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It seems like the bloggasphere went into overdrive when these babies were launched a few weeks ago. I caught up quite late due to things going on in my personal life. However, I’m absolutely thrilled that the new Rimmel London Apocalips range has finally hit Australian shores. They come in a range of 8 stunning colours.

Nude Eclipse - matte nude

Phenomenon - pink nude

Stargazer - shimmery nude

Solstice - dusky rose

Celestial - soft pink

Nova - Bright pink

Apocalyptic - bright, hot fuchsia 

Stellar - classic intense red

I was amazed when I received the complete set in the mail, the collection falls into a pretty spectrum of light nudes, bright pinks to an intense red.

They retail for around $15.95 each


Apocalips is a highly pigmented ‘gloss’ or also known as a lip laquer. It gives the staying power of a lipstick and the shine and creaminess of a lip gloss. 

So it’s like having the best of both worlds in one. I really liked the packaging it kind of reminds me of a black crystal. And when it sits in my lipstick organiser, they all look like a crystal cluster…it’s absolutely beautiful! image

Each tube has their own colour identity that helps with finding the right shade. For example, with Nova, it is a bright pink and the base of the tube is a bright pink. This is especially helpful because hunting for a lipstick in a handbag can be impossible if the packaging is a dark colour. 


When I opened the tube for the first time, I noticed there was a little window where I could see the excess lip lacquer push away from wand. It was oh-so satisfying to see its gooeyness return into the tube. This is a great feature of the Apocalips, because it gave me the right amount to apply to the lips.


It doesn’t have a typical doe foot applicator, because this one comes with a micro-reservoir in the sponge. This tiny indent catches the right amount of lip lacquer for the lips. Isn’t that ingenious? The sponge is soft yet strong enough to apply the product evenly. And it is tapered from the top, so a precise line can be drawn around the lips.


Here are the colours swatched for your pleasure with the reflection of the sun against it. They glisten beautifully, especially ‘Stargazer’(third from the left) which includes shimmer pigments.’Solstice’ (fourth from the left) also shows a slightly purple shift and it is a lovely dusky rose.


Here are the colours swatched whilst I was standing in my bathroom under natural light. 


This is me wearing ‘Nova’, the colour is so vibrant and pigmented. I absolutely love it! Makes me feel a little warmer inside and I can’t wait till Spring to wear brights again.


This is me, after lunch…after eating I must have left my mark mostly on my cup and sandwich but as you can see, the lip colour is still sitting on my lips! No need to reapply if you prefer the matte look. Or reapply for more gloss and moisture. Colour will stay on lips for approximately 3 hours and throughout meals.

My favourite shades are Celestial, Nova and Apocalyptic. I was hardly ever a pink girl, but these I like!

Apocalips are available from from Priceline, Priceline Pharmacy,Target, Kmart, BIG W, selected pharmacies and selected Coles and Woolworths.

Have you tried Rimmel London’s Apocalips range yet? What’s your favourite shade?

Have a great weekend!

E x

The other day I came home to a very peculiar box, it was a white shipper with the logo stamped ‘Violet Box’. I did a little skip and a hop because I have been wanting to try out this beauty box for a while. I have not subscribed to beauty boxes before, so please forgive my ‘noob-ness’ at reviewing this box.

When I opened the white shipper box, it revealed another sleek black box with a purple foiled logo. You probably guessed, that I pay especially close attention to these things, because I am such a packaging-hore! I really appreciate a well-packaged product :) Plus I admit, my cabinet is still filled with old packaging of beauty products. Some are just too cute to throw away.

But let’s not waste a second longer, you guys want me to get on with all the juicy details of what to expect inside the box dontcha?! I found 3 postcards, two of them which have special offers relating to the samples provided in the box. And the other one explained a little bit about each product you get to try. 

