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Oops the last post wasn’t my last post of the year…sorry to fib! But this will be :) It is Sew is Life’s most popular posts of the year, a great way to check out what post received the most traffic and what has our readers coming back.

Looks like we have a lot of beauty fans and DIYers visiting SiL. We hope to bring you more of what you love to read in 2014! Make sure to check out the new space The Simple Chic coming soon…

For now, please enjoy reading some of the popular posts of the year gone by.

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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! And thanks for dropping by and supporting this little blog of mine. Look forward to more great times with my readers in 2014.

E x

I can’t believe I am writing the final post of the year, it wasn’t too long ago that I was sitting in front of my laptop saying my goodbyes to 2012. How was 2013 for you? Was it everything you hoped for?

First of all, let me just say:

2013 was such a learning curve for me. I took on a few more projects, including starting my own organic bath & body range, and the focus of the blog slightly matured and I felt my skin thicken a little more. I learnt a lot about myself when put under pressure, so even though it was mostly stressful I gained so much.

So let me say my farewells:

1. I am a soft person at heart, and so I believe in the positiveness of things and have an optimistic outlook on every bad situation. But there were times this year, that I just wanted to turn that smile upside down and just let it out. Especially at the people that don’t count, those who discourage you, who say all the negative things when you are trying so hard. Also to those who aren’t happy with themselves and their attitude brings you down. I have learnt so much about myself and who are the people who deserve my time and those who don’t. So farewell Haters

2. Also good bye to my You Tube Channel. I haven’t been active on it for months and when I do I have been posting reviews on products. Which doesn’t make sense when I continue to write my reviews on my blog. And it is becoming trickier with three children running around in the background, so filming is usually done at night and I don’t really suit artificial night time lighting :)

3. Being so time restrictive in 2013, it has been difficult to find any time for myself. Therefore I have had to ignore my beloved sewing machine and from time to time I look at it lovingly from my desk. I do hope to pick it up again some day, it is my dream to sew beautiful garments to wear.

4. Hallelujah! See you later nappies, hopefully before school starts I will be down to just one child wearing diapers. I have left it this long, but hopefully my little man will be proud and confident to start pre-kindy with big-boy undies.

5. And a sort of semi-goodbye to this blog. A new space has been in the making to take over my regular posting. I have decided to change the branding of my blog to be a more focused on a couple of main topics rather than a list of things, which should be more helpful to my readers. Therefore Sew is Life shall remain my personal blogging space and my new blog on Wordpress ‘The Simple Chic’ will be about beauty, fashion and design. Three topics I am happy to go on and on about :)

6. Also good-bye to Emerald, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2013. And say welcome to Radiant Orchid, which is by the way…a stunning colour! Here is my tribute to the Emerald with an end of year party look. Spot the ‘radiant orchid’ in the photo :)

On the eyes, I used Lime Crime's 'Alchemy' Fantasy Palette - Lucky Charm. And their discontinued magic dust in Cupcake Thief. 

Would you dare to wear an Emerald Lippie? This is Serpentina from Lime Crime

And that’s a wrap for Sew is Life 2013, thank you to all the readers who stop by and give this site some love in a way of traffic, comments, words of support, tips and so on. Wishing each and every one of you a fantastic New Years Eve celebration where ever you are. And may 2014 bring you all the happiness, love, good health, prosperity and may all your hopes and dreams come alive for you.

I hope you will come and join me at my newest adventure at The Simple Chic, to be launched very shortly. There may even be a giveaway coming up soon to celebrate this new beginning :) Keep an eye out!

Be safe, drink and be merry on NYE.. So..what plans DO you have for NYE?


E x

Shop Lime Crime goodness here:

Winter has arrived! The mornings are so dark and the wind cuts through me so sharply. And the colour palette for everything seems to have darken a shade or two. But I like to keep the bright trend moving through the season as long as I can :) 

Not too long ago, long-wear lipsticks got a bad wrap for being dry, lifeless and dull. They were the ones that you would stay clear from because they were associated with being ancient and boring.

However the formulas in the current long-wear lipsticks on the shelves at the moment are getting a revamp in marketing. The younger generation is catching on, and well all the better for it because ‘long-wear’ is an excellent marketing ploy for us time-poor, who want high impact and minimal effort when it comes to our beauty routine.

