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How’s your week moving along everyone? I am back to work for the third week and I still feel like the ‘slow’ kid in the class, the brain is slowly adjusting itself to absorb new information. So far everyone has been nice to me, with two days a week…how much can I really retain?

My kids are also slowly getting used to the idea of me being away from the house, but the youngest is at the clingiest stage…so she is well aware of when Mummy needs to say bye-bye. So there are still plenty of tears before going to work, which makes it so hard for me to realise this ‘sacrifice’.

Today, I want to share a little sewing project I whipped up a few weeks ago. Something that I have longed for, and that was to touch my precious sewing machine! The poor thing is collecting dust in the corner…

So with the idea of making my life a little easier in the morning, instead of rushing about to find a HAIR CLIP for Lil Miss S, I started on a mission to make a hair clip organiser.

I add a couple of buttons and flowers to make it 3D, also I could hang hair ties off the buttons.

If you would like to read more about how to make your very own hair clip organiser or for your little girls please click below

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I’m looking around my house and I’m thinking 'how did it ever become such a state?', have I really been shopping up a storm and when did I accumulate so much stuff?

Over the years, it is easy to build up the clutter…especially when you have three children and a husband (who is also a big collector). Every person has their own ‘stuff’. We have had to make boundaries in our house to confine each other’s clutter.


Isn’t this quote brilliant? By a brilliant mind :)

So true how it applies to clutter and to life in general

And since having children, I realised we were given a lot of hand-me-downs. As much as I love hand-me-downs because it helps with lowering the costs of raising kids…we have had to store things for the day when 'it will fit' or 'they will use that when they are older'. But once they are too big it’s off to St Vinnies or giveaway. It’s not a bad idea to have a baby-garage sale there’s just THAT much stuff! 


Here are some simple tips I would like to share to inspire and help you part with your clutter:

1. Do you hear yourself using the 'it's still good' motto? First, ask yourself honestly 'is it really?' A shirt with a irreparable hole in the underarm spot and a sock with your toe sticking through, an old beauty product hiding in the dark corner of your under basin cabinet or a cup with chips all over may not be worth keeping.

2. Old wrapping paper, egg cartons, beads and so on leftover for crafty use. Just think if it hasn’t been used in 6 months you should bin it. Same if you are a hoarder of fabric scraps.

3. I have paperwork from school, university studies and material from my teacher assistant’s course. I’m going to let those go to, a certificate is enough to remind me of how hard I studied and stressed over my education.


4. Clippings of newspapers, articles and old magazines, cut out what you want to keep and stick into a scrapbook. That way papers aren’t overflowing in your tray or there aren’t piles of magazines collecting dust in the corner.

5. Clear surfaces by storing items in a cabinet or away from sight, it can be tiresome on the eye. A clean space can do wonders for your mood.


6. The action of throwing away can be an overwhelming task to some but it is all in the mind in the end. If you change the way you think about the item you can either throw it away, giveaway or store it. Think about why you have kept it for so long…

7. Do you have too many decorative pieces? If you have a spare wall, adorn it with personal touches. Rather than decorating on surfaces such as tables and shelves, it minimises the need to clean dust. Think about keeping a clear see-through cabinet and keep your little items in there.


I hope these 7 tips has helped and given you motivation to attack your clutter. Just look at these pictures of clear, work spaces, don’t they make you want to start throwing a whole lot of stuff out LIKE now! I DO! I have serious desk-envy…may they inspire you to go forth and DE-CLUTTER :)

Find your inner ZEN my lovelies…

E x

*All images are sourced from Pinterest. Cannot be certain of the exact source.

Spontaneous acrylic on cartridge paper. Been almost 12 years since I last picked up a brush. #art #painting #acrylic #creative #design #March2013 #instaart #inspiration

Good morning lovely people on this glorious Monday! I have the most exciting news to share! The ‘Tickle the imagination’, an Australian designer & maker magazine for handmade creatives will be available in newsagencies today (18th March).