So here is what I received in the Violet Box (June Launch):

1. John Plunkett Glyco Peel 15ml - $28.95

2. CK One Colour Cosmetics, Gloss Eyecolour in 800 Ultra - $25.00

3. Lash Control Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix - $25.00

4. Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser 200ml - $23.95

5. Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty EDT 50ml - $80.00

6. Argania Hair Oil Travel Cuties 100ml - $34.99

I liked the fact that each sample was a decent size, this is important to me because otherwise how would you get a feel for each product? I especially liked the CK One Colour Cosmetics, Gloss Eye colour as I received a pearlescent silver colour that is subtle and illuminates the eye nicely. I will have to give this one a proper review or include it in a make-up look so you can see the real beauty of it!

Another sample that I really liked was the argan oil. I haven’t tried argan oil before (I might be one of the last!) and I heard so many benefits of using it on the hair. This one from Argania Oil and is made from certified organic argan oil and you wouldn’t believe it, but it smells like lollies! My bleached hair is screaming out for this one…

Liked the sample? You can purchase the full sized version through Violetbox.com.auThe Violet box is sent out every month, you can choose from different subscription plans. However a box will cost you $22.95 each.

If you are like me, any package in the mail with my name on it will put a smile on my dial :)

Have you tried a beauty box before? Would you want to try out the Violet Box?

*Violet Box kindly sent a box for review, all opinions are my own.

This is it! The day has finally come where I launch my own skincare range online. It is very surreal, because a lot has happened since the idea was first planted. SELF Organics has been 2 years in the making. With the arrival of Leo and Luna into our lives, things have been turn busy tenfold. Then with 2012 venture of running a newsagency with my family SELF Organics was pushed to the back of my mind. However, it was never forgotten…

All our products are packaged using eco-friendly materials

It has been a dream to create organic skincare for others who feel passionate about fresh, good-for-you ingredients. The initially plan was to make it for my babies and for my Mother, who have sensitive skin. And then my love of making skincare grew and grew! My love of DIY, beauty and well being all came together in one moment and with the encouragement of my Hubz and children, I decided to listen to my heart and GO FOR IT!

You can visit the online store here: http://selforganics.com

And SELF Organics is now on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SELForganics

Come over and take a look at the new site (share it with friends and family) and pick up some goodies for yourself or gifts for Mother’s Day. 

Freshly curing ‘Lavender Fields’ soap, available for pre-order. Ready 30th April. Smells a little like Provence..

All the products are made with a minimum of 95% organic ingredients, as certified by the ACO http://www.aco.net.au/ .However the next step is to apply for the certification to obtain the special ‘bud’ logo for the products themselves.

The range is vegan friendly (unless otherwise stated) and not tested on animals. They do not contain parabens, chemical sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes, phthalates or artifical fragrances.

To all my lovely readers, I will still be blogging at ‘Sew is life’ about my lively adventures..but you can also follow SELF Organic on Twitter (@selforganics) and on the Facebook page to see what I’m up to.

Please help me to share and tweet about the new online store! I’m counting on you social media hehe… 

Thank you from the bottom of my organic heart :)

E x

Every where you go, it is impossible to ignore the fact that lifestyle and beauty products are turning more natural! When it should have been like that from the very start, isn’t it frightening to know that we have been slathering a whole lot of biproducts on our skin! The biggest organ and one of the most absorbent part of our body.

Just hearing about all the horrible ingredients contained in the mass produced skin care lines makes my skin literally crawl in response. I was delighted when I was invited along to a skincare launch by Aesthetic Beauty Skincare, which is company home grown in Perth by Linda Zani, a Qualified Beauty Therapist and Owner/Operator of Aesthetic Beauty & Massage. Linda told us about her humble beginnings when she and her cousin were cooking up their handmade concoctions over a stove top. It was until the requests for their homemade beauty products were tipping the demand vs supply scale that Linda decided to call in the experts and get them manufactured.

Professional sized bottles

Linda’s inspiration had came about after her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. “We began to educate ourselves on the many theories that claimed to contribute to this disease. As the skin is your body’s largest organ, naturally we were concerned with what was going on and into our skin. “.

