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Last week I was suffering from ‘pink-eye’ syndrome, also known as conjunctivitis. It is one of the most horrible, eye-tearing, itchy and pain-in-the-arse feelings in the world! It’s mainly my fault for exacerbating my hay fever symptoms by rubbing with unclean hands.

I made three trips to the chemist to get three different types of eye drops, because the first two didn’t work. The one that relieved my puffy eyes in the end was the one that tasted the most bitter and unpalatable…but I was ready to keep up with it because it helped me stop rubbing my eyes. And at least I didn’t resemble a drug addict anymore.

And after so many trips to the chemist, I had to pick up the latest Colour Theory All-in-one 5-shade palette in ‘All Eye Need’, well…to make my eyes feel better (and spirit too)! I’d been ‘itching’ all week to try the eye shadow on my eyes and blog about it, but my eyes weren’t photo-ready. They were more Halloween-costume ready! All red, pink, swollen like a fish-eye! OK ok…..I’ll stop with the ‘eye’ puns…

I was drawn to this set of colours because it is something that I would get everyday wear out of. It seems appropriate for a work setting and shimmery enough for after-work drinks. Plus the packaging is clear, sophisticated and minimalist. I simply adore this!

To my surprise, this brick-like pattern comes with two brushes. One is your normal eye shadow sponge-brush and the other is a liner brush. After trying out the darkest middle colour with the sponge-brush I didn’t get anywhere. So I ran the other one under the tap and mixed it with the dark brown. It became like a thick matte formula and I used this for my eye liner. It was smooth and stayed on so well. 

The other colours in the palette were metallic and shimmery. From the top is a light gold, to the right a silver, the bottom is a copper and the left is a dark bronze/gold. They were stunning against my skin, and created a sexy metallic smokey eye. 

And because I have a small double eyelid, it is difficult to find my socket bone. So I used the darker colour on the outer corner of my eye to create the illusion of a socket. The copper was blended with silver in the middle of the eyelid. And the lightest gold colour I used on the inner part of the eye (near the tear duct) to make the eyes appear larger. Though I tried not to overuse this shade because it can also make my eyes appear more wide a part than they naturally are.

The colours are intense and highly pigmented. These were gorgeously shimmery but not over the top so you can wear them during the day.

I consider myself a novice when it comes to contouring and blending. I can never get one eye to look identical to the other. So please excuse the blending mistakes :)

Here is a photo I attempted to take of my full frontal face. However, my terrible selfie shots meant I cut off half of my eye and face! Hope you can still see the colour this shimmer brick created.

The Colour Theory All-in-one 5-shade palettes costs $10. They are made in Taiwan and the quality is amazing considering the budget price tag.

What do you think of this eye shadow palette? Have you tried any Colour Theory products?

Enjoy the week ahead friends! 6 weeks till Christmas…the countdown is so ON!

E x

*This product was bought by me and these are m honest thoughts :)

You can shop Colour Theory here

Around pre-Halloween season, Lime Crime released their ‘Alchemy’ range to celebrate the spooky occasion including a new pressed eye shadow palette and two new lipsticks. This is the first time that Lime Crime have launched a fantasy range. In the past they released the China Doll, Mary Antoinette and Aquataenia eye shadow palettes…but it wasn’t a part of a complete range. I would have loved to see lipsticks inspired by those themes…

I’m so thrilled to share this review with you…because there was no doubt that I was going to purchase this palette. It was a no brainer really because I have been into this stuff since I was a little girl. When I say ‘this stuff’ I mean anything to do with spells, cosmos, witchery and alike. Not that I was working towards being a witch, but I definitely had a keen interest in all things to do with magic, fantasy and potions.

So I hail the newest ‘Alchemy’ range from Lime Crime! I was super excited to have received this package all the way from the US the same day I was to attend the Betty Tran Grand Opening and immediately wore poisonberry lips to the event.

Here is the signature purple tin with gold scale like pattern on the cover of the palette. It exudes gorgeousness and fantastical beauty. Definitely a stand-out in the beauty cupboard.

Here are the 5 duo-chrome pressed eye shadows, from the left: Incantation (metallic copper with fiery sparks), Lucky Charm (forest-green/firefly green shift), Love Potion #9 (purple and mint shift), Spellbound (white and gold shift) and Divination (slate blue and peacock shift). All of them pressed with the same fan/scale-like pattern of the tin. I find it hard to break-in these eye shadows because the pattern is just too lovely! 

Here are the swatches, under natural light. I did not use any primer with these swatches and they are dry. You can use these with a hint of water which will bring out the vibrance in the shades. Highly pigmented even without primer or water. The strength of the colour is totally up to you ;)

And here are the two amazing lipsticks in their cute purple packaging, love the fact that there is a holographic/shimmery unicorn on the tube too. This is not a sticker mind you, it is like imprint so it is difficult to remove. Although, I do hope they don’t fade with wear…I must find a safe place for these babies and look after them.

