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Oops the last post wasn’t my last post of the year…sorry to fib! But this will be :) It is Sew is Life’s most popular posts of the year, a great way to check out what post received the most traffic and what has our readers coming back.

Looks like we have a lot of beauty fans and DIYers visiting SiL. We hope to bring you more of what you love to read in 2014! Make sure to check out the new space The Simple Chic coming soon…

For now, please enjoy reading some of the popular posts of the year gone by.

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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! And thanks for dropping by and supporting this little blog of mine. Look forward to more great times with my readers in 2014.

E x

Oops…this year I haven’t really been organised with Halloween and the kids are really looking forward to dressing up and trick or treating. Cue in parent guilt. Funny how this has now become a tradition in my family when it hasn’t really taken off in Australia until recently.

With the hay fever season kicking in, my sinuses are driving me insane with itchiness. So it is becoming difficult to strike up an ounce of motivation to do very much. Hence I have been turning to Pinterest for some easy DIY inspiration and I thought to share some last minute ideas with you. 

Here are some of my favourite Halloween DIYs (these projects were found on Pinterest):

Original photo from Country Living

I like the look of this photo. I imagine it involves a lot of cutting out of different sized bat-shapes using black cardboard. And sticking them in a group, this creates quite an eerie effect. You can place them on the wall, ceiling or at the front of the house.

Image from cuteanddelicious.com blog

I like the idea of white and black pumpkins sitting on a plain mantel. It looks really cute and stylish.

This project look easy too. Looks like a broken branch was spray painted with black paint and cardboard bat cut-outs were hung with some fishing line. Twinkling lights add to the effect too.

Project by http://onecreativemommy.com

In this photo, a ghost outline was drawn on an A3 size white piece of paper. It was cut out and hung from the ceiling with fishing line. This is so cute! I think the kids will like this idea of floating spirits in the house. I’m going to try this one out!

And if you want to ‘spookify’ your own photos and print them out to stick around the home. Try out Picmonkey where you can edit your photos using their special effects and filters.

Here is one of my old pics where I have transformed into a blood-sucking vampire using Picmonkey. Does it scare you? Because I think I just scared myself! LOL. I never knew I could look so pale and lifeless…lol. Seriously need a good slather of self-tan right-hurrrrr.

Will you be DIY-ing your costumes and decorations this year? What will you be going as?

Hope you have fun with the Halloween celebrations and eat lots and lots of lollies! If you come to my house I’ll be sure to fill you with treats :)

E x

Here’s some other Halloween inspired posts:

Halloween 2012 was a hit!

Halloween DIY 2012

Halloween ‘Day of the Dead’ make up look

This week marks the start of the Australian Children’s Book Week that is celebrated around the country in schools and libraries. Lil Miss S was asked to come to school dressed as a story book character. I was thinking of putting her in her ‘Tangled’ costume that I bought for her birthday, so she could go as Rapunzel…but she wanted the long blonde hair which I had no clue how to make a blonde wig.


So after much deliberation and tossing up between many story book characters, in the end we decided to go with Little Red Riding Hood, the absolute classic little girl! She had the basket, she had the dress and boots but not the hood. Me being the DIY queen who loves to solved a sticky situation with my sewing machine, came up with a quick hood project overnight. 

I used a skirt pattern from the ‘Chic & Simple Sewing’ Book by Christine Haynes and made that into the cape. Then I drew the hood pattern and cut it out. Afterwards I attached the two pieces together and added some ties on either side.

To make it a little interesting, I mixed a red pinstripe material with some plain red. And it worked! Lil Miss S was so pleased and ready for her school parade. Everyone complimented her on her costume, she was absolutely chuffed.


My Little Red Riding Hood and stand-in Wood cutter 

Another save by Sewing Mamma :)

Did you celebrate book week as a child? What would be your favourite go-to character?

E x

How’s your week moving along everyone? I am back to work for the third week and I still feel like the ‘slow’ kid in the class, the brain is slowly adjusting itself to absorb new information. So far everyone has been nice to me, with two days a week…how much can I really retain?

My kids are also slowly getting used to the idea of me being away from the house, but the youngest is at the clingiest stage…so she is well aware of when Mummy needs to say bye-bye. So there are still plenty of tears before going to work, which makes it so hard for me to realise this ‘sacrifice’.

Today, I want to share a little sewing project I whipped up a few weeks ago. Something that I have longed for, and that was to touch my precious sewing machine! The poor thing is collecting dust in the corner…

So with the idea of making my life a little easier in the morning, instead of rushing about to find a HAIR CLIP for Lil Miss S, I started on a mission to make a hair clip organiser.

I add a couple of buttons and flowers to make it 3D, also I could hang hair ties off the buttons.

If you would like to read more about how to make your very own hair clip organiser or for your little girls please click below

Read More

Nail Art seems to be the craze now a days. And there are some very impressive work done by creative individuals who I admire for their patience, dedication and talents. I could say I’m responsible for driving up the traffic on their websites…

But who am I kidding? I should stick to my day job! This is my first attempt at nail art using a kit I bought from Daiso in Malaysia in 2011. From a pro to a beginner…care to share some tips?

The first step, I painted my digits with two coats of Essie High Maintenence. Next, whilst the polish was still drying I clumsily dusted a coat of pink glitter using the tip of a cotton bud. Then I gave it a coat of Essie’s Super Duper Top Coat and stuck some hearts over the top. I tried to add a little finesse when placing the hearts, but it was no where to be seen. To finish, I applied a second coat of the top coat.

