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Look what arrived in the post the other week! I have been meaning to take a photo and show it off to you guys. It’s a Thank You prize from Beauty Heaven for participating in their Blogstar Awards 2013, that included the Loreal Infallible 2-step Lipstick in ‘Resolution Red’ and Clearsil Vitamins and Extracts Daily Wash. 

It’s fantastic how BH is supporting the blogging community. It’s a website I have grown to be a part of and met many like minded friends there.

I was shortlisted again this year, which was pretty amazing considering the competition I was up against. Everyone was so good at what they do (vlogging and blogging). I didn’t think I would make it into the pre-lims because I had entered my post at the very last minute.

I can’t wait for next year to roll around. Will you be entering in 2014? You can also start a blog or vlog and share your content! You don’t have anything to lose, blogging is buckets of fun :) But it also takes commitment and hard work. However, the rewards are endless…especially the meeting friends and networking part. 

Did you catch the news that there’s something happening to Sew is Life? Keep in touch via Facebook to hear the latest…

E x

Yay! Don’t you just love winning prizes? I know I do. There’s just something that lights up inside when you find out you won a gift. I’m still hoping and waiting for the day I win lotto! Hehe…I’ll just keep dreaming.

I was very lucky to have won a Planet Eve organic pack from O&M hair care’s instagram competition. I love a company that can use pure ingredients and recyclable packaging, it shows they really care about the world and about their consumers health. 

Inside the gift set is the Certified Organic Luxe Body Creme and Luxe Hand Creme. It comes with the Australian Certified Organic seal of approval. Because the word ‘organic’ can be mentioned on a product but it doesn’t necessarily mean that all the ingredients are organic. With the seal you can be assured at least 95% of the contents is organic.


The bottles are soft and silky to the touch! They feel luxe, and squishy. Both the hand creme and luxe body creme comes in a pump bottle which makes it easy to use.


Right: Luxe body creme, Left: Luxe hand creme

Luxe Body Creme 200mL - $49.01

The body creme is thick in consistency, the formula actually snakes out of the pump because of how rich it is. When applied to the skin, it feels deeply hydrating and it is enriched with Rose, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Macadamia Oils. I used it after I have had a shower and the oils just melt into the skin and leaves a slight ‘rosey’ scent. However the luxe body creme contains the natural perfume and antibacterial ingredient, Naticide. This can be a little strong on the nose, but it fades with wear. 


Luxe Hand Creme 50mL - $29.00

As the names suggests this little luxury is a life saver for extra dry hands. It contains rose, shea butter, jojoba, acai and lingonberry that helps to return moisture to dehydrated skin. I like to keep this little squeeze tube in my hand bag for those times when my hands need some TLC. Especially since I am always constantly cleaning, washing my hands and handling dusty paperwork.

Sometimes just doing daily tasks can take a toll on my hands and I get self-conscious when I have to touch someone else’s hand. In case they think they are touching sand paper!

All of Planet Eve’s products do not contain any of the harsh chemicals, parabens and GMO ingredients as you see in the label above. Which is a load off my mind! I like to keep my skincare as clean, natural and organic as possible. It has become important to me to live a clean and natural lifestyle as much as I can. Planet Eve products are all made in Australia too.

You can find out more about their range on the website

Have you tried any of Planet Eve’s products? 

 E x

*This product was won through a competition I entered. This review has been written in accordance with this blog site’s disclosure policy.

I’m back guys! With two birthdays down and one to go…I feel I am still recovering from post-kids party stress but I am proud of myself for pulling off the dual party of the year. Lil Man and Lil Moon had the best time and I managed to take lots and lots of photos.

Can you believe we’re almost there!! SPRING is on its way. We are mid-way through our Australian Winter and there have been some mornings where no amount of coffee (well in my case…tea) was going to get me out of bed. I have been pretty fortunate not to have fallen sick this Winter and crossing my fingers and toes, I’m hoping my lucky streak continues. How have you been coping with the cold days?

I have some really great news for five lucky winners today. As these were only five entries for the Anti Ox Giveaway (you made it so easy for me!)

