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This week marks the start of the Australian Children’s Book Week that is celebrated around the country in schools and libraries. Lil Miss S was asked to come to school dressed as a story book character. I was thinking of putting her in her ‘Tangled’ costume that I bought for her birthday, so she could go as Rapunzel…but she wanted the long blonde hair which I had no clue how to make a blonde wig.


So after much deliberation and tossing up between many story book characters, in the end we decided to go with Little Red Riding Hood, the absolute classic little girl! She had the basket, she had the dress and boots but not the hood. Me being the DIY queen who loves to solved a sticky situation with my sewing machine, came up with a quick hood project overnight. 

I used a skirt pattern from the ‘Chic & Simple Sewing’ Book by Christine Haynes and made that into the cape. Then I drew the hood pattern and cut it out. Afterwards I attached the two pieces together and added some ties on either side.

To make it a little interesting, I mixed a red pinstripe material with some plain red. And it worked! Lil Miss S was so pleased and ready for her school parade. Everyone complimented her on her costume, she was absolutely chuffed.


My Little Red Riding Hood and stand-in Wood cutter 

Another save by Sewing Mamma :)

Did you celebrate book week as a child? What would be your favourite go-to character?

E x

Two down, one more to go. All my three kids have birthdays within a span of 3 weeks! Yes this time of year is party season in my family. Not forgetting to mention my mother’s and older brother’s fell two days before Lil Moon’s.

So whilst planning to ultimate combined birthday party for the youngest two. I was at one of Spotlight’s fabric sales and came across a bright and colourful birthday bunting panel. Sadly, this wasn’t on sale but it was so cute and adorable I just had to get it. Plus I love bunting and knew I had to make it for Lil Man and Lil Moon’s ‘Space’ themed party.


Each triangle had a different image and I really liked the vibrant colours!

The panel required me to fork out $9.99 and was made up of 30 triangles each with its own unique design. I chose the one with a dinosaur and robot theme and I thought robots…would definitely fit with the ‘space-y’ party.


It included a ‘what you’ll need’ list


It also had 5 step instructions which was clear and simple to the beginner sewer

And there were other panel designs to choose from. I also spotted a pastel colour one which would be more suited for little girls and there were baby themed ones for baby showers.


A close-up of the panel (isn’t it cute?) 

This was one of the easiest projects I have ever sewn. If I can sew this ‘Happy Birthday’ bunting then ANYONE can! So perfect for parties and I can use it for many more combined birthdays to come :)


Here are some tips I want to share:

Tip #1: Instead of ribbon, you can also use bias tape to get a cleaner strip across the bunting.

Tip #2: you can choose to use pinking scissors to get ‘zigzag’ border or leave it plain like I did. I just used the zigzag stitch on my sewing machine along the side of the triangles to close up any rough edges.

Do you like to make your own decorations or buy them instead?

E x

*This product was bought by me and is not affiliated with Spotlight. The review was written in accordance with the blog’s disclosure policy.

How’s your week moving along everyone? I am back to work for the third week and I still feel like the ‘slow’ kid in the class, the brain is slowly adjusting itself to absorb new information. So far everyone has been nice to me, with two days a week…how much can I really retain?

My kids are also slowly getting used to the idea of me being away from the house, but the youngest is at the clingiest stage…so she is well aware of when Mummy needs to say bye-bye. So there are still plenty of tears before going to work, which makes it so hard for me to realise this ‘sacrifice’.

Today, I want to share a little sewing project I whipped up a few weeks ago. Something that I have longed for, and that was to touch my precious sewing machine! The poor thing is collecting dust in the corner…

So with the idea of making my life a little easier in the morning, instead of rushing about to find a HAIR CLIP for Lil Miss S, I started on a mission to make a hair clip organiser.

I add a couple of buttons and flowers to make it 3D, also I could hang hair ties off the buttons.

If you would like to read more about how to make your very own hair clip organiser or for your little girls please click below

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I have had fabric ideas flying through my mind all weekend for my #sewingdares challenge. Read the previous post to find out more about this ‘DARE’. And this is what I came up with, I couldn’t find any oil cloth in my current fabric library so I headed down to Spotlight and picked up this beige/white spotty number. The oil cloth will be perfect for the interior of the makeup bag, so spills and powders can be easily wiped away.

For the exterior I decided on a houndstooth tweed. I bought a plain black zip and now I am looking for a red ribbon…maybe a velvet one to finish it off. 

It’s very ‘London-esque’ inspired. If you have been following Sewislife for a while, you would probably know I’m very much a Cath Kidston fan, and this polka oil cloth reminds me of her bag designs.

I shall be back soon to share my step-by-step process of sewing this makeup bag. I can’t wait to get started and show you guys the end result!!

Wish me luck ;)

What would be your ideal small sewing project?