I was so excited to be able to purchase Lime Crime’s answer to the long-wearing lipstick, The Velvetine’s. The thought of the lipsticks travelling over countless seas just to land into my letterbox was pretty awesome. The first batch of Velvetines was sold out before I could blink. So I had to get my paws on the next batch.

The packaging so gorgeous, it reminds me of Moulin Rouge during the peak of burlesque. The design of tassles and heavy curtains over a frosted glass-appearance. Though I think it is actually a plastic tube. The top of the cover is embossed with a red unicorn and is a red foil finish. I’m in pure packaging heaven! 

I decided to go with both, Red Velvet (a classic, timeless bluish-red) and the Suedeberry (a coral red). My favourite of the two would have to be Suedeberry, because I like a radioactive colour, plus I am partial to ‘orangey-red’ tones at the moment. 

And now for the swatches…



One application of Red Velvet, for a deeper red apply a second coat.

The formula glides on wet and glossy but dries to a matte colour. It takes about 30 seconds for the colour to stay leaving a soft and ‘velvety’ feel to the lips. I found the colour began to fade as I ate and drank during the day but only from the centre of the mouth, it did mention oily foods will affect the colour. There is no distinctive smell and it feels ultra luxe and gorgeous. The colour may not be for the faint hearted, but I love a classic red lip :) Though there is current speculation on their Facebook page that new Velvetine shades will be out soon.

And all Lime Crime Velvetines are vegan and cruelty free. Very easy to remove with make up remover wipes.

Some tips before applying the Velvetine. 

1. Shake well before application

2. Exfoiliate and moisturise lips

3. Create desired lip shape with a lip pencil

4. Fill in colour 

5. Let dry for 30 seconds

6. Add a second coat to increase the richness of the colour.

Voila! Instant pin-up hottie!

You can pick up a Velvetine from the Lime Crime Online Shop for USD$16.99 or AUD$21.99 from Australian stockist Makeupnet.

But be quick, they will be sure to sell out AGAIN!

Which Velvetine shade takes your fancy?

E x

*These items were purchased by me and this is an honest review by me.

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2013 has started off with some scorcher days with the Christmas/New Year week having 40 plus degrees temperatures for seven days straight! I’m all for Summer, because I am a warm weather lover, but this was just way too HOT! Looks like the rest of the country has finally caught up with the West, Australia why are you such a hottie?

Sitting in my car to go somewhere was like stepping into a furnace. So my family and I hid away inside majority of the time, closed all the curtains, kept ourselves in darkness with the air conditioner on for the whole week. Crap…now to await the power bill!

Lately I have been running from one place to the next mainly because I have been a multitasking mummy. Lil Miss S started swimming vacation lessons, so we have been busy rushing about and I have been looking a little weary from the heat.

Cue in my favourite Summer ‘SOS’ products…

Have you tried any of these yet?


1. Clear ‘Ice Cool Menthol’ Shampoo (I bought this in Jakarta whilst on holidays). This shampoo has been such a treat after a hot and sweaty day. Rinsing this through my hair immediately makes my scalp feel ‘cool’, it is a refreshing feeling and kinda sends shivers down my spine because I am cold for a moment. Such an awesome product, I wish I had bought more because I am almost out! And I can’t seem to find a similar replacement in Australia. I love Clear hair products, they really nourish my scalp and hair from root to tip.

2. Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo I bought this from Priceline a while back, whilst I was having my confinement period. That was during Winter time when I just gave birth to Luna. However I only pulled it out of my bathroom cabinet this week and gave it a whirl. The smell is clean and sweet, and it doesn’t leave any white residue like other dry shampoos. It is a large can, so it should last me all Summer. I use it every second day when I can’t be bothered washing my long locks and it soaks up all the grease and sweat, so it feels ‘clean’ again!

3. OFF! Insect repellent with Tropical Strength. I bought this just before I left for Jakarta and lucky I did. Those Jakarta mozzies are ruthless! They can smell me like a blood hound… thankfully after a spray I avoided an attack and my legs (which are usually the #1 target) were protected. I have learnt my lesson, because previous holidays at a tropical destination, I return with legs ‘bruised’ with mozzie scars. 

