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It makes your teeth look whiter, you appear like a Hollywood screen siren, your confidence is given a boost, you feel like an empowered woman…is what I have heard about the super powers of wearing a red lipstick.

But on the everyday Jane’s mind of insecurities she would think a red lip is too risky, it draws too much attention, it’s a ‘man eater’ colour and it will get on my teeth! 

This being said, I fall partly into the everyday Jane’s mindset. I like to experiment with makeup however I have not pushed myself so far as to wear ‘daring’ colours out in public. I like to play with colours when it comes to cosmetics but it is only in the bathroom that I take a selfie photo and share it on my blog or facebook. So I have decided to take on the Fox in Flats dare of wearing red lipstick for 7 days straight…

Now I wonder what the pre-primary parents would think tomorrow morning when I show up at school! And what would my work colleagues think!?

This challenge will be an interesting one for it will also be an experiment to see how my husband, peers and customers will react. As I am usually dressed quite simply and with minimal makeup. I tend to bring out the red lip only on occasions that I feel are ‘special’, for example last week during the Melbourne Cup.

Like what you hear? You can take part in the challenge too! Just head over to Fox in Flats blog and find out more.

But here are the rules (taken from Fox in Flats website) if you want the ‘skinny’ on how to play:

The Rules of The Red Lipstick Dare:

  • Wear red lipstick from when you get dressed in the morning till you brush your teeth before bed at night.
  • Join in whenever you like, but to fully complete the Dare, you need to do it for 7 days straight.
  • Tell us all about it as you go. You can do this by:

And here I share my red artillery this week:

There are 6 different red lippies shown here, almost one for each day. But on the seventh day there will be a surprise new comer…Any guesses as to what it will be??

What would be your favourite red lipstick of all time? What memories do you have wearing this lipstick? 

Let me know if you decide to join in too!

Have a rad RED-elicious week everyone!

E x

Last week I was suffering from ‘pink-eye’ syndrome, also known as conjunctivitis. It is one of the most horrible, eye-tearing, itchy and pain-in-the-arse feelings in the world! It’s mainly my fault for exacerbating my hay fever symptoms by rubbing with unclean hands.

I made three trips to the chemist to get three different types of eye drops, because the first two didn’t work. The one that relieved my puffy eyes in the end was the one that tasted the most bitter and unpalatable…but I was ready to keep up with it because it helped me stop rubbing my eyes. And at least I didn’t resemble a drug addict anymore.

And after so many trips to the chemist, I had to pick up the latest Colour Theory All-in-one 5-shade palette in ‘All Eye Need’, well…to make my eyes feel better (and spirit too)! I’d been ‘itching’ all week to try the eye shadow on my eyes and blog about it, but my eyes weren’t photo-ready. They were more Halloween-costume ready! All red, pink, swollen like a fish-eye! OK ok…..I’ll stop with the ‘eye’ puns…

I was drawn to this set of colours because it is something that I would get everyday wear out of. It seems appropriate for a work setting and shimmery enough for after-work drinks. Plus the packaging is clear, sophisticated and minimalist. I simply adore this!

To my surprise, this brick-like pattern comes with two brushes. One is your normal eye shadow sponge-brush and the other is a liner brush. After trying out the darkest middle colour with the sponge-brush I didn’t get anywhere. So I ran the other one under the tap and mixed it with the dark brown. It became like a thick matte formula and I used this for my eye liner. It was smooth and stayed on so well. 

The other colours in the palette were metallic and shimmery. From the top is a light gold, to the right a silver, the bottom is a copper and the left is a dark bronze/gold. They were stunning against my skin, and created a sexy metallic smokey eye. 

And because I have a small double eyelid, it is difficult to find my socket bone. So I used the darker colour on the outer corner of my eye to create the illusion of a socket. The copper was blended with silver in the middle of the eyelid. And the lightest gold colour I used on the inner part of the eye (near the tear duct) to make the eyes appear larger. Though I tried not to overuse this shade because it can also make my eyes appear more wide a part than they naturally are.