E x

I am currently stuck in a sewing/DIY rut…due to factors outside of this blog. But I promised myself in 2013 to not let stress get me down and I would put some time aside for my favourite hobby, sewing - it is the one thing that truely relaxes me because it’s when I am in my creative element :)

So I caught onto the bug that is #sewingdares on Twitter. It all started with Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow throwing the tagline out there and a whole heap of sewinistas in the Twitterverse heard! I actually caught on from Leila at Three Dresses Project and she has dished me the dare to sew a ‘make up bag/case’. 

I haven’t sewn one before, so it will be a new challenge! I love it! That is the purpose of #sewingdares. To have fun and not take things too seriously.

Care to join in?

If you are up for it, jump onto twitter and demand a dare by including the hashtag #sewingdares in your tweet and you will receive your next sewing mission from one of the girls or I’m happy to ‘dare you’ (you just have to let me know your level of sewing, and if you have a blog I can check it out and give you a challenge that you haven’t done before).

Head over here to see what all the fuss is about. The love of sewing is spreading worldwide!

My #Sewingdares challenge

A make up bag is the perfect dare, given I am such a beauty buff and into my skincare. Honestly I can never have too many cosmetic bags! Plus they are such cute gifts to give to a girlfriend.

Here are some ‘brainstorming’ drawings I did the other day to get me started (please forgive my scribbles, I used to study art in school but it’s pretty clear that I have lost ALL my drawing ability).

Next step, to fish through my fabric stash and pick out some favourites.

Which design do you think I should go with?

Too be continued :)

Enjoy your weekend All! 

E x

This year I decided NO MATTER what…I’m going to enter the Tessuti Awards 2012. I am not sure I managed to muster up the motivation and strength to complete this sewing project, there were a few late nights, sore back and sore hands but I finished it!

This competition runs every year, by Tessuti Fabrics, a company based in Melbourne. They sell designer fabrics to the keen sewinista and each year they run competition with a specific theme, this year’s was ‘Spots & Stripes’ and it had to be a dress suitable for race wear. The 1st prize this year was $5000 to spend on a trip of the winner’s choice.

For me, it wasn’t about the money or winning in the end. I just wanted to prove to myself that I could sew a dress and wear it. In the past 2 years, since I started sewing I would only sew PJ pants and skirts for myself. The rest of the sewing projects were clothing for the kids, bags and homewares.

When I finished the project my inner sewinista was jumping for joy, throwing confetti into the air! It was such a great feeling to finally say I sewed a dress. However, I couldn’t take photos of me wearing the dress because I still had baby weight to lose. The photos I uploaded to the voting site were pretty crap, as the dress hung on a hanger behind my bathroom door…

So one beautiful, sunny day this week I decided to try the dress on again and it fits. Woot woot! And just when the competition has come to an end…*sigh*.Here they are anyway, Hubby helped me to take the photos in my parent’s backyard :) 

And did you notice it has a peplum! I love peplums…

What do you guys think? Would you wear something like this to the races?

E x

Little birds for my baby’s mobile. Need to sew some wings tonight #sewing #diy #handmade #sew #september2012 #sunday #birds #baby #toy #craftblogger #craft (Taken with Instagram)

It’s been a while since I have completed a sewing project. It’s been a bit of a battle sitting down in front of the sewing machine too long with my reach getting further and further from me because of my ‘Buddha’ belly. I can’t keep away from my ‘sewing-sister’ too long though, otherwise I get the sewer’s ‘Itch’.

So…right now I am going through a headband phase. I don’t usually wear headbands, but I love the thought of having a few different patterned ones for when baby arrives.

One particular reason, my hair has grown at legendary speeds due to the pregnancy growth hormone. Plus I had a big chunk of hair snipped off last November in Malaysia and I have noticed it has grown 5 inches longer in the past 8 months. It’s become thick and unruly, but definitely healthy and shinier.

I came across this tutorial by sayyestohoboken.com, it is such an inspiring little blog run by stylishly crafty blogger, Liz Stanley. Thanks Liz!

Here is how my headband turned out. I am going to make a matching one for my friend, who is having a birthday soon. This is a perfect present idea for a girlfriend.

FABRIC OFFER: Duckcloth is offering FREE SHIPPING for the month of June. Use promo code FREEJUNE at the checkout.

Click here to read the tutorial and check out my step-by-step photos:

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The best tool in the sewer’s box! Which reminds me…I have some ‘psycho’ ripping to do on some pants that the sewing machine just chewed up. Some days are the absolute pits and some days, I find my inner peace with my Brother sewing machine.

The best tool in the sewer’s box! Which reminds me…I have some ‘psycho’ ripping to do on some pants that the sewing machine just chewed up. Some days are the absolute pits and some days, I find my inner peace with my Brother sewing machine.

(via thestitchingkitten)

Here is a birthday pressie I received in the post from my bestie who lives in Kuala Lumpur. Isn’t this framed print so ‘kitsch cute’? I’m in love with it! Now to hang it above my sewing machine to remind me how happy sewing makes me feel.