4. Buche De Noel facial scrub masque from Lush. I picked this one up at the Boxing Day sales when Lush was having 50% off Christmas items. I simply adore Lush bath and beauty products but simply forgot about them all year because well…they are kinda pricey. I only buy them as a treat and that is even rare! This one is made of ground almonds, kaolin clay, dried cranberries, cocoa butter, brandy, almond essential oil, cedarwood oil and more. Funnt how my kids wanted to eat my face after I had washed it, it smelt delicious!


Had to show you guys a close up of this masks, looks edible huh?

5. Lime Crime ‘Cosmopop’ Lipstick, an light coloured orange opaque lipstick which is so much fun when you are in the Sun. The shade makes me feel bright, bubbly and ready to go. Team it with an aqua eyeliner and you are Summer-ready.

6. And lastly, Skin Doctor’s ‘No More Pores’. I apply this every second or third day at night after I have cleansed my face. With all the sweat and grime pushing out from those pores, no wonder they appear enlarged and in a bumpy state like an orange peel! I close them up with this wonder cream and my skin looks soft and taught the morning after. It has a slight tingling sensation when applied, but this tells me it is working.

And as much as I love cooking I have had to retire in the past week. I avoided the kitchen stove…because after a cook up I feel like I have just done a hard RPM training session at the gym. It’s pretty icky and gross…I don’t want to be smelling myself all up in my dinner! So it has been cheese and crackers, lots of salad and ice chips for me. What a great way to lose those extra pounds I gained over Christmas :)

What do you enjoy most about Summer? What are some of your tips for staying cool? 

Have a great week All!

E x

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*These items have been purchase by myself and written in accordance to this site’s disclosure policy.

Wowzers! Only 2 sleeps left till we are ringing in 2013!! Where did the time go? And what a ride 2012 was, it was a busy year for me and for this blog. I couldn’t have imagined myself still writing till this very day. There were moments of weakness in 2012 that I was seriously considering closing down ‘Sewislife’…not because I didn’t love what I do but because there was too much happening beyond the blog that I thought I couldn’t keep posting any longer.

It was YOU, my lovelies, my Ahhhh-MAZING readers who have supported me with your ‘likes’, comments, hits and shares that have pulled me through to believing I can achieve anything. I have met so many wonderful people this year through the blog and have made new friendships and connections…I can’t imagine it all ending now.

So thank you ALL for visiting ‘Sewislife’ in 2012, I hope to share loads more exciting, beautiful and motivational things with you on the blog in the coming year. 

I leave you with a ‘New Year’s Eve’ inspired look that I created using the two new uniliners from Lime Crime ‘Rhyme’ and ‘Reason’. Which are a gold and silver eyeliner. I have used one on each eye to show the contrasting looks. Which one is your favourite? I tied the look together with a dark lip and a messy side braid. 

Metallics are coming back in a BIG way for 2013. So let’s ring in the new year with loads of molten and glitter! 

Wishing you a Happy New Year full of love, joy, prosperity, well being and positivism :) 

Where will you be this New Year’s Eve?  Share your NYE looks here too. I wanna see!

E x

You can shop for ‘Rhyme and Reason’ at the Lime Crime Online Shop:

Around pre-Halloween season, Lime Crime released their ‘Alchemy’ range to celebrate the spooky occasion including a new pressed eye shadow palette and two new lipsticks. This is the first time that Lime Crime have launched a fantasy range. In the past they released the China Doll, Mary Antoinette and Aquataenia eye shadow palettes…but it wasn’t a part of a complete range. I would have loved to see lipsticks inspired by those themes…

I’m so thrilled to share this review with you…because there was no doubt that I was going to purchase this palette. It was a no brainer really because I have been into this stuff since I was a little girl. When I say ‘this stuff’ I mean anything to do with spells, cosmos, witchery and alike. Not that I was working towards being a witch, but I definitely had a keen interest in all things to do with magic, fantasy and potions.

So I hail the newest ‘Alchemy’ range from Lime Crime! I was super excited to have received this package all the way from the US the same day I was to attend the Betty Tran Grand Opening and immediately wore poisonberry lips to the event.

Here is the signature purple tin with gold scale like pattern on the cover of the palette. It exudes gorgeousness and fantastical beauty. Definitely a stand-out in the beauty cupboard.