The colours are intense and highly pigmented. These were gorgeously shimmery but not over the top so you can wear them during the day.

I consider myself a novice when it comes to contouring and blending. I can never get one eye to look identical to the other. So please excuse the blending mistakes :)

Here is a photo I attempted to take of my full frontal face. However, my terrible selfie shots meant I cut off half of my eye and face! Hope you can still see the colour this shimmer brick created.

The Colour Theory All-in-one 5-shade palettes costs $10. They are made in Taiwan and the quality is amazing considering the budget price tag.

What do you think of this eye shadow palette? Have you tried any Colour Theory products?

Enjoy the week ahead friends! 6 weeks till Christmas…the countdown is so ON!

E x

*This product was bought by me and these are m honest thoughts :)

You can shop Colour Theory here

A pop of colour is what I need to ease myself into the ‘bright’ side. Because diving straight into the deep end of a rainbow palette is harder than I thought!

My #boycottblack photo-a-day style challenge is proving trickier everyday. With Perth still having its rainy days, it’s hard not to reach for the black coat…though I must say, I haven’t been a good girl so far and sticking it out. 

Another easy way of playing with colour is make up. This BYS Blush Trio palette fell into my hands and I just had to share my thoughts with you on this one.


This is a warm palette with coral and peachy tones,  no wonder it was given the name ‘Coral Me In’. I like how the three colours are so different from one another, so that when I want to go brighter I can and if I want to keep to a subtle look appropriate for work or everyday I can use the middle colour.


The colour most closest in the photo is a matte peachy/orange tone. The one in the middle is a lovely dusky pink with a golden shimmer. And the third colour is a matte coral that has a pink undertone. When I swatched all three colours on bare skin they didn’t appear very vibrant. However, when I popped on a primer, with foundation the blush appears more pigmented on the cheeks. My favourite go-to colour would have to be the middle one, it is soft and adds that bit of glow of healthy looking skin!


So a tip is to always wear a primer and foundation so you can get the best and most true colour result from the palette. The smell from the blush distracts me a little, because it is perfumed and similar to those children’s dress up make up. That is just one of the cons about this palette.

The blush feels a little on the chalky side but I was surprised that it stayed on my cheeks for the whole day! With the use of a good blush brush it adds that perfect amount of colour on the apples of the cheeks. And you can go bolder by building the colour according to your preferred ‘brightness’.

I haven’t mixed the colours together, but it could be possible to play with it that way. I’m sure an interesting new colour would result…I have just kept to using the colours individually so far. 


This is a light touch of the first peachy colour, I like this colour too as it suits my skin tone.

The BYS blush trios sell for $6.95 each. The packaging may not be the most attractive as it appears cheap and easy to break, but the window at the top reveal the blush shades nicely, so if you were to pick up a couple of these Blush trios you can tell the difference. The packaging is also very slim, so you can slip it into your carry-all handbag pockets for on-the-go touch ups (but don’t forget to bring the brush too!).

There are other colour choices in this range too - Available in Coral Me In, Endless Summer, Heart Skipped A Beat and On The Bright Side

You can check them out at Cosmetics Plus, Gloss Accessories, Ice Accessories, K-Mart, selected pharmacies and specialty stores and online from Fashion Addict website 

Which colour would you like to try?

E x

*This product was kindly provided for review, the review has been written under this site’s disclosure policy.

The other day I came home to a very peculiar box, it was a white shipper with the logo stamped ‘Violet Box’. I did a little skip and a hop because I have been wanting to try out this beauty box for a while. I have not subscribed to beauty boxes before, so please forgive my ‘noob-ness’ at reviewing this box.

