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I’m sure I wrote a post not too long ago about elegant cocktail rings with bling. Now it’s all about having a large rock, the mineral stone or raw uncut crystal on top of your digits. Sometimes these rocks can be mistaken for knuckle dusters, so be mindful not to bump into anyone who won’t be so forgiving!

Two rocks are never alike! Beautified by mother nature, it is a definite possibility that you can own a special unique piece of the earth for yourself. Each individual stone would have gone through different temperature, water and pressure treatments caused by natural erosion which results in their unique appearance.

Wire Wrapped Crystal Ring

Psychopomp RingĀ 

Pyrite Faceted Ring

Agate Stone Ring

Beach Stone Diamond Ring

Agate Stone Set Ring

I used to collect raw crystals as a little girl. My favourites were Amethyst and Rose Quartz. I believed they had healing powers and the ability to bring good spirit into one’s life. It was like my ‘juju’ or good luck charm. Now I think of it, I used to carry a rose quartz in my pocket to hopefully bring love into my life. And now I am surrounded by it :)

How I love these rings at the moment, brings me back to my young and carefree days. The Blue Agate Stone Ring from Miss Selfridge would be my favourite pick.

Miss Selfridge Retail Ltd (US)

Do you carry around a ‘juju’ to bring you luck, healthy, love etc? Do you believe in little tokens of good fortune?