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Reblogged from Hubz Tumblr (you can check out his site by clicking through the link below). But this was a trip to the park after I took some shots for an outfit post. This is like the bloopers or behind-the-scenes material :)

I love it how Hubz managed to capture their carefree nature, their love for the outdoors and the utter excitement in their little faces. It’s these moments that I cherish the most and wish life could move a little slower so I can take it all in 100 times!

E x


“Having fun in the Park” Part 2

I’m quite surprised at how well the pictures came out from a click and shoot digital camera. Trying to run and take pictures was hilarious. And what’s with boys grabbing sticks.

Happy Birthday to my Mini-Me, sweetie Sofia. Sofia has been one very patient little girl, her birthday was actually at the beginning of August but due to her party venue being so popular, it was only available towards the end of August. This is year at Kindy she made a class full of friends. Sofia has discovered a lot about herself, that she is more resilient, adventurous, she likes to lead, a keen learner and also helpful towards the younger ones. She has really shown her ‘big sister’ skills and is a great influence on her little brother Leo.

Although it has also been a month of ups and downs. She was extremely welcoming to her new little sister Luna and is very proud of her. Sofia enjoys showing her off and is very happy to have company of another girl. For her birthday I made her a ‘Cinderella’ cake, which was a first for me. I was so surprised, it is actually easier than it looks! I made a strawberry flavoured butter cake and swirled in some pink colouring. And covered it in strawberry flavoured butter cream and Sofia helped with the decorations.


However, this month, Sofia also lost her best friend to an illness, a week before her birthday party. She is coping well, but then she doesn’t completely understand the concept of death. Just before her party she asked 'Why isn't T coming to my party?', it was heartbreaking for me to hear her say that. I had to explain to her that T got very sick and passed away, and he is no longer in this world. But we should never forget him.

She did have a ball at her party though, I booked a kids’ gym for 2 hours and they all went nuts! It was quite a sight to behold. Children climbing, running around, swimming in the ball pit, and then sweat matted on to their foreheads. Just watching them depleted me of my energy! I cooked too, I made some home made sausage rolls, home made chicken nuggets, popcorn and jelly cups. I bought a birthday cake from Woolworths and that was it! I was so happy I didn’t have to break the bank with this party…by the end of the day I was ready to retire from party planning. But imagine…all my kid’s birthday within the same month! I have the work cut out for me for the next few years. 

As long as I can see the big grin on my child’s face at the end of the day I know all the effort was worth it :)  Thank you to everyone who made it such a memorable day for my little girl, for all the lovely presents and ending her week on a high. xx

Do you have any tips on how to run a child’s party smoothly? 

E x

When you become an adult the world becomes a less ‘rosier’ place than it used to be when you saw it through innocent, child eyes. It’s not that we don’t appreciate each day, but we have slowed down in our ‘wonderment’ and ‘intrigue’ of the world around us. 

Ever since having my two munchkins my eyes have been opened up once again. The world truely is an amazing place with so much exploration to be done. We just need to open our minds and hearts to discovery. 

A set of finger paints with a foam stamp on each lid given by grandma. Plus they can be connected like a jigsaw! So kids can build and make different things when they are not painting.

One of the ways of discovery for my 4 year old daughter is through finger painting and the use of tools to manipulate her craft. I’m mesmerized by the way she applies her thinking to mixing colours to create new tones and uses different utensils from the kitchen drawer to create her masterpiece. 

Sofia being ambidextrous with a pastry cutter and pate knife

Experimenting with how each tool can make a different impression

Mixing colours together

The final masterpiece hung up in her room

After she is done, she will tell me the story of what her drawing is about. Sometimes when the shower steams up the glass mirror, she enjoys drawing with the tips of her fingers.  There are so many ways of allowing kids to expand their mind and creativity with simple household things that don’t cost very much. 

Most importantly give children a safe, open area to play with minimal barriers and try not to intervene. Allow their imagination to soar to incredible heights when left to their own devices :)

Nurofen for Children gets temperature back to normal faster then paracetamol so your child can get back to the magic of discovery. Find out more about Nurofen for Children products : www.nurofenforchildren.com.au

*This entry is been entered in a Nuffnang competition, sponsored by National Geographic and Nurofen. Hope to win a gift voucher to spend on my little darlings! So they can continue discovering :)

Get your entries in too, competition closes tomorrow!

