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Last month, I felt as if I was drowning in my own creative mess! It was a horrible feeling because where ever I turned I could hardly ‘breathe’. Having accumulated so much stuff over the past few years and I attempted a decent cull, the mess still presented itself!

So I made it a mission to de-clutter and invest in an Ikea Expedit. You can read more about my quest here.

I learnt that it is actually pronounced EX-PEE-DIT. Not EX-PED-DIT. I felt like such a IKEA noob. The telephone operator and I have built a semi-awkward relationship because she probably knew me as the ‘EX-PED-DIT’ lady when I would call and inquire about the shipment dates.

I had no such luck on my first two attempts to get an Expedit for myself. I was banging my head against the wall with all this creative-chaos around me. I discovered that clutter can really suck the motivation right out of an individual. My mind could not put together one clear thought…I just had to get my hands on this bookcase. In order to ‘survive’! (Cue dramatic music…)

And when the day came when shipment arrived. I was off the phone quick sticks and driving 45 minutes down the freeway to get a piece of my own. 

After the kids went to bed, Hubz and I put this thing together in less than 30 minutes. It was one of the easiest flat-packs I have ever completed. In the end, I was so relieved and calm…the results speak for itself doesn’t it?

I originally chose black boxes on a previous trip to Ikea before I even bought the Expedit, hence the contrast in the colors. I would have preferred to keep to the blue and white combination, but now that I see them all sitting together it doesn’t look too bad. 

So if you are looking to clean up an ‘eye-sore’ area in your home, maybe the Ikea Expedit is for you. It comes in black, white and beech colour if you choose the 5x5. Or there’s an array of colours for the smaller sized book cases. The Expedit is also great as a room divider but I kept mine close to the wall so little hands can’t push the boxes through.

Does mess clutter your mind too? What are some of your tips for keeping tidy?

E x

If you have been a reader of Sewislife you probably know that I am a lover of many things. Sometimes I’m an addict of fabric, stationery, beauty, fashion and of course homewares! It’s a terrible habit, because I have an eye for trends. It’s best to stay classic, but sometimes the home needs a refresh! It’s surprising how much a new piece can inject a ‘new feel’ into the home and make it nicer to live in.

I recently stumbled across two discount homewares sites that I thought I would share with my readers. I just couldn’t keep such a good secret to myself!

The Home & Temple & Webster discount homeswares sites are similar to that of Brands Exclusive and Buyinvite in the way that they work. However, the difference is they only sell homewares and gifts.

They have daily sales on homewares up to 80% off and sometimes specific sales that offer free shipping. It’s great when you are thinking of redecorating an old space or styling a new living area. Both sites are Australian based websites and shipping is domestic.

On the subject of homewares, here is a mini haul I wanted to share, just some things I have bought for my home recently (not from the websites) from other retailers. No doubt, it’ll be soon I make my first purchase from the online websites :)


My latest fabric find was 3 metres of luxe fleexe from Spotlight to transform into a blanket. One side is a bright yellow cubic design and the other side is fleece. It is super soft and cuddly that my kids have been wrapping themselves in on cold mornings.



I’m also currently obsessed with blue crockery. Anything blue actually, the colour is instantly calming and just gives my whites a contrast colour. I bought these plates and bowls from my recent trip to IKEA. 


I also bought this wooden bench from IKEA. I like having natural, organic elements in the home, and wood gives instant warmth. Here I have used the bench for my library books and old magazines. Working in a newsagency means my magazine collection builds up like crazy so I needed a spot for them!


I bought a new Mixmaster by Sunbeam because Myer was having a sale and my Mother’s one had broken down. It was the one which was around 30 years old, from a brand called National. That she bought in Malaysia when we were kids. Can’t believe it has lasted this long! Sad to say good-bye to this old and trusted friend though…so many blissful baking moments with Mum growing up.

Th Mixmaster comes with 3 attachments, a pair of mixers, whisks and dough hooks. It is a hand held mixer perfect for pancake mornings and it is in my favourite colour - red!

Also a little drama happened at the start of the week when I missed out on getting my IKEA Expedit bookshelf in gloss white. They had a new shipment arrive the day before and it was sold out by lunchtime. Oh well…I won’t be waiting around too long, the next shipment will be in 5 days, so I have to make sure I have a date with IKEA again next week.


