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Parents often talk about the throws of the terrible twos, but they also warn there is a follow on with the terrifying threes. I don’t want to accept this because my beautiful little boy has been so lovely, helpful, wonderful during his twos. When he turned three, it was like a switch has flipped and he is now transforming into a boy who is trying to find his way in the world.

Such a little spunky monkey! 3 going on 13!

He has been shouting hurtful things like he doesn’t like his sisters and he doesn’t like his father. Especially on the days that I go to work. And he is pushing the boundaries and not listening when I tell him off or when something he is doing is wrong. He has screaming tantrums at night when I have to put his little sister to bed because I he wants me to sleep with him. My little boy doesn’t like ‘girly’ things or for me to style his hair. Even certain clothes that I choose for him he refuses to wear. The whole ‘I don’t want to wear a jumper, I’m hot’ come back happens on the coldest days. 

What is happening to my precious little man? Why is he becoming an independent boy so quickly? 

But it’s funny that I say that he wants to be a little man and do everything himself because when he is alone with me, he wants me to cradle him like a baby. 

I want to cherish these years with my boy, because I know it will be the only time of my life that I will be able to cradle him without people saying hurtful things like ‘he’s a mama’s boy’. I think sometimes why do people say that? It hurts both the mother and son relationship…and a son should always be close to his mother and care/adore her like he would his wife/girlfriend in the end. A different adoration of course!

When I am unwell, he will come to give me kisses and cuddles…even at three he will bring me water in his little plastic cup. It’s so endearing, and I don’t want him to grow up.  

Sometimes when we are locked in a shouting match, I just give him a hug and tell him how much he is loved. It’s hard to be a boy sometimes…wanting to be strong, independent and needing to compete with his siblings. I also remember I was once a middle child before…so I find myself in his shoes a lot of the time.

How did you deal with your child turning three? Was it much different from the twos?

And were you the eldest, middle or youngest child in your family? Did you feel you were treated differently to your siblings?

Have a great weekend! Although, I’m not looking forward to the last weekend of the school holidays, because that means it’s time to get organised again for another term. Thankfully it is the last term of the year! Woot woot!

E x

This week marks the start of the Australian Children’s Book Week that is celebrated around the country in schools and libraries. Lil Miss S was asked to come to school dressed as a story book character. I was thinking of putting her in her ‘Tangled’ costume that I bought for her birthday, so she could go as Rapunzel…but she wanted the long blonde hair which I had no clue how to make a blonde wig.


So after much deliberation and tossing up between many story book characters, in the end we decided to go with Little Red Riding Hood, the absolute classic little girl! She had the basket, she had the dress and boots but not the hood. Me being the DIY queen who loves to solved a sticky situation with my sewing machine, came up with a quick hood project overnight. 

I used a skirt pattern from the ‘Chic & Simple Sewing’ Book by Christine Haynes and made that into the cape. Then I drew the hood pattern and cut it out. Afterwards I attached the two pieces together and added some ties on either side.

To make it a little interesting, I mixed a red pinstripe material with some plain red. And it worked! Lil Miss S was so pleased and ready for her school parade. Everyone complimented her on her costume, she was absolutely chuffed.


My Little Red Riding Hood and stand-in Wood cutter 

Another save by Sewing Mamma :)

Did you celebrate book week as a child? What would be your favourite go-to character?

E x


This photo was taken yesterday by my friend as I played at South Beach Park with my three darlings. 

It is very rare for me to find a photo taken of the kids, myself and Hubby.     As time passes, I find that photos are the only windows to the past.   It is nice to sit down with my young ones and show them my old albums and tell stories ‘those were the days…when mummy was a little girl’.

Internally, I giggle to myself…as I feel I was only a little girl not too long ago. I wonder if all mums feel the same when they reminisce! The last 6 years has been an interesting learning curve, but I have loved every step since entering Motherhood at 23. I liked kids before, but never thought of having them until I was 30. But when life throws you something, you just have to grab it with two hands and appreciate the experience.

There are times I would rather grab the wine bottle than deal with the stress. But with motherhood it comes with unbelievable highs and sometimes earth shattering lows. The main thing I learnt is not to take things too seriously and remain calm in the face of a storm. Women don’t give themselves enough credit for the things they do, and they should! 

To all the mother figures out there, hugs to you and congratulate you on being there for all the people you love and support. Make sure you celebrate and find some time for yourself today :)

Much Love

E x


It seems everywhere I turn, there are ladies with beautiful baby bellies or new borns and teeny toddlers. Even little Luna has started crawling and sprouted her first tooth! Whenever she smiles with that toothy grin, I want to give her an eye patch, a pirate’s hat and listen to her say “Arrrgg…”. It would be the cutest thing I reckon!