Here are the 5 duo-chrome pressed eye shadows, from the left: Incantation (metallic copper with fiery sparks), Lucky Charm (forest-green/firefly green shift), Love Potion #9 (purple and mint shift), Spellbound (white and gold shift) and Divination (slate blue and peacock shift). All of them pressed with the same fan/scale-like pattern of the tin. I find it hard to break-in these eye shadows because the pattern is just too lovely! 

Here are the swatches, under natural light. I did not use any primer with these swatches and they are dry. You can use these with a hint of water which will bring out the vibrance in the shades. Highly pigmented even without primer or water. The strength of the colour is totally up to you ;)

And here are the two amazing lipsticks in their cute purple packaging, love the fact that there is a holographic/shimmery unicorn on the tube too. This is not a sticker mind you, it is like imprint so it is difficult to remove. Although, I do hope they don’t fade with wear…I must find a safe place for these babies and look after them.

Here I’m wearing the shade poisonberry on my lips. One of my all time favourites! So pigmented and stays on for ages, reapplication is not necessary unless you are having food/drink. The perfect purple/pink shade which makes your lips appear toxic :p

And this is ONE magnificent colour that I have never come across before… ‘Serpentina’. As the name suggests, your lips will resemble the shininess of snake-skin or you will be rocking lips like Medusa but you won’t have the special ability to turn people into rocks ;) Notice the slight green shimmer? Isn’t it mesmerizing?

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, because I was so excited to present it to you as you can probably tell! I’m having a lot of fun experimenting looks with this range and other Lime Crime products. Ever since discovering Lime Crime over a year ago, I can’t help but share my praises for their cosmetics. Their products are 100% vegan and against animal testing.

They have inspired me not to treat beauty one-dimensionally or to follow what is ‘on trend’. But make up should be about what makes me feel comfortable in the way I express myself and to inspire artistry in the looks I create depending on my mood.

Have you tried the ‘Alchemy’ range from Lime Crime? What do you like most about these swatches? Please share your comments below.

Have a great weekend good lookin’ peeps ;)

E x

*These products were bought by me and this review has been written in accordance to this blog’s disclosure policy. 

What is Black Friday you ask? For those who live in the US they are very familiar with the term Black Friday as it is the day after Thanks Giving. It has become an unofficial holiday where retailers hold sales specifically for shoppers to get their Christmas shopping done. Rather than retailers being in the ‘red’ zone, they are actually turning a profit on this day and will fall within the ‘black’ zone.

For many of us, around the world the term ‘Black Friday’ is known as Friday 13th or an unlucky Friday. But these are all silly superstitions whether you believe it or not! And if ‘Black Friday’ is a labelled a SALE day for Americans, shouldn’t the rest of us take advantage of completing our Christmas shopping on time too? We can brave the sales online without having to put up with the rowdy, wild-eyed bargain hunters that have sharpened elbows and stompy boots. 

Please raise your hand if you are super organized for Christmas :)

Let the shopping begin! From makeup, to fashion, to stationary. Here are some Black Friday sales to check out:

Miss Selfridge Retail Ltd (US)

20% OFF Molton Brown (US) Black Friday


Moleskine store - Free Postal Notebook with any orders! Use also the code: ship2012 to get free delivery.

That reminds me I have to get a calendar and diary for next year! I am such a stationary addict…and I love to be organised before the new year rings in.

Get more bang for your buck this Black Friday! :) Sales start today Thursday 22/11 and will end on Monday 26/11.

What will you be shopping for this Christmas?

E x

Who’s excited for Halloween? Do you celebrate this tradition? I am! And I do! It is one of the silliest moments of the year, where my family and I dress up, play games, eat sweets and decorate our home like a haunted house. It’s seeing the excitement in Sofia and Leo’s faces when they see Mummy and Daddy dressed up in costume that makes me celebrate it each year.

This Halloween, I will be showing you a few make up looks to try out. Hoping I can inspire you to dress up and let your inner child out to play :)

I was inspired by the 'Day of the Dead', this is closely celebrated with Halloween. It is a Mexican holiday that falls on the 1st & 2nd November. Originally an ancient Aztec festival dedicated the goddess Mictecacihuatl, it now coincides with the Catholic’s All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. People gather at cemeteries to honour those who have passed away and it is common to eat sugar skulls with family member’s names written across the top.