For $249, this 5x5 unit will be the answer to all my storage my woes. I have a terrible ‘clutter corner’ in my kitchen that needs attention immediately. Seeing this corner everyday brings my mood down. Do you feel that way when you see something that you just want to change?

Not forgetting to mention the new IKEA catalogue will be dropped off to mailboxes starting tomorrow. I’m sooo excited! The pages already look so delicious after I took a sneak peek on the IKEA website. The 2014 catalogue will be unveiling all the hottest new treands and inspirations for spaces. 


What interior trends are your favourite for the coming year? Brights, organic, white/black or metallics

Hope you’re all having a relaxing Sunday loves!

E x

How’s your weekend going? Hope it’s going swell :) This has been a hectic week for me with my parents being away, so Hubs and I have been sharing shifts at the shops and looking after the kids. I’m so glad I can sit down for a moment and just blog. This is my peace, my sanctuary to sit down and write. Do you have a blog? (I would love to visit it, please share in the comments section below so I can follow!)

I have been thinking of new ideas for the home and there is a trend that I have been wanting to adopt - it is GEEK CHIC styling. As much as I love looking out for beautiful and feminine pieces to decorate the home, my inner geek wants to show itself!

Geek chic items brings intrigue, intellect and cute academia into your living space. Channel your inner smarty pants and bring out your oversized glasses, dress in tweed and hang that pocket watch.

Think of large alphabets, fonts, libraries of books, frames, moustaches, books, world globes  and framed glass silhouettes


Photo sourced from Pinterest

This moustache candle would look great amongst clocks and featured on a dinner table


Photo sourced from Pinterest

This essential oil burner from the company Thirty Three has been on my wishlist for some time.


Photo sourced from Pinterest

For the techie within, CTRL ALT DEL pillows, my saving grace of IT related issues.


Photo sourced from Pinterest

Globes! I must have one…another thing to add to the wish list.


Photo sourced from Pinterest

Chess sets, a game of skill that dates back to 6th century AD from India. Perfect for those days when you have ‘nothing’ to do and have a friend to entertain. I like the look of this typographical chess set, so chic!

Photo taken by me - one of my latest purchases from the design label Universal. A eye tester. It’s great as it sits at the end of my corridor, so when I enter the home I’m always testing my eyesight!

Did you see anything you like? Would you dress up your space with Geek Chic items? Or what kind of style would you say you adopt in your personal space?

Enjoy your relaxing Sunday session!

E x

Ever since lil Miss S started school I have harboured a new obsession - LABELS. There is just something about that shiny vinyl sticker with clear font print and pretty motifs that makes me smile. This addiction is rubbing off on my daughter too as she loves to help me stick her labels all over her new school stationary. 

At first I tried the company Bright Star Kids but then came across Tinyme  just after school started. I love their designs as they are just adorably dorky and cute. Both companies are fantastic in that they print on special material that can be washed, microwaved etc.

So when I saw that Tinyme was having a special on labels and their wall stickers I just had to order a couple for the lil man and a height chart for the three. This way I can keep tabs on how fast they are catching up to me!



Lil man is trying out the height chart exclaiming ‘Mummy I’m at the monkey!’


Helpful tool for adults who like things done without much brain activity involved (ie, Me!)



All these labels for $39.95 and you can choose from so many cute designs. The decision making will do your head in! I even contemplated getting some done for myself!

Here was what was included in Basic Variety Labels pack:

  • 32 Standard Vinyl Name Labels
  • 14 Round Vinyl Name Labels
  • 4 Large Round Vinyl Name Labels
  • 8 Large Vinyl Name Labels
  • 16 Iron-on Clothing Labels
  • 14 Iron-on Round Clothing Labels
  • 10 Clear shoe dot overlays

Tinyme is currently offering 15% off their personalised bags and Bright Star Kids has a 20% off if you spend over $30. So if you into labels, it may be time to give into the addiction…

Do you like to label? Tell me I’m not alone in all of this!

E x

*I am not affiliated with Tinyme or Bright Star Kids. 

