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Is it time to top up your cleanser, moisturisers, creams, potions and lotions? Voila! The Facial Company is having a Spring Sale, you can save up to 70% off some of their products. And if you make a purchase this weekend, you will be in the running to be a Golden Ticket WINNER! The sale ends Sunday 30th September, midnight EST.

The Facial Company has decided to sneakily slip in a random ‘golden ticket’ into one of the orders put through this weekend. The lucky person will then win back the cost of their entire order! Awesome…potential free stuff!

Here are my Top 3 picks from the sale:

Integrity Rejuvenating Moisturiser 

Integrity Rejuvenating Moisturiser $72 down to $36

Integrity Purifying Cleanser

Integrity Purifying Cleanser $62 down to $31

MD Formulations Vit-A-Plus Clearing Complex

MD Formulations Vit-A-Plus Clearing Complex $180 down to $90

I have not used Integrity Cosmetics before but I like the fact that at least 95% of the ingredients are organic and is certified by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic). The company also uses recyclable packaging and vegetable inks for their bottles. Yay for them helping out the environment!

The Facial Company also offers free standard shipping (within Australia) if you spend over $99.

Happy shopping and who knows…you might be the holder of the Golden Ticket :)

E x

You may have noticed the sudden influx of healthy food images taken by my Instagram and shared on my Tumblr. I have decided to go crazy with my diet and start eating as many raw foods as possible. That means more green smoothies, salads and fruits. This is one part of my master plan to get my body and mind ready for the crazy Summer season. If I can train my body and mind to be strong now, taking on the Christmas/New Year temptations will be a cinch! 

Photos are a great motivational tool to help you to stay on track to stick to your health goals!

So the first part of the master ‘Summer Body’ Challenge is to eat healthy and exercise, but how about having healthy, glowing skin? Exercise and diet play a big part in achieving that overall natural illumination. But what else could you do?

1. Dry brush your skin - Get a natural bristled brush with soft-medium bristles and gently brush the surface of your skin, stroking the brush towards the direction of  your heart. E.g. brush from your feet upwards to your thigh. Brush from your shoulders down to your hands. Dry brushing is a great way of improving the blood circulation and getting rid of dead skin cells. And hopefully it will reduce that ‘cottage cheese’ look to your thighs, cellulite be gone!!

2. Drink more water and herbal teas - Hydration is essential to maintaining moisturised skin, it helps to reduce the appearance of fatigue and to help smoothe out fine lines. Herbal teas are a great booster filled with antioxidants to help improve and clear the skin.

3. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! - Use a natural or organic skin cream to moisturise the skin after a shower. This is the best time for the skin to absorb all the goodness from the cream ,leaving your skin hydrated. 

Rasasara Moisturising Body Milk available from The Organic Beauty Shop

4. After waxing care - It is time to flaunt those sexy legs with a pretty dress or skirt and show off your arms with those sleeveless tops, displaying your cleanly shaven pits! But what about those unsightly ingrown hairs? Use a lotion to smooth out those bumps and blemishes to get flawless skin in all areas! 

La Clinica Ingrown Hair Lotion available from The Organic Beauty Shop

5. Stay out of the sun - The skin number one worst enemy would be UV rays. So make sure all your daily moisturisers have SPF protection. Wear a wide-brimmed hat or even use a parsol (umbrella) to avoid sun-damaged skin, where it can result in fine lines, sun spots, pigmentation, moles and worse…skin cancer.

6. Feed your skin with vitamins - Use topical creams that contains Vitamin C and E. Vitamin C is vital in the production of collagen, which helps your skin stay supple and taut. Vitamin E helps to protect the skin against free-radicals and it is a powerful antioxidant that can also help fight against UV rays.

La Mav Daily Vitamin-C Brightening Serum available from The Organic Beauty Shop

7. Use a fake-tan - If a ‘bronzed goddess’ look is more your style, use a fake-tan rather than basking in the sun. Make sure you exfoliate your skin with a scrub or dry brush before applying to get that even bronze.

