two kids and I believe it is all self-taught. Head over to her blog and Facebook Page to follow her sewing adventures! 

The art of baby wearing is becoming widely known and approved by child professionals. Baby wearing is a great way for mother and child to bond. Podaegi basically means ‘Baby carrier’ in Korean. The Koreans have used this method of carrying for centuries.

When I place Luna in the ‘pod’ she instantly calms down, having that skin to skin contact, feeling the warmness of my body and my heartbeat near by gives her comfort. 

She also looks around and socialises with me and other people who I interact with, being so high up and able to see eye-to-eye she engages in people’s body language and speech. 

It was tricky at first because Luna was so tiny I didn’t know how to strap her on. I was afraid she would fall out! Now that her neck muscles are stronger and she has more chubbiness I can sit her on my waist and wrap her much easier. But actually the podaegi is very safe when worn properly.

It is such a great baby carrier, so comfy and supports my back really well. I feel no pain whatsoever! Unlike previous expensive branded ones that I bought in the past…

Oh how nice it would be to be carried around like this, can I get one in an adult size? :)

Have you heard of the term ‘Podaegi’ before?

E x

Shopping for baby girls is so much fun! I like shopping for my little boy too, but there is a very limited selection of ‘cute’ stuff for boys. I wonder why all the baby boys’ fashion in Australia consists of browns, blues, blacks and greys. It’s like a wardrobe for mini-men! It’s just too serious and well…pretty boring! 

I remember looking around in the shopping malls at Kuala Lumpur and found loads of cute cartoons and bright coloured clothes for boys. Wish they would bring that kind of fashion over here for our kids!

That is why shopping for girls is way better :) You can always find bright colours, interesting details such as ribbons, lace, flowers, etc. Anyway the other day, I was browsing through brandsExclusive and they were having a sale on BubbaBlue items. So I picked up some cute pieces for my baby girl and thought I would share them in this ‘mini-haul’ post.

My first two kids each have a special blanket to cuddle at night. So I thought Luna will want to have one too. A blanket is such a great comforter and helps put their sleepy heads into dreamland - great parenting tip!

Here is what arrived in the post

Soft face towels made of terry towelling, embroidered with cute pink stars. And the towels have a pink satin border.

Cotton waffle cot blanket, also embroidered with pink and silver threads, and applique of satin stars. The blanket also has a pink satin border. 

Silicon bib for when Luna is ready to eat solids. It has a little catchment at the bottom for when the food drops. Easy to clean and dry. And a super soft velour baby blanket embroidered with a chubby fairy. 

Little Luna with her Hello Kitty blanket. This blanket was not from the BubbaBlue range, I bought it from Target online. It is a soft velour blanket with a pink polka dot cotton underside. And a big embroidered Hello Kitty fairy - SO CUTE!!

It’s always good to have two or three blankets for baby because there is usually always one in the wash. However, I have learnt over the years, as a parent, NOT to wash the favourite ‘blankie’ overnight otherwise it won’t dry in time for bedtime and be prepared for there will be ALOT of tears!

Did you have a favourite comforter when you were a child? Or do your kids have something they need in order to help them sleep at night?

E x

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Happy Birthday to my Mini-Me, sweetie Sofia. Sofia has been one very patient little girl, her birthday was actually at the beginning of August but due to her party venue being so popular, it was only available towards the end of August. This is year at Kindy she made a class full of friends. Sofia has discovered a lot about herself, that she is more resilient, adventurous, she likes to lead, a keen learner and also helpful towards the younger ones. She has really shown her ‘big sister’ skills and is a great influence on her little brother Leo.

Although it has also been a month of ups and downs. She was extremely welcoming to her new little sister Luna and is very proud of her. Sofia enjoys showing her off and is very happy to have company of another girl. For her birthday I made her a ‘Cinderella’ cake, which was a first for me. I was so surprised, it is actually easier than it looks! I made a strawberry flavoured butter cake and swirled in some pink colouring. And covered it in strawberry flavoured butter cream and Sofia helped with the decorations.