When I opened the white shipper box, it revealed another sleek black box with a purple foiled logo. You probably guessed, that I pay especially close attention to these things, because I am such a packaging-hore! I really appreciate a well-packaged product :) Plus I admit, my cabinet is still filled with old packaging of beauty products. Some are just too cute to throw away.

But let’s not waste a second longer, you guys want me to get on with all the juicy details of what to expect inside the box dontcha?! I found 3 postcards, two of them which have special offers relating to the samples provided in the box. And the other one explained a little bit about each product you get to try. 

So here is what I received in the Violet Box (June Launch):

1. John Plunkett Glyco Peel 15ml - $28.95

2. CK One Colour Cosmetics, Gloss Eyecolour in 800 Ultra - $25.00

3. Lash Control Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix - $25.00

4. Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser 200ml - $23.95

5. Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT 50ml - $80.00

6. Argania Hair Oil Travel Cuties 100ml - $34.99

I liked the fact that each sample was a decent size, this is important to me because otherwise how would you get a feel for each product? I especially liked the CK One Colour Cosmetics, Gloss Eye colour as I received a pearlescent silver colour that is subtle and illuminates the eye nicely. I will have to give this one a proper review or include it in a make-up look so you can see the real beauty of it!

Another sample that I really liked was the argan oil. I haven’t tried argan oil before (I might be one of the last!) and I heard so many benefits of using it on the hair. This one from Argania Oil and is made from certified organic argan oil and you wouldn’t believe it, but it smells like lollies! My bleached hair is screaming out for this one…

Liked the sample? You can purchase the full sized version through Violetbox.com.auThe Violet box is sent out every month, you can choose from different subscription plans. However a box will cost you $22.95 each.

If you are like me, any package in the mail with my name on it will put a smile on my dial :)

Have you tried a beauty box before? Would you want to try out the Violet Box?

*Violet Box kindly sent a box for review, all opinions are my own.

I am currently stuck in a sewing/DIY rut…due to factors outside of this blog. But I promised myself in 2013 to not let stress get me down and I would put some time aside for my favourite hobby, sewing - it is the one thing that truely relaxes me because it’s when I am in my creative element :)

So I caught onto the bug that is #sewingdares on Twitter. It all started with Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow throwing the tagline out there and a whole heap of sewinistas in the Twitterverse heard! I actually caught on from Leila at Three Dresses Project and she has dished me the dare to sew a ‘make up bag/case’. 

I haven’t sewn one before, so it will be a new challenge! I love it! That is the purpose of #sewingdares. To have fun and not take things too seriously.

Care to join in?

If you are up for it, jump onto twitter and demand a dare by including the hashtag #sewingdares in your tweet and you will receive your next sewing mission from one of the girls or I’m happy to ‘dare you’ (you just have to let me know your level of sewing, and if you have a blog I can check it out and give you a challenge that you haven’t done before).

Head over here to see what all the fuss is about. The love of sewing is spreading worldwide!

My #Sewingdares challenge

A make up bag is the perfect dare, given I am such a beauty buff and into my skincare. Honestly I can never have too many cosmetic bags! Plus they are such cute gifts to give to a girlfriend.

Here are some ‘brainstorming’ drawings I did the other day to get me started (please forgive my scribbles, I used to study art in school but it’s pretty clear that I have lost ALL my drawing ability).

Next step, to fish through my fabric stash and pick out some favourites.

Which design do you think I should go with?

Too be continued :)

Enjoy your weekend All! 

E x

2013 has started off with some scorcher days with the Christmas/New Year week having 40 plus degrees temperatures for seven days straight! I’m all for Summer, because I am a warm weather lover, but this was just way too HOT! Looks like the rest of the country has finally caught up with the West, Australia why are you such a hottie?

Sitting in my car to go somewhere was like stepping into a furnace. So my family and I hid away inside majority of the time, closed all the curtains, kept ourselves in darkness with the air conditioner on for the whole week. Crap…now to await the power bill!