BIG Congrats to:


You have all won an Anti Ox Chocolate pack worth AUD$17 each.

Please send through your postal details to me as soon as possible, so I can get Anti Ox to send your yummy sugar-free chocies out to you.

You can email me at evonleearevalo(at)gmail.com

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the cooler months and for my readers abroad…I’m jealous of your Summer dresses and melting ice-creams!

Stay well everyone!

E x

Thank you all of you who entered in the Sew is Life 2nd Blogiversary Giveaway! There were so many funny, creative, inspirational ideas, I enjoyed reading each and every one of them.

The task of judging was not an easy one at all. So I had to call on the big shot judge, Hubz to help me make a decision on the two I was tossing up between. 

And let me get on with it and congratulate..

Tanya please send me a message via Facebook or DM via Twitter to advise where you would like me to send your prize pack to.

Don’t worry if you weren’t lucky this time…I shall be announcing another giveaway very shortly. Stay tuned and thanks for supporting Sew is Life the past two years, here’s to more fun times ahead for all!

E x


I just want to say a BIG Thank You to you all for sharing your comments on what Spring essence means to you. Reading each of them made me smile and gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling :) 

I am so excited to host this giveaway because I love being generous and give when I can. It is a nice feeling to make someone else happy and give them a ‘spring in their step’. These prizes were personally picked and bought with my own money for the lucky person.

So without further ado, the winner that was selected at random (via rafflecopter) is:

                                                  Michelle Katherine Tan

Thanks again everyone for participating in this giveaway. Stay tuned, as there is another giveaway coming up shortly!!

E x

A month ago, before little Luna arrived I entered a competition that was hosted by Facial Company. It was to win a Burt’s Bees ‘Baby Bee - Getting Started Kit’. I was so lucky to be one of the chosen winners, this prize couldn’t have come at a better time! Thanks Facial Company :D

I have heard a lot about the brand Burt’s Bees through word of mouth but I have never actually tried their products. Being a fan of earth-friendly and natural products I wondered why I have never come across their range before. Thanks to Facial Company I discovered this fantastic kit!

The Baby Bees Getting Started Kit contains the following in travel size:

- Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion 25g

- Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash 50ml

- Baby Bee Diaper Ointment 20g

- Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil 30ml

- Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap 20g

I have been using these products on Luna since day one. The smell of the range is a sweet, honey and cocoa scent that is calming for both baby and me. In the past using other supermarket branded shampoos and washes on Sofia’s and Leo’s skin  left them dry, red, irritated and they usually have ‘cradle cap’ within the first week. But since using the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee products for Luna’s daily bath, she has not had any of those issues with her skin or scalp. I should have stumbled across this sooner!

The nourishing lotion is light and quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving baby’s skin very well hydrated. It contains natural beeswax, sunflower seed oil and shea butter.

The shampoo & wash is a gentle formula that is perfect for everyday use, there isn’t too much foam as it doesn’t include the ingredient sodium lauryl sulfate. Baby’s hair is instantly clean, soft and fluffy.

Diaper ointment is great to use after each nappy change, it contains zinc oxide, lavendar, jojoba, rosemary, sunflower and soybean oils that nourish and repair baby’s skin. It helps create an emollient layer to seal out wetness.

I love the nourishing baby oil because it allows me to give Luna a massage after her bath, she loves it! It’s such a great way to bond with baby and make her feel comfortable. The ingredients include apricot kernal oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, rosemary leaf extract, soybean oil, wheat germ oil and canola oil.

The soap is so cute, it is a little round cake of buttermilk goodness! It also includes oat that soothes the skin. It is a French-milled soap that is gentle for everyday use.

I would have to give this kit a 5 out of 5 rating! I love it so much, I wish to buy the full sized bottles so I can use them too. 

Have you tried Burt’s Bees products before? Which ones would you recommend?

E x

You can grab the Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Getting Started Kit for $22.46 from Facial Company who offer FREE STANDARD SHIPPING (for order over $140) within Australia. This is the ultimate baby shower gift!

