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One for the chocoholics, not an ounce of guilt eating @loving_earth organic raw coconut mylk chocolate #vegan too (Taken with Instagram)

I have been on a health trip lately, looking to add more good stuff into the ‘engine’ rather than bad stuff. Hey! I am eating for two here, but rather than eating for quantity, I’m eating quality ;) 

I recently join Breeze Organic Wholefoods Community, which is a group of Perth people who are enthusiastic about organic produce that come together to buy these ingredients in bulk and save $$$. You can find all types of nuts, spices, oils, sauces, pulses and so on.

You can find out more information on how to join here. It is run by the lovely Briana. You just place an order each fortnight and pay either in cash or via bank transfer. The more members they have, the more savings are passed onto the individuals. A further discount can be applied, if you volunteer to pack everyone’s food. 

My first order was a bottle of organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic coconut sugar. The oil smells divine, so GOOD to cook with and I use in my skin care products too. The organic coconut sugar such a treat, I find myself sneeking a teaspoon of it whenever I am in the kitchen. Just substitute it for your normal white sugar in your coffee or tea and it gives it a subtle toffee flavour. YUMMO!

As you can probably guess, I’m going loco for cocos…

Coco Loco

Do you substitute with any organic foods in your everyday meals?

Live Well :)

E x