Lately I have been running from one place to the next mainly because I have been a multitasking mummy. Lil Miss S started swimming vacation lessons, so we have been busy rushing about and I have been looking a little weary from the heat.

Cue in my favourite Summer ‘SOS’ products…

Have you tried any of these yet?


1. Clear ‘Ice Cool Menthol’ Shampoo (I bought this in Jakarta whilst on holidays). This shampoo has been such a treat after a hot and sweaty day. Rinsing this through my hair immediately makes my scalp feel ‘cool’, it is a refreshing feeling and kinda sends shivers down my spine because I am cold for a moment. Such an awesome product, I wish I had bought more because I am almost out! And I can’t seem to find a similar replacement in Australia. I love Clear hair products, they really nourish my scalp and hair from root to tip.

2. Toni & Guy Cleanse Dry Shampoo I bought this from Priceline a while back, whilst I was having my confinement period. That was during Winter time when I just gave birth to Luna. However I only pulled it out of my bathroom cabinet this week and gave it a whirl. The smell is clean and sweet, and it doesn’t leave any white residue like other dry shampoos. It is a large can, so it should last me all Summer. I use it every second day when I can’t be bothered washing my long locks and it soaks up all the grease and sweat, so it feels ‘clean’ again!

3. OFF! Insect repellent with Tropical Strength. I bought this just before I left for Jakarta and lucky I did. Those Jakarta mozzies are ruthless! They can smell me like a blood hound… thankfully after a spray I avoided an attack and my legs (which are usually the #1 target) were protected. I have learnt my lesson, because previous holidays at a tropical destination, I return with legs ‘bruised’ with mozzie scars. 

4. Buche De Noel facial scrub masque from Lush. I picked this one up at the Boxing Day sales when Lush was having 50% off Christmas items. I simply adore Lush bath and beauty products but simply forgot about them all year because well…they are kinda pricey. I only buy them as a treat and that is even rare! This one is made of ground almonds, kaolin clay, dried cranberries, cocoa butter, brandy, almond essential oil, cedarwood oil and more. Funnt how my kids wanted to eat my face after I had washed it, it smelt delicious!


Had to show you guys a close up of this masks, looks edible huh?

5. Lime Crime ‘Cosmopop’ Lipstick, an light coloured orange opaque lipstick which is so much fun when you are in the Sun. The shade makes me feel bright, bubbly and ready to go. Team it with an aqua eyeliner and you are Summer-ready.

6. And lastly, Skin Doctor’s ‘No More Pores’. I apply this every second or third day at night after I have cleansed my face. With all the sweat and grime pushing out from those pores, no wonder they appear enlarged and in a bumpy state like an orange peel! I close them up with this wonder cream and my skin looks soft and taught the morning after. It has a slight tingling sensation when applied, but this tells me it is working.

And as much as I love cooking I have had to retire in the past week. I avoided the kitchen stove…because after a cook up I feel like I have just done a hard RPM training session at the gym. It’s pretty icky and gross…I don’t want to be smelling myself all up in my dinner! So it has been cheese and crackers, lots of salad and ice chips for me. What a great way to lose those extra pounds I gained over Christmas :)

What do you enjoy most about Summer? What are some of your tips for staying cool? 

Have a great week All!

E x

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*These items have been purchase by myself and written in accordance to this site’s disclosure policy.

Wowzers! Only 2 sleeps left till we are ringing in 2013!! Where did the time go? And what a ride 2012 was, it was a busy year for me and for this blog. I couldn’t have imagined myself still writing till this very day. There were moments of weakness in 2012 that I was seriously considering closing down ‘Sewislife’…not because I didn’t love what I do but because there was too much happening beyond the blog that I thought I couldn’t keep posting any longer.

It was YOU, my lovelies, my Ahhhh-MAZING readers who have supported me with your ‘likes’, comments, hits and shares that have pulled me through to believing I can achieve anything. I have met so many wonderful people this year through the blog and have made new friendships and connections…I can’t imagine it all ending now.