So these days, I find my wallet is being emptied and going towards shopping for bubs and other friend’s bubs. The Lime Crime restock will just have to wait until I can save up  some extra dough for a Velvetine. Don’t get me wrong…I secretly love this stuff…who doesn’t like buying mini outfits? At least it looks cuter on them than it would you. I mean…come on…adult onesies? 

Do you know of someone who has a mini-human, but you have no clue what to get her and her new bub. If you haven’t been shopping for a baby before, believe me you will be blown away at the selection! There are just so many different ways to transport and feed a little person. 

I have put together a short guide on top gifts for Mums and their babies, to help you on your way at the department stores:

1. Always include a gift (no matter how small) to pamper the woman who just went to ‘hell and back’ - maybe a massage voucher, a voucher for a mobile hair service, online shopping voucher (for clothes, makeup, skincare etc), a nice comfy set of PJs to lounge around in (make sure they have buttons down the front for breast feeding)

2. A gift to keep baby occupied - find a baby mobile with soothing music, or a baby bouncer, toys with lots of colour, textures and lots of sounds. But make sure the toy has a volume control! Also make sure it is age appropriate, little children tend to put everything in their mouths…so small items that can break off should be avoided.

3. Making chores a breeze - Ajax wipes, Easy off Bam shower spray, Vanish Napisan (this stuff is made of gold I swear!), a dust buster or even offering to help do a load of washing is a great way to help a new mum out. Cooking a meal and freezing them are also great ways of showing you care.

4. Something to keep baby happy - Baby blankets, soft toys, bath toys…most TOYS! Also learning how to play with baby, so mum can go and have a shower. Sometimes if you haven’t held a baby or played with children in a while, you can forget how to see from a child’s perspective. Singing, being silly and talking to them are great ways of keeping them amused. And if they cry, it is just their way of communicating…as they haven’t learn grown up language yet.

5. Something for travelling with bubs - a stylish nappy bag, baby bottles, maybe go halfsies with a friend to buy a pram, portacot or baby sling. 

The possibilities of baby gifting are endless! The trick is not to get too bogged down by the choices and listen to the mother’s needs…what is she hinting at? Hmm…

Also check online stores for bargains, with baby shopping - the best price is OUT THERE! With so much competition, you can bargain hunt till you find the price you like.

If you have any questions about baby gifting please feel free to ask. With three little ones, I have already done the research for you :)

E x

And here are some online stores for you to scope out and get you started:

Best baby

Maternity Sale

The Iconic (Yes! They have recently opened a baby store, so you can shop for yourself, mum and bubs hehe…free shipping too)

I’m wearing the hottest thing on the block! My little bub, Luna… in this beautiful podaegi that was custom made by Leila of Tiny Mouse Designs. Leila is also blogs at Three Dresses Project  and sews some pretty amazing stuff from scratch! I don’t know how she does it, she is a super talented lady with two kids and I believe it is all self-taught. Head over to her blog and Facebook Page to follow her sewing adventures! 

The art of baby wearing is becoming widely known and approved by child professionals. Baby wearing is a great way for mother and child to bond. Podaegi basically means ‘Baby carrier’ in Korean. The Koreans have used this method of carrying for centuries.

When I place Luna in the ‘pod’ she instantly calms down, having that skin to skin contact, feeling the warmness of my body and my heartbeat near by gives her comfort. 

She also looks around and socialises with me and other people who I interact with, being so high up and able to see eye-to-eye she engages in people’s body language and speech. 

It was tricky at first because Luna was so tiny I didn’t know how to strap her on. I was afraid she would fall out! Now that her neck muscles are stronger and she has more chubbiness I can sit her on my waist and wrap her much easier. But actually the podaegi is very safe when worn properly.

It is such a great baby carrier, so comfy and supports my back really well. I feel no pain whatsoever! Unlike previous expensive branded ones that I bought in the past…

Oh how nice it would be to be carried around like this, can I get one in an adult size? :)

Have you heard of the term ‘Podaegi’ before?

E x

Was your street filled with children dressed up as little scary monsters, witches and vampires this year? I had a little fairy princess, Ness from Earthbound and Wonderwoman in my house. Hubz dressed up as a vampire and I was a witch. It all started 3 years ago and it has since been a yearly tradition for our family. 


Little Miss S went trick or treating for the first time with a big group of kindy friends, parents and siblings. The look on her face was priceless, so much excitement for one lil lady!

Lil man’s first encounter with a jack-o-lantern. All he wanted to do was to peer inside to check out how it works..

I was actually looking forward to dressing up in my Artoo swim that I bought from Blackmilk a month ago, but it was a really chilly night (I didn’t want to risk any headlights!) so I decided to go as a witch instead :) The makeup and costume was pretty freaky gauging from the reaction I received from the kids that stopped by my house. They were impressed though by my efforts because no one else had dressed up and tried to scare the pants off them! It was worth it, seeing their faces light up with excitement. 