Eco Tan Invisible Tan available from The Organic Beauty Shop

8. Sweat Baby Sweat - As I said before, exercise is key to having that beautiful skin. Sweating is one of the best ways to get rid of all those toxins from within the body and cleanse the pores! The more you sweat, the more shinier your complexion becomes because of the natural oils that help to nourish the skin are released. Just make sure you wash off that sweat…or instead of beautiful skin you will get pesky pimples!

Have you tried any of the tips above? What other ways do you take care of your skin?

Have a great week lovelies!!

E x

Miessence Probiotic Skin Brightener Review 

As you all know, I have become quite the organic/natural skincare advocate lately. I have been hunting around for the best products to use on my skin, and my skin only deserves the best of what nature has to offer! BOO to those products containing parabens, chemicals, toxins, artificial fragrance and other nasty stuff!

I only came across the brand Miessence very recently, I have heard of the name in the past but never really thought of trying out their range. It was only because I happened to be on Twitter one day, tweeting nonsense…that I met Rob who is a Miessence Independent Representative. He sent me a free sample of Miessence Probiotic Skin Brightener to trial. And what great timing! I have been looking for a skin brightener because of increased pigmentation on my face I during my pregnancy. I just want to get rid of them or at least fade them away!

I found out that Miessence is a company based in Queensland, Australia and all their certified organic range is made of 100% bioactive and beneficial ingredients. That must be language for 'deliciously good for the skin'!

Using the skin brightener each day after my shower I found that it easily absorbed into the skin. I just had to dab a few drops onto a cotton pad and smooth it over the face. The formula was a similar consistency to toner or serum and it felt as if it tightened my skin. It wasn’t a stinging feeling, it felt like my pores were being minimized. The sample size was too small to see the real benefits, I used it over a week but I couldn’t tell whether any pigmentation had actually faded. My skin did radiate though! It was smoother and had a healthy ‘dewy’ look to it. 

The skin brightener works using a mild lactic acid produced by the natural fermentation of probiotics. It is meant to help lighten and brighten the complexion, improve photo-damaged skin and exfoliate dead skin cells for a smoother, less-wrinkled appearance. 

A full size 100ml bottle is priced at AUD$56.60 and is available through - www.minaturals.mionegroup.com and a 20% discount is offered to anyone who wants to be a Miessence Lifestyle Member.

Miessence also offers a business opportunity to those who are interested. You can become an independent representative and sell Miessence. It is a great way of earning some extra bucks along side of your regular day job or you could be a stay-at-home Mum looking to earn some cash. It’s flexible, there’s low-start-up-cost and a great way to work in the comfort of your own home. If you would like to join or have any enquiries please contact Rob Bentley at rob@minaturals.co.uk

Have you tried Miessence range before? How was your experience?

E x

*I was not compensated for writing this review. I was offered a Miessence sample to trial and these opinions are 100% my own. 

One of the things we women use everyday and cannot go without is our skincare. It is astonishing, when you add it all up your skincare purchases for the year! You may just faint at the sight of the bill. And men often wonder why we women are less financially stable…but admire our beauty at the same time!

Many of us will convince ourselves ‘it is my skin and I don’t care how much I spend on it’. And yes, this may be true, because you want to look after your skin until you are old and grey but do you want to slow down your mortgage repayments just because of it? Have you ever skipped a meal just because you didn’t want to spend money on eating and instead saved the money to buy a prestigious face cream or new pair of heels?

The starvation stops here! Today I am going to share a simple recipe for a moisturiser that you can use during the night. Night creams work their magic best because it is when your body is resting and all the new, yummy skin cells are having a great ol time rejuvenating and producing more new skin cells.

The Immortelle flower

One of the key ingredients I used for this cream is the ‘Immortelle’ essential oil, or also known as ‘Everlasting’. It is known to be the ‘Fountain of Youth’ of the Mediterrean. The Immortelle flower, from which the oil is extracted, retains its shape even after it has been picked. It is used for anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerative properties which makes it perfect for mature-age skin.

Don’t be shocked to find that a 30ml bottle of Immortelle will cost you around $70+. You only need 12 drops for this recipe. So you should be able to make plenty of skin cream with 30ml.