This magazine has grown an cult following of DIY and lovers of handmade across the nation. With over 7000 fans on their Facebook Page and increasing daily. I am a great supporter of this magazine because it was created here, in my home town - Perth by a lady by the name of Tanya Collier. 

Tanya has supported small businesses around the country by featuring their handmade wares in this beautifully photographed magazine. The pages are full of inspiration, colour and a delight to sit down and relax to.

'Tickle the imagination' has come a long way to reach its goal of achieving its first print issue. As it began as an online e-zine. It has been made possible by the many supporters who have given a pledge to Tanya’s pozible project. Now Tanya is hoping to turn the ‘celebrations issue’ into print. You can help out by pledging here.

For now, you can pick up their annual issue from newsagents or order online for delivery straight to your doorstep. 

I woke up feeling this is such great news. It’s fantastic that more magazines like these are making print…let’s keep our print industry alive and buy magazines and books! We can’t let technology take over our love of paper and prose…

Are you fan of magazines or e-zines?

E x

I have had fabric ideas flying through my mind all weekend for my #sewingdares challenge. Read the previous post to find out more about this ‘DARE’. And this is what I came up with, I couldn’t find any oil cloth in my current fabric library so I headed down to Spotlight and picked up this beige/white spotty number. The oil cloth will be perfect for the interior of the makeup bag, so spills and powders can be easily wiped away.

For the exterior I decided on a houndstooth tweed. I bought a plain black zip and now I am looking for a red ribbon…maybe a velvet one to finish it off. 

It’s very ‘London-esque’ inspired. If you have been following Sewislife for a while, you would probably know I’m very much a Cath Kidston fan, and this polka oil cloth reminds me of her bag designs.

I shall be back soon to share my step-by-step process of sewing this makeup bag. I can’t wait to get started and show you guys the end result!!

Wish me luck ;)

What would be your ideal small sewing project?

E x

I am currently stuck in a sewing/DIY rut…due to factors outside of this blog. But I promised myself in 2013 to not let stress get me down and I would put some time aside for my favourite hobby, sewing - it is the one thing that truely relaxes me because it’s when I am in my creative element :)

So I caught onto the bug that is #sewingdares on Twitter. It all started with Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow throwing the tagline out there and a whole heap of sewinistas in the Twitterverse heard! I actually caught on from Leila at Three Dresses Project and she has dished me the dare to sew a ‘make up bag/case’. 

I haven’t sewn one before, so it will be a new challenge! I love it! That is the purpose of #sewingdares. To have fun and not take things too seriously.

Care to join in?

If you are up for it, jump onto twitter and demand a dare by including the hashtag #sewingdares in your tweet and you will receive your next sewing mission from one of the girls or I’m happy to ‘dare you’ (you just have to let me know your level of sewing, and if you have a blog I can check it out and give you a challenge that you haven’t done before).

Head over here to see what all the fuss is about. The love of sewing is spreading worldwide!

My #Sewingdares challenge

A make up bag is the perfect dare, given I am such a beauty buff and into my skincare. Honestly I can never have too many cosmetic bags! Plus they are such cute gifts to give to a girlfriend.

Here are some ‘brainstorming’ drawings I did the other day to get me started (please forgive my scribbles, I used to study art in school but it’s pretty clear that I have lost ALL my drawing ability).

Next step, to fish through my fabric stash and pick out some favourites.

Which design do you think I should go with?

Too be continued :)

Enjoy your weekend All! 

E x

Last week I went down to Perth to experience a La Prarie Facial (read about it here) and had the chance to wander around my favourite city alone. It’s funny, but the longer I live here this city always surprises me in the way how it slowly matures. It is like a stubborn child refusing to grow up!

However, when it does show subtle changes, we Perthies are so much more grateful for its budding beauty. We enjoy the suspense, it pleases us! ‘Sunday Trading’ only happened last month, and no the rest of the nation did not stop. The residents of Perth did not go into hiding…we merely came out to play! I haven’t heard one bad word out of anyone who dares to go against Sunday Trading.