*This review was 100% my own opinion. I was not paid or compensated for writing this review. Products were won via a competition run by Facial Company.

Just wanna say THANK YOU to everyone for voting for me during the Beauty Heaven BlogStar 2012 Awards. I’m so excited to hear the outcome, and wishing all the other contestants the best. I feel like a winner already with the prizes I received in the mail yesterday!! One prize was for entering the competition and another for being short listed. They are prizes that I will definitely have a lot of fun playing around with…you can never have too many mascaras right? :)

So once again…a very BIG thank you to all you guys out there who showed your LOVE for ‘Sew is Life’! I am so grateful for the support *hugs*

Also a big Thank You to Beauty Heaven, Rimmel and Palmolive for running and sponsoring these awesome awards, because without them ‘Sew is Life’ wouldn’t have been discovered by the rest of Australia. I would still be blogging away in my quiet corner of Perth, with no idea who is reading my blabberings. Well I still am…and will still continue to do what I do…because I really LOVE it!

Lots of Love

E xoxo

Yesterday was the last day of the ‘Sew is Life’ Giveaway. It was my blog’s very first birthday so I thought I would celebrate with you guys by giving away a prize. Unfortunately there were so many hiccups with Tumblr, and not many people could respond to my giveaway. I did however fix this little problem a week ago and advertised the giveaway again (on Twitter, Facebook, Forums). But then there was nada comments *crickets chirping* :(

I decided to giveaway the prize to the person who sent their comments through to me via Facebook. And that winner is:

Melinda Kinnane (Perth, Western Australia)

Please send me your address details so I can get your prize out to you! Thanks!

The next time I advertise a giveaway I will double check that Tumblr is not sabotaging me. And I have decided to FINALLY start a Facebook Page for ‘Sew is Life’ (coming soon…). It is only fair to my readers to get in touch with me through different social media networks. Even though I am more of a Twitterati :) Also I am not aware of who is actually listening to my blabberings…I would love to find out ‘whose who’ out there following ‘Sew is Life’

Ya’ll have a perfect weekend now!

E x

I had to repost the birthday giveaway because Tumblr wasn’t enabling comments! Sorry to those who have previous entered…I have noted down your names. Good luck guys! Please share the news :)

It feels just like yesterday when ‘Sew is Life’ came to be! The blog is turning one and I thought what a great opportunity to share the excitement and the love by running my very first giveaway!

I couldn’t thank my readers enough, because ‘Sew is Life’ has been inspired by you. ‘Sew is Life’ has transformed into a women’s lifestyle blog. From its humble beginnings it started out as a mission for myself to develop my sewing skills. So far it has evolved to include subjects such as art, design, fashion, beauty, parenting, organic living, skin care, food, DIY projects and so on. I hope that you have enjoyed reading ‘Sew is Life’ as much as I love to write.

So on with the ’Sew is Life Birthday Giveaway’! One lucky reader out there will receive this amazing prize pack:

1 x ‘Mirror Mirror’ silver vegan eye dust by Lime Crime Make Up

1 x Natural organic soap (fragrance-free), made with cocoa butter, shea butter and olive oil. 100% vegan from SELF Organics 

1 x Mamma Belly bar, made with cocoa butter, shea butter, candelilia wax, geranium, mandarin and patchouli essential oils. 100% organic, 100% vegan from SELF Organics (apply on dehydrated skin and you don’t have to be a mamma to use it)

1 x ‘Kitchen Tea’ Apron, sewed by yours truely

1 x Fit me Bronzer in Medium Bronze by Mabelline New York 

*Open to worldwide readers. Prizes have been bought/made by the owner of this blog.

To win, all you have to do is:

  •  and retweet the following ’Happy birthday @Sewislife! I want to win that birthday prize pack!’ 
  • And, comment on this post below, telling me 'What are the 3 things I cannot live without?'(Besides the obvious…food, water and shelter :p). P.s/ Don’t forget to leave your email in the comments section so I can contact you if you are the winner!

The winner will be selected at random by a True Random Number Generator. The winner will be announced at the end of the month. 

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word and enter today!! 

E x