Hint: make it in small quantities, so you can use a fresh batch each time.

So go ahead and give it a go and revel the glory that you made your very own skin cream!! Saving you heaps of money and making you look and feel GOOD :)

Have you heard of the benefits of the Immortelle essential oil? Have you tried it before in your skincare?

E x

If you wish to use my skin care recipe please click below:

Read More

Winter…I love you but you aren’t doing my skin any favours! You would think a season with a lot of rain would actually be good for the skin but not really, you will be surprised that the humidity in Summer does more good for your skin. 

These days, I wake up with cracked lips and I can’t seem to stop my horrible habit of biting the little bits of skin off (ewww I know!). Biting your lips and licking them actually makes them worse, more painful and drier! 

If you suffer like me, try the Rasasara organic lip balm with rose maroc and sandalwood essential oils which will restore moisture:

The knuckles on my hand are itching like crazy because of the lack of hydration. There is also the dreaded ‘snake skin’-like legs that are pale, white and stay hidden away under trackies most of the chilly season.

Keep dryness away with Sanctum Hand and Nail Repair and Absolutely Gorgeous Body Custard (doesn’t that sound delish?)


And my face is lack lustre (could also be due to the minimum hours of sleep I get from feeding Luna at night). No wonder I haven’t stepped out of the house recently and no photos!

Rejuvenate that ‘haggered’ look with La Mav Wrinkle-Defense and Skin-Brightening Day Fluid

It is the love of my heater that is one of the main culprits for my desert-like skin. And I also realise during the colder months, I tend to drink less water than I should. Which is a BIG NO-NO, all the above factors are actually telling me I am dehydrated. So I have to continue with my 8 glasses of water, and I like my water warm or room temperature with a squeeze of lemon juice (another health tip to kick start the body!).

All the above products are available for purchase through:

How do you stay hydrated and moisturised during Winter?

Stay toasty and remember to drink your H2O!

E x

I have jumped on the organic skincare bandwagon, because they are just so good for you! Do you know it only takes a couple of minutes for your skin to absorb what you apply to it. So why give it nasty chemicals and toxins?

For the past 4 weeks I have been using Bloom's Organic Pure Rose Hip Oil. It is an Australia Certified Organic product and comes in a 15ml amber coloured bottle with a dropper. The oil itself is a yellowy-orange colour that smoothes oh-so-deliciously on the skin. Every evening, after my shower, I apply 4 drops of this miracle oil onto the palm of my hand and apply to my face and neck. It covers the entire area, because a little goes a long way! This won’t leave an oil slick on your face because it absorbs so well into the skin. It has a slight smell of roses, but not overpowering,  the scent reminds me of Evening Primrose oil.

Such cute packaging and the dropper helps avoid those messy spills

My skin type is combination, with an oily T-zone, the tip of my nose is always dry and the rest of my face is normal. Bloom Organic Pure Rose Hip Oil helped to balance the sebum in my face, 4 days into my nightly ritual I noticed that most of my whiteheads disappeared! I didn’t have the problem of clogged pores, the pores were definitely smaller and my complexion looked a lot smoother. 

You can use this as a serum too. Just allow it to soak in your skin for 5 minutes then I apply a your moisturising cream. I wake up looking refreshed every morning without the sticky feeling. 

Yellow like a drop of sunshine :)

I have even begun to attack Hubz with this one, because he suffers from dry skin too. He tries to get away, but I know he secretly loves to look after his skin. Our Perth Winters are particularly harsh, and drinking 8 glasses of water is not the only way to keep the skin hydrated. 

There are definitely no regrets about this buy. I scored it from Bloom's 40% off sale for Mother's Day. A bottle will cost you AUD$25, which is a fantastic price for an organic oil.

Have you tried any of Bloom’s organic skin care products? Which is your favourite?

E x

*This review was 100% my own opinion. I was not paid or compensated for writing this review. Products were bought by myself (because I love organics!)

I had to repost the birthday giveaway because Tumblr wasn’t enabling comments! Sorry to those who have previous entered…I have noted down your names. Good luck guys! Please share the news :)

It feels just like yesterday when ‘Sew is Life’ came to be! The blog is turning one and I thought what a great opportunity to share the excitement and the love by running my very first giveaway!