Leo dressed up as a Nintendo character, Ness, from Earthbound (Hubz was proud!)

Here is Lil Luna posing as Wonderwoman for the night, as you can see…she is totally loving it! Poking her tongue out for the camera.

I decorated the outside of my doorway with cotton cob webs and my DIY Halloween bunting (you can read more about it here). This was purposely left outside to lure trick or treaters and I managed to get four groups of kids come through, some accompanied by parents and some were teenagers. It was nice to see the street come alive at night! 

Yummy cake pops I received from Pops!byEve ready to be gobbled up!

So deliciously moist in the centre…*nom nom*…seeing this picture makes me want more!

To top off Halloween, I received a package of cake pops that I ordered from Pops!byEve. A cake business run by my cousin, Eve. She specially made these Halloween cake pops by hand and decorated them herself. She is amazing, just looking at the beautiful baked treats, I can tell that Eve puts her heart into each and every one of her creations to make her customers happy.


'Scary' pops, I didn't mind chomping into an eye ball or mummy

At first I wasn’t aware that she spends hours designing these cake pops until she told me she doesn’t use the mass produced cake pop machines that are selling in department stores. She makes them all by HAND!! The process of baking a whole cake first, crumbing it and mixing it with icing, then mould them into individual shapes…phew that’s a lot of effort and hard work on her part! To finish off, she dips them into ganache and draws little faces on them. 

No wonder it is so deliciously moist like mud cake, rather than dry and bready. We ordered chocolate ones, at first I didn’t want to eat them because they were so cute! BUT of course I couldn’t help myself and they were da absolute BOMB! It was even more satisfying to see Sofia’s and Leo’s faces light up and their grins stretch as wide as their ears :)

Little Miss S and her black cat cake pop

The little man tucked into the Frankenstein monster, which kinda resembled his face lol

Pops!byEve has kindly offered Sewislife readers 15% off orders placed in November. The cake pops can be sent via express post Australia Wide, if you do not live in the Melbourne area. The cake pops are individually wrapped in small plastic bags and can last up to one week when kept in the fridge. Cake pop flavours come in 3 choices - chocolate, vanilla or lemon.

Here is an idea of the pricing (per piece):

Classic $3

Mini Cupcakes (with chocolate base) $3.30

Ice Cream Cones - $4

Custom pops - $3.50

Cake Truffles - $2.80

*Terms: Minimum order of 1 dozen (1 flavour per dozen). Minimum 1 week’s notice required. 2 weeks notice for custom orders, interstate orders and orders over 50 pops. Delivery charges apply.

If you wish to place an order or find out more information, please contact Eve on 0412 830 617 or you can email contact@popsbyeve.com

Please visit the Pops!byeve Facebook page to like the page and view more pictures. My cousin will be happy to make your next celebration unique and special.

Thanks Cous for making our night that little bit more magical with your cake pops :)    

Enjoy your Sunday off everyone! I can’t believe we are in November already…7 weeks till Christmas! OMG, my heart just skipped a beat!

Did you celebrate Halloween this year? How many trick or treaters came by your place?

E x 

Looking like such a big girl. 3 months and doesn’t like to see the world lying down #baby #instaaddict #family #parenting #cute #kids #october2012 #luna #photography

Photo source from Kidspot.com.au

Not too long to go now till we pack our bags for another overseas trip with the entire mob. A lot of you may think I am nuts! Travelling with a preschooler, toddler and infant…how does she in her right mind think this is going to pan out? Simple, plan, plan and plan way beforehand! 

When Sofia was 3 months old, she made her first overseas trip to Malaysia. Then when Leo was 3 months we took a long road trip and drove 9 hours north of Western Australia to Monkey Mia. Now Luna will be travelling to Indonesia to see her Aunty Yohana (one of my best friends) walk down the aisle. Not that my children would ever remember their first trip, but there have been a lot of snaps capturing these ‘first’ moments. And these photos are something to treasure for a lifetime!

So I thought I might share a few tips on how to stay sane and plan the ultimate holiday with the kiddies:

- KISS: Keep it simple Stupid! And I mean write an itinerary that doesn’t involve too much running around. Try and have one day of lazing by the pool and the second day of shopping. You are not superhuman and neither are your children! Sometimes kids just want to do nothing!

- Book your flight for a time that suits your family, e.g. late night flights may be cheaper but it may mean carrying your kids into the taxi and having to risk them being grumpy the next morning for lack of a proper sleep. Or they could just sleep through the entire flight…so it could be a winning situation or go really badly. This one depends on how well you know your child’s sleeping patterns.

- Draw up a packing list for each individual family member. You can check against the items and this will ensure you don’t miss anything on the day that you leave.

- Pack light luggages that roll on wheels, because you may be required to carry a baby, a pram, a nappy bag etc. Where are those extra 8 arms you need? 

