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Last weekend, I went to check out the Conscious Living Expo at the Claremont Showgrounds. It was my first time attending this expo and I didn’t know what to expect. I have always had a keen interest in alternative therapies and living a well balanced lifestyle so I thought I would check it out with the family seeing as it was a beautiful day in sunny Perth.

Please be prepared, this post is photo heavy! There was just so much to see and do. It probably isn’t as big as the Sustain Expo which was held in Sydney in July, but there was still a lot to discover. Tickets were selling for 1, 2, 3 or 4 day passes for expo visitors who want to go more than once. Each day there were new talks and guests being showcased, so there was something for everyone.

Here are some photos taken at the event:

These are soy melts for the oil burner

This was the ‘Vera Wang’, which smelt like a soft floral

Dream catchers

Little treats on sale

Sustainable living - rain water tanks

Water jellies - they hydrate your flowers and make any space bright and bold

A huge tee-pee that stood in the middle of the show. Inside had various meditation activities, when I passed by, there was a flute player inside.

Belly dancing, something I have always wanted to try out!

Pretty pink Himalayan salt lamps. I could stare at these all day, so calming on the mind…

Aura photos, a bit ‘spooky’ for me

A way to lose weight using vibrations, have you guys tried this before? 

There was a whole section dedicated to psychic readings. I have never had a  reading before but have always wanted to try. Have you ever tried a psychic reading?

Eco cloth nappies that come in a super soft mink

Beautiful uncut crystals (I love natural crystals!!)

I couldn’t resist this beautiful rock, I would like to stick this on a ring and wear it :)

Bodhi’s gluten free Choc Latte biscuits, tastes so good! 

Something for the little ones, I was surprised that these didn’t taste very sweet. But the kids really like it and couldn’t get enough.

Seeing as public interest is increasing in eco, sustainable living and natural and organic goods, I hope to see a bigger expo in the coming years. I had a fun time checking out all the new and interesting things and hopefully one day I can have a little booth of my own to sell my organic skincare. Just have to get my butt into gear to get my business off the ground. Time is working against me!

Have you made small changes to your lifestyle lately that is environmentally aware or health conscious?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend lovelies!

E x

Time for a foodie post! I have been staying up most nights working on my Tessuti Awards submission, but I haven’t really achieved much sewing ground work. With an infant crying in the other room, the project is far from complete and I have less than 12 days!

My body is in sleep-deprivation mode and I have dark holes where my eyes used to be. There is no better time to start a health kick than NOW!! I am six weeks post partum and my body still has some squishy bits that need tightening. Though I am fitting into my jeans and my legs are looking more presentable (minus varicose veins and water retention). I’m looking forward to the Summer days ahead where I will most likely to be expected to participate in water activities of some sort which means I will have to put on a swimming cossie (swimming costume).

So I have jumped on the craze that is ‘green smoothies’. And surprisingly got my kids and hubz on it too. Green smoothies is such a cheats way to eat your greens and enjoy them. My toddler doesn’t know what hit him, he guzzles it all down and asks for my share too. Although it is a little hard to work on my 5 year old who takes one look at it, without even a taste, to say ‘Yuck!’. Just one glass is enough to fulfill half your daily intake of fruit and veg.

With their powers combined they are ‘super green smoothie juice team’…errr…it’s just amazing stuff :)

Here is my recipe for a simple green smoothie:

- a handful of baby spinach leaves

- 1 stalk of celery

- half a handful of blueberries (frozen is ok too)

- a teaspoon of wheatgerm

- a teaspoon of LSA (Linseed, Sunflower and Almond)

- 2 tablespoons light agave syrup

- 1 pear (diced up, to allow blender to chop easily)

- organic orange juice (just enough to cover the ingredients in the blender)

Put it all in a blender and blend till smooth.

This should make 2 and a half glasses of green smoothie. Drink it straight away!! I try to do this every second day, some chose to have a glass a day which is even better! Doesn’t matter when you have it, you can have it for brekky, lunch or dinner.

It may not look delicious in this photo, but trust me it is!! 

There are so many other combinations you can try - maybe add some kale, honey banana or strawberries. Or add some quinoa or spirulina for extra goodness! My Hubby said it tasted just as good as those smoothies you buy from the commercial stores! It is made fresh and not blended with ice, which dilutes the flavour and reduces the quality of the smoothie in terms of having all that healthy stuff in there.

So why not try out this recipe for yourself and your family and get your body into shape and energy levels peaking for the Summer season!!

Have you tried green smoothies before? Please share some recipes here in the comments section :)

Have a fun-filled weekend!

E x

I have been on a health trip lately, looking to add more good stuff into the ‘engine’ rather than bad stuff. Hey! I am eating for two here, but rather than eating for quantity, I’m eating quality ;) 

I recently join Breeze Organic Wholefoods Community, which is a group of Perth people who are enthusiastic about organic produce that come together to buy these ingredients in bulk and save $$$. You can find all types of nuts, spices, oils, sauces, pulses and so on.

You can find out more information on how to join here. It is run by the lovely Briana. You just place an order each fortnight and pay either in cash or via bank transfer. The more members they have, the more savings are passed onto the individuals. A further discount can be applied, if you volunteer to pack everyone’s food. 

My first order was a bottle of organic extra virgin coconut oil and organic coconut sugar. The oil smells divine, so GOOD to cook with and I use in my skin care products too. The organic coconut sugar such a treat, I find myself sneeking a teaspoon of it whenever I am in the kitchen. Just substitute it for your normal white sugar in your coffee or tea and it gives it a subtle toffee flavour. YUMMO!

As you can probably guess, I’m going loco for cocos…

Coco Loco

Do you substitute with any organic foods in your everyday meals?

Live Well :)

E x

I have been going on and on about eating healthier for the past 7 months but for some reason this pregnancy is not agreeing with me! All my body wants to do is go towards the lollies, the biscuits, the chocolate, the white bread, the cake…obviously the complex sugars. *smack my hand* This usually means the body is crying out for nutrients that it is currently lacking! To stop the sugar addiction I had to eat more protein and green veg such as broccoli, nuts and fresh fruit.

So I decided to make some home made protein bars, packed with all the good stuff to curb my cravings. I don’t like the thought of buying supermarket ones, because they could be packed with preservatives. Fresh is best in my book :) Plus Hubz is working out now and without a doubt, he will come home looking for something to eat…even if it is a piece of white bread.

I found a recipe for home made protein bars at Money Saving Mom but I decided to change the recipe up a little. It is such a simple recipe, even the kids can help out! No cooking or baking involved! There isn’t a lot of sugar either, so this will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Click 'Read more' for recipe and photos.

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