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Who’s excited for Halloween? Do you celebrate this tradition? I am! And I do! It is one of the silliest moments of the year, where my family and I dress up, play games, eat sweets and decorate our home like a haunted house. It’s seeing the excitement in Sofia and Leo’s faces when they see Mummy and Daddy dressed up in costume that makes me celebrate it each year.

This Halloween, I will be showing you a few make up looks to try out. Hoping I can inspire you to dress up and let your inner child out to play :)

I was inspired by the 'Day of the Dead', this is closely celebrated with Halloween. It is a Mexican holiday that falls on the 1st & 2nd November. Originally an ancient Aztec festival dedicated the goddess Mictecacihuatl, it now coincides with the Catholic’s All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. People gather at cemeteries to honour those who have passed away and it is common to eat sugar skulls with family member’s names written across the top.

So I thought I would show you a make up look of the 'Lady of the Dead'. Seeing as skulls are a popular fashion statement these days. I wonder if beauty and makeup will take the same step too. Or maybe this is something to savour for Halloween only?! What do you guys think :)

Warning, wearingthis makeup resulted in my kids running and hiding from me! But they were pretty excited to see Mummy all made up with a scary face. My kids are into ‘scary’ stuff and like the thrill of being scared. They don’t scare easily which is a great way of thickening their skin. Me NOT SO MUCH! And the Hubby’s reaction…he was very impressed at my artistry!

What did I use to create this look?

I used Lime Crime Styletto (matte black lipstick), and Lime Crime magic dusts (no longer available) -Siren, Circus girl, Mischief managed, Abracadabra magic dusts.

I used L’Oreal True Match Foundation in Light Ivory

And I drew my eyebrows with black pencil eyeliner. And I’m wearing false lashes, bought from Ebay.

Staring at this photo of myself gives me the goosebumps lol!

I didn’t want to remove the make up straight away, after all, I spent the last 30 minutes on it. I had a great idea to walk around the shops spooking the people there but then Hubby suggested I shouldn’t just in case I may get hit on by Goths.

Would you try this look? What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Enjoy experimenting and having fun with your look this Halloween :)

E x

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You can shop for Lime Crime Make Up here:

Some sad news came from Lime Crime Head Quarters today. They have stated that they will no longer be producing their loose eye shadows, or also known as ‘Magic Dust’. The loose powder collection will cease and they will continue to make pressed eye shadows. I’m more partial to the fact that these were loose powders rather than pressed eye shadows because the application is much easier (in my opinion) and more versatile. These loose powders have been known to create interesting lipstick and nail polish shades which have enabled Lime Crime fans to break out their creativity!

This is your last chance to pick up your favourite shade in the loose magic dust, just enter the coupon code at the checkout: EXTRAMAGIC  to get 15% off

(The complete Magic Dust Collection is exempted from this offer)

Be quick as they will be sold out within 2 months, I won’t be surprised if they sell out before then! Click here to shop NOW (some colours are already low in stock…)

Here is some photos of the entire collection I bought last year at one of their online sales. My favourite shade is ‘Cupcake Theif’, a light soft pink shade that is great for highlighting cheekbones too!


Picture courtesy of Lime Crime Make Up

Do you prefer loose or pressed eye shadows?

E x