- Get passports sorted out early to avoid the stress of paying an urgent fee

- If staying in a hotel, always request a cot at the time of booking. You will find that these usually get snapped up very quickly when you check in at reception

- Buy medicine, for headaches, pains, cold/flus, diarrhea, vomitting etc. Best to be prepared for anything! This will save you racing out in the middle of the night looking like a crazy maniac and ready to hold up a drug store.

Do you have any tips to share when planning a holiday with the family?

E x

Last week was the first week of school holidays. And for me, I am always concerned that my kids are stuck at home with nothing to do and nothing to stimulate their growing brains! So it was great that the Perth Royal Show was on, and home was becoming a mess so it was an escape for me too :) The Perth Royal Show is an annual fair/carnival that sees around 400,000 visitors come through each year from the country and city. 

The mini-man with The Man

I have always wanted to try this out! But the rest ran in the opposite direction because of the smell!

The Perth Royal Show is the perfect way of bringing the country to the city. Kids these days have no idea what actually happens on a farm and where daily foods such as the milk, bread and eggs actually come from. All they know is they can buy it at the supermarket! We need to educate the next generation so they understand how hard our farmers work to bring food to our tables, appreciate fresh produce and not waste their uneaten broccoli (still working on that one!). 


Sofia showing her ‘Safety Sticker’. Plushies ready to be won!

Leo enjoying his view from the front seat

The past two years we have brought the kids along for free. This year is ‘The Year of The Farmer’, so the W.A. State Government is showing their support by allowing children 12 years old and under to receive free entry when accompanied by an adult.

Jean-Pierre Sancho Macarons - Rose water and Chocolate flavour (such heavenly morsels!)

Big sissy and lil sissy at The Show

Even though there were fresh fruit, deli style cheeses, milk and other delicious produce from the farmers…you can also find typical carnival food such as fairy floss, lollies, slushies, hot dogs etc. I forgot about my healthy eating for a moment and went for the Chinese takeaway, which resulted in me being sick on the toilet for days (I have learnt my lesson)!

Sofia making most of her 10 minutes in the bouncy castle

Kiddy Snowland, which wasn’t really snow but a polymer mixed with water that turned into a slippery/jelly-like substance.  

The whole family enjoyed a fun day at ‘The Show’, it was picture perfect Spring weather and the crowds weren’t as crazy (as it was Thursday - midway through the Show). The kids had a ball playing in the Kiddy Snowland, they sat on a couple of rides and ran a muck in the bouncy castle. When we came home they poured out their show bags and played with their toys with wide-eyed excitement. Then we all crashed into bed early that night…I was completely shattered…

A quick photo-opp, but they were too excited to stay still!

Do you like going to fairs? What is your favourite part of the fair?

E x

Happy Birthday to my Mini-Me, sweetie Sofia. Sofia has been one very patient little girl, her birthday was actually at the beginning of August but due to her party venue being so popular, it was only available towards the end of August. This is year at Kindy she made a class full of friends. Sofia has discovered a lot about herself, that she is more resilient, adventurous, she likes to lead, a keen learner and also helpful towards the younger ones. She has really shown her ‘big sister’ skills and is a great influence on her little brother Leo.

Although it has also been a month of ups and downs. She was extremely welcoming to her new little sister Luna and is very proud of her. Sofia enjoys showing her off and is very happy to have company of another girl. For her birthday I made her a ‘Cinderella’ cake, which was a first for me. I was so surprised, it is actually easier than it looks! I made a strawberry flavoured butter cake and swirled in some pink colouring. And covered it in strawberry flavoured butter cream and Sofia helped with the decorations.


However, this month, Sofia also lost her best friend to an illness, a week before her birthday party. She is coping well, but then she doesn’t completely understand the concept of death. Just before her party she asked 'Why isn't T coming to my party?', it was heartbreaking for me to hear her say that. I had to explain to her that T got very sick and passed away, and he is no longer in this world. But we should never forget him.

She did have a ball at her party though, I booked a kids’ gym for 2 hours and they all went nuts! It was quite a sight to behold. Children climbing, running around, swimming in the ball pit, and then sweat matted on to their foreheads. Just watching them depleted me of my energy! I cooked too, I made some home made sausage rolls, home made chicken nuggets, popcorn and jelly cups. I bought a birthday cake from Woolworths and that was it! I was so happy I didn’t have to break the bank with this party…by the end of the day I was ready to retire from party planning. But imagine…all my kid’s birthday within the same month! I have the work cut out for me for the next few years. 

As long as I can see the big grin on my child’s face at the end of the day I know all the effort was worth it :)  Thank you to everyone who made it such a memorable day for my little girl, for all the lovely presents and ending her week on a high. xx

Do you have any tips on how to run a child’s party smoothly? 

E x