So thank you ALL for visiting ‘Sewislife’ in 2012, I hope to share loads more exciting, beautiful and motivational things with you on the blog in the coming year. 

I leave you with a ‘New Year’s Eve’ inspired look that I created using the two new uniliners from Lime Crime ‘Rhyme’ and ‘Reason’. Which are a gold and silver eyeliner. I have used one on each eye to show the contrasting looks. Which one is your favourite? I tied the look together with a dark lip and a messy side braid. 

Metallics are coming back in a BIG way for 2013. So let’s ring in the new year with loads of molten and glitter! 

Wishing you a Happy New Year full of love, joy, prosperity, well being and positivism :) 

Where will you be this New Year’s Eve?  Share your NYE looks here too. I wanna see!

E x

You can shop for ‘Rhyme and Reason’ at the Lime Crime Online Shop:

Around pre-Halloween season, Lime Crime released their ‘Alchemy’ range to celebrate the spooky occasion including a new pressed eye shadow palette and two new lipsticks. This is the first time that Lime Crime have launched a fantasy range. In the past they released the China Doll, Mary Antoinette and Aquataenia eye shadow palettes…but it wasn’t a part of a complete range. I would have loved to see lipsticks inspired by those themes…

I’m so thrilled to share this review with you…because there was no doubt that I was going to purchase this palette. It was a no brainer really because I have been into this stuff since I was a little girl. When I say ‘this stuff’ I mean anything to do with spells, cosmos, witchery and alike. Not that I was working towards being a witch, but I definitely had a keen interest in all things to do with magic, fantasy and potions.

So I hail the newest ‘Alchemy’ range from Lime Crime! I was super excited to have received this package all the way from the US the same day I was to attend the Betty Tran Grand Opening and immediately wore poisonberry lips to the event.

Here is the signature purple tin with gold scale like pattern on the cover of the palette. It exudes gorgeousness and fantastical beauty. Definitely a stand-out in the beauty cupboard.

Here are the 5 duo-chrome pressed eye shadows, from the left: Incantation (metallic copper with fiery sparks), Lucky Charm (forest-green/firefly green shift), Love Potion #9 (purple and mint shift), Spellbound (white and gold shift) and Divination (slate blue and peacock shift). All of them pressed with the same fan/scale-like pattern of the tin. I find it hard to break-in these eye shadows because the pattern is just too lovely! 

Here are the swatches, under natural light. I did not use any primer with these swatches and they are dry. You can use these with a hint of water which will bring out the vibrance in the shades. Highly pigmented even without primer or water. The strength of the colour is totally up to you ;)

And here are the two amazing lipsticks in their cute purple packaging, love the fact that there is a holographic/shimmery unicorn on the tube too. This is not a sticker mind you, it is like imprint so it is difficult to remove. Although, I do hope they don’t fade with wear…I must find a safe place for these babies and look after them.

Here I’m wearing the shade poisonberry on my lips. One of my all time favourites! So pigmented and stays on for ages, reapplication is not necessary unless you are having food/drink. The perfect purple/pink shade which makes your lips appear toxic :p

And this is ONE magnificent colour that I have never come across before… ‘Serpentina’. As the name suggests, your lips will resemble the shininess of snake-skin or you will be rocking lips like Medusa but you won’t have the special ability to turn people into rocks ;) Notice the slight green shimmer? Isn’t it mesmerizing?

I hope you enjoyed reading my review, because I was so excited to present it to you as you can probably tell! I’m having a lot of fun experimenting looks with this range and other Lime Crime products. Ever since discovering Lime Crime over a year ago, I can’t help but share my praises for their cosmetics. Their products are 100% vegan and against animal testing.

They have inspired me not to treat beauty one-dimensionally or to follow what is ‘on trend’. But make up should be about what makes me feel comfortable in the way I express myself and to inspire artistry in the looks I create depending on my mood.