I’m am most excited to announce here on my blog, that Chanel will be finally opening their doors to Perth. We need to be injected with a little of Chanel’s sophisticated charm. It is only proper that it opens along side other luxe brands on the famous King St strip. So ladies start saving now, as we have our very own Chanel store! Anyone know how to get onto the list for opening night? *wink wink*

Passing by Louis Vuitton, only a few steps away from Chanel, I took a photo of their ‘Yayoi Kasuma’ window dressing. All over the world, Louis Vuitton boutiques have graced their shop fronts with this quirky and eccentric design. Perth is no different! Staring through the window, I imagine would be a similar to a vision of someone on a LSD trip…

Then there was old (or should I say REVAMPED) Raine Square, that disappeared for years! Covered behind dirty construction walls…I always passed by and remember the good old days of buying freshly made coconut buns from the Vietnamese bakery. Oh Pllluuueeeesssee bring back the Vietnamese bakeries Perth!! The new look of Raine Square is definitely keeping up with the times and overall look of the developing city. Coles is located in the centre alongside other specialty shops. And you can also find local Perth designer, Betty Tran’s flag ship store.

Plus Perth now has its very own Grill’d burger bar! A godsend to the 9-5 workers I’m sure. I remember complaining to my colleagues that there isn’t anywhere to satisfy our worker stomachs during lunch. My friends and I would always end up at Nandos. And now we have another WINNER! Not that I work in the CBD anymore, but when the time comes to return to the office…this will be a lunch hot spot. 

For those who have been to Perth, lived here before, this post is for you :) Where ever you are in the world, you can never erase the little warm and fuzzy feeling inside when you think of this amazing city…

Are there any other international stores you would like see opening up in Perth?

E x

Liptember ‘cosmic’ lip art. Because I’m always thinking about what’s above and beyond the cosmic heavens.

I used a blend of Lime Crime lipsticks in Styletto (black) and Chinchilla (purple grey). Then I added details using Lunar Sea (white) eyeliner.

Only a couple days left of Liptember? Have you donated to my profile page yet? Make sure you do. It’s all for a good cause!

E x

Stolen from Hubz blog again! This is the home office he bought for me, the desk was from Officeworks and there is a black ‘executive’ chair too. I admired him from afar as he put together my little workspace, my handyman hero! xx

Now I have a designated sewing corner and I can jump onto You Tube tutorials next door when I am stuck with a sewing dilemma :) 


“Serious Business”

The Nordic Desk 1600, our first buy from OfficeWorks for our starting business. I’ve yet to come across a better desk than this in the metro area. Especially at this price for what you get. The material may not be anywhere near the top range, but what it lacks in that, pushes through with sturdiness and most important spacious room to work on. Assembling was a piece of cake, it actually didn’t feel like I was constructing something from dodgy IKEA. Also the chair I bought was a godsend for E-von, seeing as she needed all the support she could get. Beats sitting on dining table chairs for that long. You can see me holding the base structure of the newly bought swivel chair like Simon Belmont ready to slay Dracula and his minions before putting it together. Oddly enough, I forgot to take pictures of it. :/

Happy Birthday Duckcloth!

Duckcloth, Australian online fabric supplier is turning 5 years old. And they are celebrating by offering all their customers 25% off everything in their online store. 

Here are some of the gorgeous finds I came across:

Fern Blue and Green Japanese Tiny Elephant red and Navy fabric

Fern Blue and Green                                                     Tiny Elephants Red and Navy

Choma Sweet Azalea  Echino Wish Black and Multi on Natural

Choma Sweet Azalea                                                Echino Wish Black and Multi on Natural

Duckcloth sells beautiful furnishing fabrics to those who love to express their individual style. I have a soft spot for cotton duck and they have a wide range of patterns and textures in this particular fabric. You can allow your creativity to run wild with these fabrics. They also perfect for totes, framed art and children’s toys. They have big range of organic fabrics too!

All you have to do is use their special coupon code FBMAY12’. This promotion will end on Sunday 20th May.

So there are only 4 days left to go crazy and stock up on designer fabrics!!

Get free shipping on orders over $120