So I thought I would show you a make up look of the 'Lady of the Dead'. Seeing as skulls are a popular fashion statement these days. I wonder if beauty and makeup will take the same step too. Or maybe this is something to savour for Halloween only?! What do you guys think :)

Warning, wearingthis makeup resulted in my kids running and hiding from me! But they were pretty excited to see Mummy all made up with a scary face. My kids are into ‘scary’ stuff and like the thrill of being scared. They don’t scare easily which is a great way of thickening their skin. Me NOT SO MUCH! And the Hubby’s reaction…he was very impressed at my artistry!

What did I use to create this look?

I used Lime Crime Styletto (matte black lipstick), and Lime Crime magic dusts (no longer available) -Siren, Circus girl, Mischief managed, Abracadabra magic dusts.

I used L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Light Ivory

And I drew my eyebrows with black pencil eyeliner. And I’m wearing false lashes, bought from Ebay.

Staring at this photo of myself gives me the goosebumps lol!

I didn’t want to remove the make up straight away, after all, I spent the last 30 minutes on it. I had a great idea to walk around the shops spooking the people there but then Hubby suggested I shouldn’t just in case I may get hit on by Goths.

Would you try this look? What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Enjoy experimenting and having fun with your look this Halloween :)

E x

Want to read about what we got up to last year? - HALLOWEEN SEQUEL

You can shop for Lime Crime Make Up here:

I can’t believe there are only 15 days left till Halloween…and I’m not organised AT ALL. No idea what the kiddies are wearing…no idea what I’m wearing! For the past 2 years it has become quite the tradition in our household and I look forward to it  every year because it is when we get into costume, play games and eat yummy treats! It is fast becoming popular in Australia, but it wasn’t like that 10 years ago when this country didn’t want to become too ‘Americanized’. Now the globe is becoming so accepting of other cultural celebrations because of the use of the internet.

And to make it even more exciting, Lime Crime has launched their newest collection ‘Alchemy’ which includes a fantasy palette and 2 new lipsticks to coincide with the Halloween festivities.

A magical look created by Doe Deere for Lola Blanc

The colours for the newest range are amazingly pigmented and shimmery. The 2 lipshades - ‘Poisonberry’ is described as a berry-purple with a violet glow and ‘Serpentina’ is a emerald-green with a snake-like sheen! Don’t you just love those descriptions?

The Alchemy Collection - OUT NOW!

The Lime Crime Alchemy pressed eyeshadow palette, like other fantasy palettes before, have 5 different shades:

Incantation - metallic copper with fiery sparks (shimmer)

Lucky Charm - forest-green/firefly-green shift (shimmer)

Love Potion #9 - purple/mint shift (shimmer)

Spellbound - white/gold shift (shimmer)

Divination - slate blue/peacock shift (shimmer)

Swatches of the 5 pressed ‘duo chrome’ eye shadows (Which is your favourite?)

Unfortunately their ‘limited time only’ bundle released at launch has been SOLD OUT! They are offering two lipsticks, eye shadow palette and collector’s mook (magazine/book) for a special bundle price of USD$49.99! However you can still grab the lipsticks (USD$15.99) and palette (USD$34.99) on their own from the Lime Crime online store.

I will keep you guys updated if they decide to restock this collection. Because the offer is meant to run till the end of October. Let’s just say a little spell to get Lime Crime churning more of these beauties out!

Updated: Special collection is BACK IN STOCK! Get yours here

Lime Crime declared this collection on their Lime Crime’s Facebook page as one of their most successful launches! With a 1000 pieces sold in the first 24 hours! So don’t miss out your chance of owning this limited edition palette! You can be mixing up your own concoctions and creating your very own ‘spellbinding’ look too.

So what do you think of these colours? Wearable all year round or just for Halloween?

E x

Liptember ‘cosmic’ lip art. Because I’m always thinking about what’s above and beyond the cosmic heavens.

I used a blend of Lime Crime lipsticks in Styletto (black) and Chinchilla (purple grey). Then I added details using Lunar Sea (white) eyeliner.

Only a couple days left of Liptember? Have you donated to my profile page yet? Make sure you do. It’s all for a good cause!

E x