Have you tried the ‘Alchemy’ range from Lime Crime? What do you like most about these swatches? Please share your comments below.

Have a great weekend good lookin’ peeps ;)

E x

*These products were bought by me and this review has been written in accordance to this blog’s disclosure policy. 

What is Black Friday you ask? For those who live in the US they are very familiar with the term Black Friday as it is the day after Thanks Giving. It has become an unofficial holiday where retailers hold sales specifically for shoppers to get their Christmas shopping done. Rather than retailers being in the ‘red’ zone, they are actually turning a profit on this day and will fall within the ‘black’ zone.

For many of us, around the world the term ‘Black Friday’ is known as Friday 13th or an unlucky Friday. But these are all silly superstitions whether you believe it or not! And if ‘Black Friday’ is a labelled a SALE day for Americans, shouldn’t the rest of us take advantage of completing our Christmas shopping on time too? We can brave the sales online without having to put up with the rowdy, wild-eyed bargain hunters that have sharpened elbows and stompy boots. 

Please raise your hand if you are super organized for Christmas :)

Let the shopping begin! From makeup, to fashion, to stationary. Here are some Black Friday sales to check out:

Miss Selfridge Retail Ltd (US)

20% OFF Molton Brown (US) Black Friday


Moleskine store - Free Postal Notebook with any orders! Use also the code: ship2012 to get free delivery.

That reminds me I have to get a calendar and diary for next year! I am such a stationary addict…and I love to be organised before the new year rings in.

Get more bang for your buck this Black Friday! :) Sales start today Thursday 22/11 and will end on Monday 26/11.

What will you be shopping for this Christmas?

E x

Sorry for the lack of posts everyone. I have been extra busy for the past week helping my parents set up their business. It has definitely been a steep learning curve and long tiring days where the brain has taken in so much that it has turned to mush…so please excuse my poor ability to form a coherent sentence as I write about my recent beauty buy :) 

Living in Western Australia you don’t become aware of the latest releases until you stumble upon something by accident when browsing on the web. And as for beauty products, I get my updates from fellow beauty blogger friends and the beauty directory. I can no longer find the time to go out to the department stores to ‘try before I buy’…so it is crucial that I depend on the opinion of others who also share my love of online shopping and product reviews!

Illamasqua is a cosmetic brand born in the UK and has made its mark known to the rest of the world as make up for your alter ego. The East Coast has Illamasqua products whereas the West Coast do not! It is about high time that they brought a counter for us beauty aficionados! 

I made my first Illamasqua purchase online, when the UK site was promoting free worldwide shipping and no minimum spend. I made a snap decision to purchase the ‘Lover’ blusher, which is a bright coral/apricot colour and the ‘Aurora’ gleam, which is a highlighter/illuminator for the face.

I have been searching high and low for the right apricot blusher, as I have only worn pinkish blushers in the past. This shade matches a lot of skin shades, especially those with a yellowish undertone.

The last highlighter I used was Benefit’s ‘High Beam’ and I loved how it gave my dull complexion a boost. It was an instant radiant, healthy glow that my skin look more youthful and alive! Since my bottle had run out I thought I would try something new…so ‘Aurora’ will be on my face this Summer.

Here are the swatches taken under natural light. I was amazed at how pigmented the blusher was, you only need a little to create a lot of colour. And the highlighter is simply gorgeous. I will be sure to glow like an ‘angel’ this Christmas :)

I have grown to love the Illamasqua brand in 2012 because of all the good things they have been striving for as a company to help out their consumers. They fought for lower pricing on beauty products supplied to Australia. The mark up on cosmetics is ridiculous! They were at the start of the movement and since their success of being able to provide lower prices, other companies have followed in their footsteps. 

Have you tried Illamasqua products before? What are your thoughts on them?

Have a happy Friday lovelies!!

E x