Well here we are again! 3 more days till December and Christmas is merely a hop and step away! Some people tell me they are already organised with their Christmas shopping this year…I’m shocked! What are they? Super humans?? I’m almost halfway there with the kids presents wrapped and ready to sit under the tree. Now about that tree… I must get a move on with the decorations because we will be away on holidays early December which means I won’t have the energy or time to trim the house when I return. So time to get my Christmas cheer on early!!

Have you started your Christmas decorating yet? Is your tree up yet? Are you sending cards to your loved ones? I’m a card person, I like receiving cards and giving them out. However it has become a lost tradition in this day and age of technology. E-cards just don’t produce the same warm, fuzzy feelings don’t you think?

If your budget is to spend most of your dough on the gifts and holidays this year, why not DIY the decorations? It’s simple to do, looks pretty and warms your house :) All you really need is some card, ribbons, paints and old decorations.

Here are some inspiring photos I came across on Pinterest

My all time favourite - bunting! This looks so chic!


Decorate your own wreath and place on your door

Sew your own Christmas stockings using the same colour palette but in different patterns

Brown paper and ribbons, and use wooden rubber stamps

Paint a tree branch white and hang ornaments off it

A DIY screen-printed reindeer sweater (isn’t this cute?)

Hope these images have inspired you to get your ‘craft’ on and transform your personal space into something you can be proud of and show off to your friends and family :)

Let the official countdown begin!

Do you take Christmas decorating into your own hands or do you invite the rest of the family to help out?

E x

I haven’t done one of these in a while…a homewares haul! Just before lil Luna arrived, I was going through an excessive ‘Nesting’ phase. This generally happens to women who are expecting a baby and there’s a primal instinct to prepare the home for their newborn by the means of cleaning, rearranging furniture, storing things away, sorting things out. You should have seen Hubz! He was a furniture removal man to use at my disposal. 

Here I share a few items I had bought for the house to the lead up to having my baby girl, mainly little things. Most of the products are from my favourite Australian Designer homewares store Top3

I can always count on Top3 to stock the latest and innovative home & giftwares, created by local and international designers.


A bowl that reminds me of the ‘Sydney Opera House’, love the intricate patterns and it can moulded into 2 shapes. 

Stationary for me to keep my desk organised (stacking box, clip on calculator, desk calendar)

Normann ‘Dolly’ salt and pepper shaker (this looks so cute and ‘organic’ looking)


Curtis Stone spoon holder - you can fill it up with water, so your spoon will stay clean in between stirs.

Top3 rewards members with points whenever you make a purchase, these points accumulate and you receive a voucher to spend on your next order. I’m almost up to that status! They are always clearing out old stock, so you are guaranteed to find a bargain in their ‘SALE’ section. 

A big item I picked up was a shaggy, white rug from Buyinvite. At the time of the event, they were offering free shipping so it was perfect timing. I had been looking around for months for a soft rug to have in the living room, so the kids could spread out and relax. I got rid of the coffee table, because no way was coffee or food coming near this rug! I really love this rug, I find myself falling asleep on it because of it’s ‘cloud-like’ texture. It’s super soft and doesn’t shed.

Leo enjoying the softness, rolling around with his pillow pet

I love white in my home, it makes it look clean, crisp and bigger! It may be a bit trickier to keep clean but the kids are pretty good and there are some rules I have in place that teach them good hygiene and cleanliness. I would like to inject a bit more colour in to my space, but still not 100% confident with that. Colourful cushions are a good start! 

Thank goodness my ‘nesting’ instinct has disappeared, it was making me really exhausted! 

Please tell me what colours do you use in your home to make it more comfortable for you? 

E x 

Look what we got up to during our ‘Baby Moon’ (clean photos I promise!). For those who don’t know what the term ‘Baby Moon’ means, it is the time just before baby arrives where a couple can enjoy some romance together. Similar to that of a Honeymoon where a new couple starts off their married lives, a Babymoon happens just before a couple welcomes parenthood and their new baby into their lives. But as you know…I’m no first timer ;)

Last year I entered the ‘Show Me Perth’ competition and won a prize for a one night’s stay at the Parmelia Hilton, Perth. The competition was named ‘Fit for a Queen’ to celebrate the Queen’s visit to our state for CHOGM.  You can read more about it here.