At the end I took a couple of photos to admire my work and then within the first hour I lost around 5 hearts…just from carrying the baby, changing nappies, folding the laundry and washing the clothes. It was bound to happen…

Although I heard the trick is to wear rubber gloves. But I’m not so sure about my sweaty palms and the after-smell of latex lingering. 

This could well be my first and last attempt at nail art…*turns away with deflated ego*

Have you caught on to this nail art craze? Maybe stickers and fake nails are the way to go..Any suggestions?

Hope you all have an amazing Friday and even more amazing weekend :)

E x

Good morning lovely people on this glorious Monday! I have the most exciting news to share! The ‘Tickle the imagination’, an Australian designer & maker magazine for handmade creatives will be available in newsagencies today (18th March).


This magazine has grown an cult following of DIY and lovers of handmade across the nation. With over 7000 fans on their Facebook Page and increasing daily. I am a great supporter of this magazine because it was created here, in my home town - Perth by a lady by the name of Tanya Collier. 

Tanya has supported small businesses around the country by featuring their handmade wares in this beautifully photographed magazine. The pages are full of inspiration, colour and a delight to sit down and relax to.

'Tickle the imagination' has come a long way to reach its goal of achieving its first print issue. As it began as an online e-zine. It has been made possible by the many supporters who have given a pledge to Tanya’s pozible project. Now Tanya is hoping to turn the ‘celebrations issue’ into print. You can help out by pledging here.

For now, you can pick up their annual issue from newsagents or order online for delivery straight to your doorstep. 

I woke up feeling this is such great news. It’s fantastic that more magazines like these are making print…let’s keep our print industry alive and buy magazines and books! We can’t let technology take over our love of paper and prose…

Are you fan of magazines or e-zines?

E x

I have had fabric ideas flying through my mind all weekend for my #sewingdares challenge. Read the previous post to find out more about this ‘DARE’. And this is what I came up with, I couldn’t find any oil cloth in my current fabric library so I headed down to Spotlight and picked up this beige/white spotty number. The oil cloth will be perfect for the interior of the makeup bag, so spills and powders can be easily wiped away.

For the exterior I decided on a houndstooth tweed. I bought a plain black zip and now I am looking for a red ribbon…maybe a velvet one to finish it off. 

It’s very ‘London-esque’ inspired. If you have been following Sewislife for a while, you would probably know I’m very much a Cath Kidston fan, and this polka oil cloth reminds me of her bag designs.

I shall be back soon to share my step-by-step process of sewing this makeup bag. I can’t wait to get started and show you guys the end result!!

Wish me luck ;)

What would be your ideal small sewing project?

E x

I am currently stuck in a sewing/DIY rut…due to factors outside of this blog. But I promised myself in 2013 to not let stress get me down and I would put some time aside for my favourite hobby, sewing - it is the one thing that truely relaxes me because it’s when I am in my creative element :)

So I caught onto the bug that is #sewingdares on Twitter. It all started with Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow throwing the tagline out there and a whole heap of sewinistas in the Twitterverse heard! I actually caught on from Leila at Three Dresses Project and she has dished me the dare to sew a ‘make up bag/case’. 

I haven’t sewn one before, so it will be a new challenge! I love it! That is the purpose of #sewingdares. To have fun and not take things too seriously.

Care to join in?

If you are up for it, jump onto twitter and demand a dare by including the hashtag #sewingdares in your tweet and you will receive your next sewing mission from one of the girls or I’m happy to ‘dare you’ (you just have to let me know your level of sewing, and if you have a blog I can check it out and give you a challenge that you haven’t done before).

Head over here to see what all the fuss is about. The love of sewing is spreading worldwide!

My #Sewingdares challenge

A make up bag is the perfect dare, given I am such a beauty buff and into my skincare. Honestly I can never have too many cosmetic bags! Plus they are such cute gifts to give to a girlfriend.

Here are some ‘brainstorming’ drawings I did the other day to get me started (please forgive my scribbles, I used to study art in school but it’s pretty clear that I have lost ALL my drawing ability).

Next step, to fish through my fabric stash and pick out some favourites.

Which design do you think I should go with?

Too be continued :)

Enjoy your weekend All! 

E x

Late night cook up of #diy ‘everlasting’ face cream suitable for anti-ageing. #skincare #beauty #selforganics #organics #handmade #lovethyself

Well here we are again! 3 more days till December and Christmas is merely a hop and step away! Some people tell me they are already organised with their Christmas shopping this year…I’m shocked! What are they? Super humans?? I’m almost halfway there with the kids presents wrapped and ready to sit under the tree. Now about that tree… I must get a move on with the decorations because we will be away on holidays early December which means I won’t have the energy or time to trim the house when I return. So time to get my Christmas cheer on early!!

Have you started your Christmas decorating yet? Is your tree up yet? Are you sending cards to your loved ones? I’m a card person, I like receiving cards and giving them out. However it has become a lost tradition in this day and age of technology. E-cards just don’t produce the same warm, fuzzy feelings don’t you think?

If your budget is to spend most of your dough on the gifts and holidays this year, why not DIY the decorations? It’s simple to do, looks pretty and warms your house :) All you really need is some card, ribbons, paints and old decorations.

Here are some inspiring photos I came across on Pinterest

My all time favourite - bunting! This looks so chic!


Decorate your own wreath and place on your door

Sew your own Christmas stockings using the same colour palette but in different patterns

Brown paper and ribbons, and use wooden rubber stamps

Paint a tree branch white and hang ornaments off it

A DIY screen-printed reindeer sweater (isn’t this cute?)

Hope these images have inspired you to get your ‘craft’ on and transform your personal space into something you can be proud of and show off to your friends and family :)

Let the official countdown begin!

Do you take Christmas decorating into your own hands or do you invite the rest of the family to help out?

E x