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Last week I was suffering from ‘pink-eye’ syndrome, also known as conjunctivitis. It is one of the most horrible, eye-tearing, itchy and pain-in-the-arse feelings in the world! It’s mainly my fault for exacerbating my hay fever symptoms by rubbing with unclean hands.

I made three trips to the chemist to get three different types of eye drops, because the first two didn’t work. The one that relieved my puffy eyes in the end was the one that tasted the most bitter and unpalatable…but I was ready to keep up with it because it helped me stop rubbing my eyes. And at least I didn’t resemble a drug addict anymore.

And after so many trips to the chemist, I had to pick up the latest Colour Theory All-in-one 5-shade palette in ‘All Eye Need’, well…to make my eyes feel better (and spirit too)! I’d been ‘itching’ all week to try the eye shadow on my eyes and blog about it, but my eyes weren’t photo-ready. They were more Halloween-costume ready! All red, pink, swollen like a fish-eye! OK ok…..I’ll stop with the ‘eye’ puns…

I was drawn to this set of colours because it is something that I would get everyday wear out of. It seems appropriate for a work setting and shimmery enough for after-work drinks. Plus the packaging is clear, sophisticated and minimalist. I simply adore this!

To my surprise, this brick-like pattern comes with two brushes. One is your normal eye shadow sponge-brush and the other is a liner brush. After trying out the darkest middle colour with the sponge-brush I didn’t get anywhere. So I ran the other one under the tap and mixed it with the dark brown. It became like a thick matte formula and I used this for my eye liner. It was smooth and stayed on so well. 

The other colours in the palette were metallic and shimmery. From the top is a light gold, to the right a silver, the bottom is a copper and the left is a dark bronze/gold. They were stunning against my skin, and created a sexy metallic smokey eye. 

And because I have a small double eyelid, it is difficult to find my socket bone. So I used the darker colour on the outer corner of my eye to create the illusion of a socket. The copper was blended with silver in the middle of the eyelid. And the lightest gold colour I used on the inner part of the eye (near the tear duct) to make the eyes appear larger. Though I tried not to overuse this shade because it can also make my eyes appear more wide a part than they naturally are.

The colours are intense and highly pigmented. These were gorgeously shimmery but not over the top so you can wear them during the day.

I consider myself a novice when it comes to contouring and blending. I can never get one eye to look identical to the other. So please excuse the blending mistakes :)

Here is a photo I attempted to take of my full frontal face. However, my terrible selfie shots meant I cut off half of my eye and face! Hope you can still see the colour this shimmer brick created.

The Colour Theory All-in-one 5-shade palettes costs $10. They are made in Taiwan and the quality is amazing considering the budget price tag.

What do you think of this eye shadow palette? Have you tried any Colour Theory products?

Enjoy the week ahead friends! 6 weeks till Christmas…the countdown is so ON!

E x

*This product was bought by me and these are m honest thoughts :)

You can shop Colour Theory here

Lime Crime launches another new product today from their eye make up range. Not too long ago they shared their Palette D’Antoinette with the world and now a killer liquid eye liner range to go with it. These will be available for purchase at the Lime Crime online store from May 23rd. 

There will be seven colours to choose from, from $13.99 each. To save even more Lime Crime will be selling them as a collection for $73.99.  You save around 25% off if you purchase all seven. Check out the campaign photo below:

From the left: Citreuse (yellow-green), Blue Milk, Quill (shiny-black), Orchidaceous (violet-purple), Lunar Sea (pure white), 6th Element (Orange) & Lazuli (bright blue)

I love their signature purple packaging, and how they have gone with a floral gothic design. Each comes with a highly precision brush to draw sharp, intricate lines. The formula is smudge proof and easily removed if you make a mistake. The liquid eye liners come in 1.3 ml / 0.04 fl. oz tube.

Here are some examples of the eye liner being used, in the Palette D’Antoinette campaign

You can start buying them from tomorrow! Don’t be afraid of colours, make them work with your Lime Crime eye shadows or your current make up and stand out from the crowd! I’m keeping my eye on Citreuse and Blue Milk…must start saving for these ;)

Also available for purchase from mid-June by Australian online retailer, Makeupnet. At AUD$14.99 each.

Which is your favourite colour eye liner from the collection?

E x