Here I’m wearing the shade poisonberry on my lips. One of my all time favourites! So pigmented and stays on for ages, reapplication is not necessary unless you are having food/drink. The perfect purple/pink shade which makes your lips appear toxic :p

And this is ONE magnificent colour that I have never come across before… ‘Serpentina’. As the name suggests, your lips will resemble the shininess of snake-skin or you will be rocking lips like Medusa but you won’t have the special ability to turn people into rocks ;) Notice the slight green shimmer? Isn’t it mesmerizing?

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, because I was so excited to present it to you as you can probably tell! I’m having a lot of fun experimenting looks with this range and other Lime Crime products. Ever since discovering Lime Crime over a year ago, I can’t help but share my praises for their cosmetics. Their products are 100% vegan and against animal testing.

They have inspired me not to treat beauty one-dimensionally or to follow what is ‘on trend’. But make up should be about what makes me feel comfortable in the way I express myself and to inspire artistry in the looks I create depending on my mood.

Have you tried the ‘Alchemy’ range from Lime Crime? What do you like most about these swatches? Please share your comments below.

Have a great weekend good lookin’ peeps ;)

E x

*These products were bought by me and this review has been written in accordance to this blog’s disclosure policy. 

Some sad news came from Lime Crime Head Quarters today. They have stated that they will no longer be producing their loose eye shadows, or also known as ‘Magic Dust’. The loose powder collection will cease and they will continue to make pressed eye shadows. I’m more partial to the fact that these were loose powders rather than pressed eye shadows because the application is much easier (in my opinion) and more versatile. These loose powders have been known to create interesting lipstick and nail polish shades which have enabled Lime Crime fans to break out their creativity!

This is your last chance to pick up your favourite shade in the loose magic dust, just enter the coupon code at the checkout: EXTRAMAGIC  to get 15% off

(The complete Magic Dust Collection is exempted from this offer)

Be quick as they will be sold out within 2 months, I won’t be surprised if they sell out before then! Click here to shop NOW (some colours are already low in stock…)

Here is some photos of the entire collection I bought last year at one of their online sales. My favourite shade is ‘Cupcake Theif’, a light soft pink shade that is great for highlighting cheekbones too!


Picture courtesy of Lime Crime Make Up

Do you prefer loose or pressed eye shadows?

E x

Bright purple packaging, fantastical unicorn branding, holographic imagery? It can only be Lime Crime Make Up. The formula of their lipsticks are 100% vegan, it has great staying power and the colours pack a punch! I can happily say I own two lipsticks from the Lime Crime original range - Coquette (an opaque nude lipstick) and Retrofuturist (a true opaque red). Both beautiful colours that are worn by the likes of Adele, Katy Perry and Cat Deeley (So You Think You Can Dance US).


Lime Crime Make Up also stocks magic dust, which are highly pigmented eye shadows that can be used either wet or dry. If you are crazy about their products, You can save yourself a bit of dough and purchase the entire range of lipsticks and eyeshadows!

Beautifully packaged Lime Crime goodies, and complimentary make up tools that I received from my favourite online cosmetics shop - Makeupnet.com.au

I am keeping an eye out for their newest Lip Noir range and can’t wait to get my hands on Glamour 101 (an opaque wine lipstick), it reminds me of old hollywood glamour. My favourite Australian stockist is Makeupnet.com.au, Jill provides an impeccable service which is the reason why I keep going back for more! She knows what a big Lime Crime fan I am and will keep a Glamour 101 aside for me once she receives the goods. I purchased the Coquette lip shade and Mirror Mirror magic dust and couldn’t be happier with the products. Check out Makeupnet.com.au and pre-order your Lip Noir collection now!

Review on Coquette:

This is a pale, peach/nude lip colour that suites most skin tones. The texture is smooth and matt but isn’t drying and doesn’t leave that caked looked at the corners of the mouth. Throughout the day my lips felt moisturised, and I only had to reapply once after meals. It is great paired with the ‘smokey-eyed’ look and can be worn at both day and night occasions. Very cute, girly packaging that is easily noticed once thrown in the handbag. 

Review on Mirror Mirror:

Described on the website as ‘reflective silver with bursts of diamond sparkle’ which was an instant sell for me because I like silver eyeshadow and especially when there is extra shimmer. This is one of the best silver eyeshadows I have come across. It stays on so well and it is highly pigmented so it can show up on the darkest of skin tones. Apply with a wet brush to create a dramatic look, or simply dust on a dry eyelid to get that subtle shimmer. Beautifully worn alone or with the ‘winged-eyeliner’ look. The packaging is great as the magic dust is displaced through only a few holes (think of a baby talcum powder bottle), just tap onto the back of your hand and apply with a brush. 

Here is the final result using both Coquette and Mirror Mirror - a simple, very soft and feminine look.

What lip shade are you rocking at the moment? Please share in the comment section below.

E-von x