E x

Reblogged from Hubz, this is a photo set of the drawings Sofia’s Kindy class did in their first week of Term 1. As you can see Sofia is already becoming popular with the boys as she has a few admirers willing to dedicate some poetic art to her! Daddy is well aware of these boys and has the hockey stick ready for when that day comes…


“Sofia’s Kindy Days” - Her First Kindy drawing

The funny thing about her first Kindy drawing, is not about Sofia’s drawing but what another classmate of hers drew. A certain boy decided to draw something for Sofia personally. Oh man, look’s like I’ll be getting my M4A1 and Deagle ready, and earlier than most. *muwahahaha*

Day 4 of #photoadayjuly project. The subject is ‘Fun’

My children are always laughing and having fun. This is a photo of them spinning around in my home office chair :) A child’s laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world!

E x

Happy Easter from the Lee-Arevalo clan :) We had a busy day hunting for eggs, eating them then feeling sick the rest of the day. It was a lot of fun though!

Photo Set: The hunting begins, first finds

Photo Set: Easter eggs galore!

Photo Set: Enjoying their efforts

Photo Set: Easter felt bags that Sofia made, we bought a pack from Spotlight

What Easter traditions do you have?

E x

Art and creativity runs through the veins of our family.

This is the week, the week where my little girl goes to Kindergarten. I think she is more prepared than I am. I will be losing her for 2.5 days where she will be influenced by her teachers, her peers and the whole school environment. It is actually a unnerving feeling. She is a fighter though, Sofia knows what she likes and doesn’t like and she is adventurous and energetic. It just blows me away how the years go by so quickly and now she is starting school.


Sofia excited for her first day

Now I have to think about what I will do with myself and how Leo will cope without his big sister being around, she has been his playmate, his go to person…he may feel separation anxiety a little. 

Showing Leo a book, these two are inseparable! 

Being a mum is harder than I thought, you go through so many emotions with your children, you feel the nerves for them even though they are too excited too. In the end I just miss my baby girl and hope she does not forget me! Boo-hoo! There were no tears from her, maybe a little from me…

One birthday down, another one to go. Sofia is 4 years old today, I can’t believe how grown up my baby is…she is turning into a little lady and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She is the perfect little helper in the kitchen, she really takes an interest in how things are cooked. At the moment she enjoys baking cakes, and if we are not making a real one she will get all my cake tins and her toys to play imaginative baking. She loves to make gingerbread men out of her playdough and serve it up to me. These are the years I will cherish because it is when I get to play and really enjoy my little girl. It is as if I am living my second childhood through her, it is so wonderful! I had some spare time and sewed an apron for her, I will post up photos of it later.

What a year it has been for Mei Mei (Sofia’s chinese nick name), she started pre-kindy, met some friends and learnt how it is like to have a best friend. Sofia is quite the drawer, she likes to draw her family, her imaginary dog (she is hinting she would like a Dalmatian puppy), lollipops and the sun. Painting is one of her favourite hobbies and she likes to punch holes in paper using mummy’s sewing machine. Sofia also learnt how to do rolypolys and has a natural aptitude for sports. She likes to twirl like a ballerina and kick a soccor ball around the oval. Sofia is also a mini yogi and really enjoys her chill out time as much as her play time. She is into classical music and anything that is easy listening.

During the age of 3 she learnt what it is like to be a big sister to Leo, she is a protective older sister and likes to teach Leo things. She will break off a piece of what ever she is eating and feed it to her little brother, she loves to smell his hair, surprise him and wrestle him on the bed. She tells him off sometimes, being the little mummy and that it is wrong to eat her crayons. Sofia always thinks of others when she is having fun and likes to make them feel included. She is a very generous girl and shares her things willingly. 

She likes to dress up in her grandma’s high heels and put on mummy’s makeup. Over the year I have learnt that Sofia has acquired a taste for pickles and likes choc mint ice-cream. She also enjoys peanut butter immensely, on bread, with celery and will eat it with a spoon if I let her. 

Not only is she a guru in the kitchen, she loves the outdoors and is fascinated by the way plants grow. She is a helpful gardener doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty in the sand. Sofia loves a good bounce, therefore I am planning to lay-buy a trampoline for Christmas so she can bounce till her hearts content. And so my king mattress can have a break! She likes to sing and dance and pull funny faces. Sofia is my funny, lovable little girl…she makes me laugh all the time and I am so blessed to have her in my life. 

So happy birthday my sweet daughter Sofia, I wish you wouldn’t grow up so fast xo

My girl has the coolest sneakers at pre-kindy