So I decided what the hell, book a nice getaway with the Hubz just before we welcome #3 mini-us into our family. It’s been a pretty hectic last couple of months with very little time for romance. So this was the perfect time to getaway by ourselves whilst my kind and amazing parents looked after our other two children.

We went walking around the city at night under the twinkling lights, then headed into Leederville for some pizza at Little Caesar’s and caught the train (forgot how creepy public transport can be at night!). Ended up back at the hotel and fell asleep to ‘Spiderman 2’ on the telly. I even took some time out in the hotel bathroom to film a video review…which I will post up very shortly :) 

We woke up and had a scrumptious buffet breakfast at The Globe Restaurant, where they cooked fresh waffles, pancakes and omelettes. They even had tropical fruit available which pleased my hungry eyes! And for some reason the kim chi kept running out, and I wanted more…(unusual choice for breakfast…I know!)

I felt so relaxed, I didn’t want to leave! Then I came home and was welcomed by my crazy, happy and beautiful kids. I had the best weekend :)

What is your ideal getaway to help recharge your batteries?

E x

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! What plans do you have to celebrate this day with your mum? What would be the perfect gift to honour this special lady in your life? Aside from flowers and chocolates…buy her something she will use, cherish and keep. Mums love a bit of sentimentality. Here are just some gift ideas I thought would be perfect for Mums on Mother’s Day.

Ruched blue striped maternity top

For the ‘expecting’ mother, when she constantly suffering from ‘There is nothing to wear’ syndrome.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer Pink

For the ‘chef’ mum who loves to bake cakes, cookies, tarts etc. Maybe you could use it too, and bake her a few treats!

Clarisonic Plus Pink

For the ‘pampering’ mum. Clarisonic is the next best way to cleanse the face, it uses micro-massage action to gently and effectively loosen dirt and oil to clear pores. 

Napoleon Perdis Mother’s Day pack

For the ‘beauty addict’ Mum, The Napoleon Perdis Mother’s Day Pack includes:

Limited Edition Prismatic Palette

Devine Goddess Lipstick in Gia

Deluxe Auto Pilot Pre Foundation Skin Primer 15ml

Mini Long Black Mascara 4.5ml

Floral Cosmetics Bag

House Rules Decal

For the ‘interior decorator’ mum, house rules decal for her home so everyone who lives under her roof abides by it.

Brewster Square Butlers Tray

For breakfast in bed or a place where she can leave her tea cup and her knitting at the same time.

Teasub tea infuser

For the ‘tea-enthusiast’ Mum, something a lil quirky than your normal tea-ball diffuser. 

PeepToe - Woven Chain and Jewel Turquoise

For the ‘Fashionista’ Mum, spoil her with a gorgeous embellished necklace.

What are you planning for your Mum on Mother’s Day?

E x

If you are a pattern-crazed, textile greedy, colour enthusiast and have a passion for interior design you will enjoy reading the new, recently released book by freelance interior and lifestyle stylist Selina Lake. She is also the author of ‘Romantic Style’ and ‘Bazaar Style’. The new book is titled ‘Homespun style’ which is such great resource for those who want to include personal touches and inject a bit of warmth and ‘homeliness’ into their personal space and life. 

I was simply engrossed from start to finish, the photography is captivating and inspirational to say the least! The idea of fresh flowers around the house daily is something of a dream, but this is an expensive wish unless I grow my own blooms. 

The ideas in the book are anything but expensive, it opens your mind to the concept of the 3 Rs, recycle, reuse and restore! The thought of placing mismatched chairs around an old wooden table had never crossed my mind until now! 

If you haven’t noticed already, I can be rather textile hungry…yes I love beautiful patterned textiles especially those with romantic or vintage flair. I have built up quite a hefty collection and this book gave me some great storage ideas, so I can display my colourful remnants and also it gave me ideas on what I could make.

Looking at my sad sewing corner, it doesn’t appear as organised as the room below, it can sometimes be an eyesore! I know my hubz unconsciously shakes his head whenever he walks pass.

And look at this office space, some people will think it is “too busy” but that would be my dream workspace because gorgeous imagery is what keeps my mind constantly buzzing! 

Here is a short video of Selina talking about ‘Homespun Style’:

I grabbed this book from my local library but you love to collect design books you can buy yourself a copy from Selina’s Website

Where do you draw inspiration from to decorate your own personal space?

E x