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Hello! It’s me, your friendly blogger, E. Today is the day I share with you the ‘Get to know me’ post. I have been wanting to do this tag for a while now and haven’t come around to being as open and honest with my readers as I would like. Well that’s a LIE, I have been totally open and honest in my writings but these are just little snippets, quirks if you like…about me :)


So please read on and get to know me, here are 15 things about me that you may not already know:

1. I was married at the age of 23 and had my daughter in the same year. I had been dating my husband 3 years before I found out I was pregnant. Having Lil Miss S in our lives deepened our love and brought us even closer together. He is my true soul mate who just gets me.

2. I like grape flavoured anything, be it lollies, bubble gum or lip gloss. The artificial grape flavour really tastes so yummy!

3. I used to be a hair model, it was years ago back in my uni days. But I used to chop and change my hair almost every season. It was so much fun. Hair is such a great way to express your individuality. I have yet to go bald, and yes I would be game.

4. I cuss only in the comfort of close family and friends. You know that you have seen my mad side when you hear me drop the F bomb. But then I also cuss when I feel passionate about something. It’s a great stress reliever :)

5. I always carry a notebook/journal with me, because I write my thoughts down and I like to capture my experiences on paper. As well as through blogging. I will always need to write, it’s cathartic.

6. Give me a good tune and I will dance. And dance like no one is watching :)

7. I have kept a blog since my teens, about 10 years ago. But I don’t really want to revisit that blog. It was moody, broody and I was just an idiot.

8.  I am a middle child. I have an older brother and a younger brother

9. I will never leave the house without my lipstick. I may forget to wear it, but I always keep one in my handbag or on my person just in case.

10. I am an active member of my daughter’s school’s P&C Fundraising committee. Yes, I love to get involved!

11. I love to be around children. I do, they are such an uncomplicated and funny bunch.

12. I like anime, manga and Japanese culture. It fascinates me and I wish to one day travel there with Hubz.

13. My favourite animal of all time would be the emperor penguin. I used to collect plushies of penguins until  had kids, and those plushies became theirs. But my dream would be to take a cruise around Antarctica to see them in their natural habitat.

14. I don’t know how to walk in high heels properly. I love them but I absolutely fear stacking it and breaking an ankle. I live in flats.

15. I have a chipped tooth and I don’t really want to do anything about it because it is at the far back. And I know my dentist will want me to have a crown, but I hate seeing the dentist. Argghhhh!!!

Hope you guys enjoyed reading a little bit about me. Did any of those points surprise you?

I would like to read about your ‘get to know me’ post, so TAG you’re it… please link back to Sewislife if you do decide to take this challenge so I get all the juicy details! ;)


E x

What did you get up to for Fathers’ Day? I had a low key celebration with my funny family as we went to the local Dome café to have a bite to eat and then ventured off to the nearby park for a play. Every time we plan to go out with the kids, Hubz sighs and says ‘we are never doing this again’. And it’s true we love our children to bits but they are just balls of energy that refuse to sit still. Hence the trip to the park afterwards to expel their excess energy.

Happy Fathers’ Day to the Mister

Day 1 outfit:

Dress from Modcloth, Shoes by Emerson, Cardigan from Malaysia

It was a cloudy first day of Spring in Perth, it was windy but quite warm. My poor nose started to itch the moment I walked outside and my eyes were sore from the constant rubbing.

However I was in the mood to take an outfit shot, it was the first day I wore bright colours as a part of my #boycottblack challenge.

Me and Lil Miss S, as you can tell I’m still a big kid at heart!

It is proving more difficult, as I don’t own many bottoms that aren’t black. And this forces me to wear dresses which is actually a good thing! Since being a Mummy, the art of dressing has been confined to jeans, sneakers and polo shirts. I actually felt pretty and like a ‘girl’ today :)

Taking a photo of all three kids is a mission, but isn’t this frame-worthy?

Lil Moon intrigued by this spinning wheel

There is still time to take part in the Sewislife Spring Style Photo-a-day Challenge. For those who want to Spring clean, update their style and have a little fun please jump on board. 

Take a photo of your outfit and share it on Twitter, Instagram by hastagging #boycottblack and sewislife

E x

Only 3 days left! Now is the time to PANIC!!

I have been shortlisted in two categories for Beauty Heaven’s BlogStar Award 2012! I can’t believe it, just over a year of blogging and now ‘Sew is Life’ is being featured in one of the prestigious online beauty websites. It has already been a dream come true…and you should have seen my face when I found I was shortlisted. It was similar to that on the faces of my two munchkins (see photo above).

Please show your love by voting for me in the following 2 categories:

Best Beauty Blog Post - Established Blog (1 shortlisted entry)

Layering dark on dark - vampy look perfect for Winter

Best Women’s Lifestyle Blog Post (2 shortlisted entries)

5 tips to keep you organised and happy at home with the kids

The joint baby shower

All you have to do is sign up as a member here and you will be eligible to vote. Beauty Heaven and BlogStar 2012 sponsor Rimmel will be giving away 100 Rimmel prizes. So you can be a lucky winner too just for voting!

But be quick, as voting closes on Sunday 10th June 2012.

Thanks to my readers and followers for supporting ‘Sew is Life’, I’m Perth girl…so any Western Aussies out there please make some noise! :)

E x