I couldn’t thank my readers enough, because ‘Sew is Life’ has been inspired by you. ‘Sew is Life’ has transformed into a women’s lifestyle blog. From its humble beginnings it started out as a mission for myself to develop my sewing skills. So far it has evolved to include subjects such as art, design, fashion, beauty, parenting, organic living, skin care, food, DIY projects and so on. I hope that you have enjoyed reading ‘Sew is Life’ as much as I love to write.

So on with the ’Sew is Life Birthday Giveaway’! One lucky reader out there will receive this amazing prize pack:

1 x ‘Mirror Mirror’ silver vegan eye dust by Lime Crime Make Up

1 x Natural organic soap (fragrance-free), made with cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil. 100% vegan from SELF Organics 

1 x Mamma Belly bar, made with cocoa butter, shea butter, candelilia wax, geranium, mandarin and patchouli essential oils. 100% organic, 100% vegan from SELF Organics (apply on dehydrated skin and you don’t have to be a mamma to use it)

1 x ‘Kitchen Tea’ Apron, sewed by yours truely

1 x Fit me Bronzer in Medium Bronze by Mabelline New York 

*Open to worldwide readers. Prizes have been bought/made by the owner of this blog.

To win, all you have to do is:

  •  and retweet the following ’Happy birthday @Sewislife! I want to win that birthday prize pack!’ 
  • And, comment on this post below, telling me 'What are the 3 things I cannot live without?'(Besides the obvious…food, water and shelter :p). P.s/ Don’t forget to leave your email in the comments section so I can contact you if you are the winner!

The winner will be selected at random by a True Random Number Generator. The winner will be announced at the end of the month. 

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word and enter today!! 

E x

I have turned to the ‘light side’! That is…organic products have become a big part of my everyday skincare routine lately. I turned over a new leaf because I was fed up of supermarket branded products causing havoc with my skin. Does your skin suffer in silence? Have you thought about trying organic skincare for yourself?

Laviol Organics has a great deal happening at the moment for Mother’s Day, they are giving their customers 30% off their entire range! This is for a limited time only, offer ends 12th May 2012.

If you are not sure whether to fully commit to an organic skincare regime. Laviol Organic Sample Pack is available for you to try out their 3 Best Selling Products in a travel-sized bottles, it includes:

10ml of Shea Butter Cleanser

10ml Rose Otto Hydrosol

10ml Bearberry Brightening Moisturiser

There are good trends and bad trends in the cosmetic industry…this is definitely a good trend! Why not do your skin a favour and go natural and organic :)

E x

One windy Summery night, when the kids were fast asleep, I started work on my first DIY soap. To be quite honest I bought the ingredients the end of last year and spent most of my time reading up on how to make soap than actually DOING it!

Here are some of the videos and guides I came across on the internet on how to make your own Cold Process (CP) Soap:

How to make organic soap

Soap Making Fun

Teach Soap

Tip: It’s important to read instructions carefully and follow the precautions to avoid any chemical burns. Aside from the steps here, please go on and read up more on CP soap making before you attempt it.

That was one of the reason why it took me so long to make soaps because I was afraid of it going catastrophically wrong! I admit at one point I was so scared I would eventually end up going to hospital if I got it wrong. Maybe reading other people’s directions scared the pants outta me! I hope my steps won’t do the same..it really isn’t that scary ;)

I will just go through the general steps of soap making. You may wish to look up a recipe that you would like to try out different soap scents. So here we go…

Step 1. Organise your safety gear, ingredients and utensils

- Wear safety googles, gloves, a long sleeved shirt, face mask and long pants. Covered shoes wouldn’t hurt either, so you can cover up any skin that may get in contact with lye (also known as sodium hydroxide or caustic soda). 

Utensils to have ready:

digital scales

measuring spoons

measuring jug

soap mould

2 x pots (only used for soap making)

2 x Glass thermometers

an electric hand blender

Photo: Here are some of the things I used in the process. Working from the laundry seemed like the best place, you could even work from your kitchen. My laundry is kinda tiny!