However, this month, Sofia also lost her best friend to an illness, a week before her birthday party. She is coping well, but then she doesn’t completely understand the concept of death. Just before her party she asked 'Why isn't T coming to my party?', it was heartbreaking for me to hear her say that. I had to explain to her that T got very sick and passed away, and he is no longer in this world. But we should never forget him.

She did have a ball at her party though, I booked a kids’ gym for 2 hours and they all went nuts! It was quite a sight to behold. Children climbing, running around, swimming in the ball pit, and then sweat matted on to their foreheads. Just watching them depleted me of my energy! I cooked too, I made some home made sausage rolls, home made chicken nuggets, popcorn and jelly cups. I bought a birthday cake from Woolworths and that was it! I was so happy I didn’t have to break the bank with this party…by the end of the day I was ready to retire from party planning. But imagine…all my kid’s birthday within the same month! I have the work cut out for me for the next few years. 

As long as I can see the big grin on my child’s face at the end of the day I know all the effort was worth it :)  Thank you to everyone who made it such a memorable day for my little girl, for all the lovely presents and ending her week on a high. xx

Do you have any tips on how to run a child’s party smoothly? 

E x

There is a tradition that goes back a long way into Chinese Malaysian history that a mother who has just recently given birth must go through a ‘confinement’ period of at least 30 days. They believe that a mother’s body is at its weakest and most vunerable and needs to be restored after the birth.

During this time the mother is cooked various nutritional foods consisting mainly of ginger, sesame seed oil, wine (DOM), chicken and chinese herbs. The purpose of eating these types of food is to expel the ‘wind’ from the body and warm and nourish the mother’s body. If the mother does not do this, her body will be susceptible to future ailments such as arthritis, pain in the feet, colds etc. 

Ginger chicken wine

Ginger chicken with wine

Photo courtesy of 101healthyeasyfoodrecipes.com

Then there is the other not so fun traditions of not touching water or not touching cold surfaces for the 30 days. This includes:

- No bathing or washing of the hair or body (this step is especially difficult for me!)

- No washing of laundry, dishes or even bathing baby

- Must cover up the body with layers of clothing

- Cannot turn on the fan or airconditioner

- Cannot go outside of the house, especially when there is wind

- Should wear socks and slippers to avoid feet touching cold surfaces

- The mother is not even allowed to drink plain water but drink chinese herbal tonics

- No ‘cold’ foods such as fruit and certain vegetables, definitely no ice-cream, yogurts and juice.

Jizi Scallop Porridge

Scallop, ginger and goji berry congee/porridge

Photo Courtesy of cookingstudio1.blogspot.com

Red Date drink

Red date tea

Photo Courtesy of ilovebakingncooking.blogspot.com

Ok, it hasn’t been too bad, I’m trying to remain positive here. Since I had my baby during Winter I am not sweating as much. Though, my hair gets soooo itchy I had to beg my Mum to wash it after the first week. She helped me boil some ginger cut offs in water and washed my hair in the basin. I like the smell of ginger so this didn’t bother me. My husband, who is not Chinese is extremely understanding and has been through this twice before. I bought a few cans of dry shampoo, so this has been my saving grace (review to follow shortly)

I’m half way through my confinement period, and it doesn’t seem to get any easier. I’m the type of person who can’t sit still or stay at home for too long, I need to go out and meet people and I feel most independent and useful when I can do things for myself and my family. Now I rely on others to grab something for me down at the shops, or take my daughter to school. 

In Malaysia they have hired help, women who are specially trained in the art of ‘confinement’, who will cook meals for the Mother and look after the baby to allow her to rest. How I wish I could hire a ‘confinement’ lady, my Mother helps me a lot but this is a specialized occupation that is a full-time job. Mum still has her day job to go to. So I find myself breaking the ‘no touching water’ rule, such as bathing my kids, cooking meals etc.

I’m so glad I have understanding friends. It annoys me that I can’t go out and catch up with them, but they come and visit me which I appreciate so much! I miss adult conversation and interaction! But maybe…it is best to wait until I am less smellier (phoar!) 

Just another 19 days…and I’m starting the count down…

Do you follow any traditions past down through generations? 

Have a great weekend you lovely smellin’ people, I’m so jealous that you are having your warm showers!

E x