All the products are rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids of healing plant extracts to help keep your skin balanced and youthful. They are aimed at those who are well-being conscious and who enjoy natural products. All packaging is 100% recyclable and no testing on animals, so it suits the environmentally conscious customer. 

Here are just some of the common ingredients you will find in the range: aloe vera,  jojoba, Vitamin E, shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, honey, Vitamin A, evening primrose oil, cucumber oil, green tea, ginseng and rosehip oil.



There was a great turn out at the launch event (WARNING: this is the ‘Photo-heavy’ end of the post), with light refreshments provided to guests and goodie bags customised for each individuals’ skin type. I invited along my friend Adeline who I haven’t seen in years and she brought along her mum too. And I also caught up with my friend Melinda who I haven’t seen since I left for maternity leave (almost 3 years now)! It was a fun night catching up with these lovely ladies over beauty products :)

The front of the venue, Central Institute of Technology

Inside Central Institute of Technology

We’re here! And first in line too!

A well put together powerpoint presentation telling us why it’s cool to go au natural now a days (with your skincare of course…)

A little display of the samples we will be taking home to try

Customised samples for everyone, because we are all beautiful in different ways..

Handing out the goodie bags, which also included a stress ball, lolly and chocolate treats

My friend Adeline and I ready to go home and try out our freebies

My friend Melinda and I mingle after the event

My samples at home. Clean and simple packaging is best!

You may want to try the online skin type quiz here. This will assist in determining which products from the Aesthetic Beauty Skincare range is best suited to you.

Here are a list of products currently available online for purchase or at Aesthetic Beauty & Massage in Mt Lawley:

100ml Cleansers $25-$30

100ml Facial Mists $25

50ml Moisturisers $35-$42

50ml Exfoliator $40 

25ml Eye Treatment $25

To find out more about the products and stay up to date with the latest news, visit the company’s website here and head over to Facebook and ‘LIKE’ the Aesthethic Beauty Skincare page.

Thanks Linda for inviting me along to your event! Wishing you all the success with your skincare range :)

I hope you will try some products from the Aesthetic Beauty Skincare range and support small businesses! Please let me know how you get along if you do try their products.

How much percentage of your products would you say are natural? Has your interest in natural products changed over the years?

Have a great weekend!

E x

I can’t believe there are only 15 days left till Halloween…and I’m not organised AT ALL. No idea what the kiddies are wearing…no idea what I’m wearing! For the past 2 years it has become quite the tradition in our household and I look forward to it  every year because it is when we get into costume, play games and eat yummy treats! It is fast becoming popular in Australia, but it wasn’t like that 10 years ago when this country didn’t want to become too ‘Americanized’. Now the globe is becoming so accepting of other cultural celebrations because of the use of the internet.

And to make it even more exciting, Lime Crime has launched their newest collection ‘Alchemy’ which includes a fantasy palette and 2 new lipsticks to coincide with the Halloween festivities.

A magical look created by Doe Deere for Lola Blanc

The colours for the newest range are amazingly pigmented and shimmery. The 2 lipshades - ‘Poisonberry’ is described as a berry-purple with a violet glow and ‘Serpentina’ is a emerald-green with a snake-like sheen! Don’t you just love those descriptions?

The Alchemy Collection - OUT NOW!

The Lime Crime Alchemy pressed eyeshadow palette, like other fantasy palettes before, have 5 different shades:

Incantation - metallic copper with fiery sparks (shimmer)

Lucky Charm - forest-green/firefly-green shift (shimmer)

Love Potion #9 - purple/mint shift (shimmer)

Spellbound - white/gold shift (shimmer)

Divination - slate blue/peacock shift (shimmer)

Swatches of the 5 pressed ‘duo chrome’ eye shadows (Which is your favourite?)