Step 2. Measure out the ingredients

Measure the lye in a separate container 

- Measure the butters/oils in an another container

- Measure the water in a pyrex jug (or glass measuring jar)

Photo: Me measuring the lye

Photo: Measuring the water

Photo: Me looking like some kind of dorky super hero. All covered up from head to toe getting ready to make a chemical reaction happen. It was like being in a sauna because it was a Perth’s SUMMER night.

Photo: adding the lye slowly…don’t DUMP it straight in!

Step 3. Add the lye to the water

Add the lye to the water (NEVER the water to the lye, otherwise you will get a volcanic reaction). Make sure you do this in a well ventilated room or outside, as the fumes are toxic.

Stir with a metal spoon until all the lye is dissolved.

Stick the glass thermometer in the jug to keep an eye on the temperature. It will get HOT very quickly! Mine reached around 80+ degrees celcius. But you want that to cool right down, when you combine it with the butter/oil mix later.

Step 4. Melt the butter and oils

Over a stove in a separate pot, melt the butters and oils until they are all in liquid form. Take it off the heat.

Then take the other termometer and place it in the pot to keep an eye on the temperature.

Check that both butter/oil & lye show a temperature within 10 degrees of each other at around the 40 degree celcius mark.

Photo: Oils and lye sitting together in the pot

Step 5. Pour the lye mixture in with the butter/oil mixture and blend

Pour the lye straight into the oil mix in the pot. Then place your stick blender in the middle, keeping it in contact with the bottom of the pot. Start with the low setting and pulse it.

Photo: Almost there! Starting to thicken up

Then increase the speed. Keep mixing until the mixture reaches ‘trace’ a light custard consistency. Make sure not to splash the mix onto yourself as it is still  caustic.

Test the consistency by lifting up the stick blender to see if the mixture drops back and sits lightly on the top of the surface.

Photo: Lovvvvvveelllyyyy trace

This is what ‘trace’ looks like, a ‘shiny light custard’.

Step 6. Add your essential oils, clays etc.

Photo: I should have just taken the dropper off the essential oil because it took so long to get the stuff out! I needed the whole bottle by the way. I was shaking like a mad woman!

Then add your colours, essential oils, clays etc and simply mix in with a metal spoon

Photo: Freshly poured soap

Step 7. Pour the mixture in to your moulds

Pour your mix straight into the moulds and cover with cling wrap. At this stage, I use my fingers to smoothe over the tops. 

Photo: My brand new silicon soap mould finally in use

Photo: Wrapping up those babies, time to set nicely!

Wrap an old towel around the soap mould to keep it warm and insulated. This is important, because if the soap sets too fast or if the temperature drops too quickly you can end up with soda ash on the surface of the soap (looks like light coloured ash) or it may go into ‘gel phase’ (doesn’t set properly, has a ‘translucent’ look). If this happens the soap can still be used, but it just doesn’t look as fancy.

Step 8. Let the soap set

Allow the soap to set for at least 24 to 48 hours. Then you can take them out of the moulds and let them cure. The curing process is important to extend the life of your soap.

The longer you allow them to cure the longer they last! To cure them, just place them in an area where they will not collect dust but have air circulating around them.

Photo: Beautiful smelling, organic soap…sooooo good for the skin

This is the final product! Organic natural soap made with coconut oil, cocoa butter and olive oil with bergamot and mandarin oils. My first batch has some slight bubbles in it because I blended it too much and the ‘trace’ mixture became too thick and trapped air bubbles. Still turned out better than I expected.

This is the logo for my organic skincare business that my hubby designed for us. He is a free lance graphic designer, but I get a lot of freebies from him cuz of this whole ‘marriage’ deal. The stamp looks completely different to the actual logo, but it is close enough. 

I am still developing my range but it should be ready for sale sometime towards the middle of the year. I still have my website to get up and running, and make some creative decisions on the packaging and other boring misc business stuff. Just getting nervous yet excited about the whole experience of making my very own skincare!

Have you tried making your own soaps? What particular blends & smells do you like?

E x