Unfortunately their ‘limited time only’ bundle released at launch has been SOLD OUT! They are offering two lipsticks, eye shadow palette and collector’s mook (magazine/book) for a special bundle price of USD$49.99! However you can still grab the lipsticks (USD$15.99) and palette (USD$34.99) on their own from the Lime Crime online store.

I will keep you guys updated if they decide to restock this collection. Because the offer is meant to run till the end of October. Let’s just say a little spell to get Lime Crime churning more of these beauties out!

Updated: Special collection is BACK IN STOCK! Get yours here

Lime Crime declared this collection on their Lime Crime’s Facebook page as one of their most successful launches! With a 1000 pieces sold in the first 24 hours! So don’t miss out your chance of owning this limited edition palette! You can be mixing up your own concoctions and creating your very own ‘spellbinding’ look too.

So what do you think of these colours? Wearable all year round or just for Halloween?

E x

Always wondered about the myth of the mermaid? Half fish, half beautiful maiden. Wouldn’t it be a magical place if there was a Mermaid kingdom that lived under our deepest seas? Ruled by the mighty Triton. Ever since I was a little girl I have loved the story of the ‘little mermaid’, the original book told by Hans Christian Andersen and even the Disney movie. Oh how I sang that song ‘A part of your world’ to the top of my lungs!

The Lime Crime team has created their newest Fantasy palette inspired by the legend of the mermaid and named it Aquataenia.

Like the ‘Chinadoll’ and ‘Marie Antoinette’ Palette, it contains 5 different shades of pressed powder eyeshadows. The only difference with the Aquataenia palette is the eyeshadows are all pearlescent. All the colours are packed with shimmer and glitter to make eyes glisten like water off a mermaid’s tail!

It comes in the purple signature Lime Crime tin and retails for USD$34.99. All their formulas are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Nautilus Prime – blurple (shimmer/sparkle)

Coral of the Story – true coral (shimmer/sparkle)

Seahorse Discourse – tropical green (shimmer/sparkle)

Pearl-ple – pearlescent lilac (shimmer/sparkle)

Atlanteal – seafoam blue/green (shimmer/sparkle)

Swatches of: Nautilus Prime, Coral of the Story, Seahorse Discourse, Pearl-ple, Atlanteal.
Here is another one to add to my wishlist. Such beautiful colours, perfect for the Spring/Summer 2012 trend of pastels and neons. Can’t the warmer weather come any faster?

Grab your piece of Lime Crime mermaid fantasy palette - Aquataenia at their online store! Have a swimmingly fun time playing with colours :)
What is your favourite shade from Aquataenia?

E x

Lime Crime launches another new product today from their eye make up range. Not too long ago they shared their Palette D’Antoinette with the world and now a killer liquid eye liner range to go with it. These will be available for purchase at the Lime Crime online store from May 23rd. 

There will be seven colours to choose from, from $13.99 each. To save even more Lime Crime will be selling them as a collection for $73.99.  You save around 25% off if you purchase all seven. Check out the campaign photo below:

From the left: Citreuse (yellow-green), Blue Milk, Quill (shiny-black), Orchidaceous (violet-purple), Lunar Sea (pure white), 6th Element (Orange) & Lazuli (bright blue)

I love their signature purple packaging, and how they have gone with a floral gothic design. Each comes with a highly precision brush to draw sharp, intricate lines. The formula is smudge proof and easily removed if you make a mistake. The liquid eye liners come in 1.3 ml / 0.04 fl. oz tube.

Here are some examples of the eye liner being used, in the Palette D’Antoinette campaign

You can start buying them from tomorrow! Don’t be afraid of colours, make them work with your Lime Crime eye shadows or your current make up and stand out from the crowd! I’m keeping my eye on Citreuse and Blue Milk…must start saving for these ;)

Also available for purchase from mid-June by Australian online retailer, Makeupnet. At AUD$14.99 each.

Which is your favourite colour eye liner from the collection?

E x