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Hey lovely people! I’m back! And feeling a little worse for wear than before I left. But that happens when you are towing 3 kids along and a husband. Plus it was a short 7 day trip to Jakarta and our itinerary was condensed, we were pretty much on the go every day. There was definitely no time for sleep-ins!

But I  must say it was worth it in the end, as I got to witness my best friend walk down the aisle with the man who stole her heart. It was such a beautiful Catholic Church service, the place was adorned in romantic red roses and white peonies. My friend, Yohana walked down the aisle in an amazing lace knee length dress with delicate beading and a tulle train that extended almost 3 meters behind her. And she wore a pair of cute red pumps that added that lil touch of her cheeky personality. 

At the end of the ceremony there was a torrential down pour of rain and booming thunder. It was like God was giving the newly weds his approval. Well as they say…when it rains on your wedding day it usually means good luck!

I found the meaning online:

Rain on your special day can be considered a stroke of luck for several reasons.  Rain symbolizes blessings, cleansing, unity, and a new day.  In some cultures it is also a symbol of fertility.  Due to these positive connotations, a rainy wedding day is very often considered good.

Jakarta was such an amazing city! Even though the traffic jams are horrific. I was pleasantly surprised by the politeness of the people and how they are very welcoming to foreigners. You can find everything in Jakarta, such as high-end fashion and beauty brands, cuisines from all over the world, you can watch a cinematic movie experience in a bed, buy cheap technology and accessories. 

This is the first part of my haul of things I bought and gifts I received from friends:



This was a gift for all the attendees at the Hen’s night. It was prepared by one of my friends who is a make up artist, she wrapped all these lovely Body Shop goodies and some of her own. Can’t wait to try them!


I went shopping at an accessories shop called Stroberi, it had the cutest stuff there. And the shopping bag is so cute too (couldn’t resist sharing the picture). I only came to realise it is a shop for teenage girls when I read the bag! Ooops, I guess I’m mentally further off 30 than I thought.


But look at all the cute and colourful stuff I found! I will have to share some in a giveaway soon ;)


These are a pair of crystal earrings I bought at a department store. I completely forgot to pack accessories to wear at the wedding before I left Perth.


The bride gave this to me, she said it was stuff she swore by. I have been using it for the past few days and love how it moisturises my dry, parched lips. Summer chap lips be GONE!


And I bought Little Miss S these Skechers ‘Twinkle Toes’. They light up whenever she walks. I only wish I could have a pair in my size… they are just too pretty. It has inspired me to hot glue some rhinestones to my sneakers :)

I actually came home with a bit of money still left over. One week is definitely not long enough to see Jakarta and shop around. Anyway that is a good thing, because it suddenly dawned on me, when I returned, that Christmas is only a week away! And I still haven’t sorted out pressies for the rest of my family…

How are you guys getting along with your Christmas shopping? See anything you like from this haul?

Have a great weekend!

E x

It is finally landing in the biggest city in Australia, retail giant Topshop is going to open it’s second store in Sydney come October 2012. After its success opening the first flagship store in Melbourne, Dec 2011 the retail giant shows no signs of slowing down. No doubt this news will bring all fashionistas to a stand still as the excitement builds to check out ‘vintage’ inspired pieces from the international fashion brand. Topshop has also created some strong competition with other international powerhouse, ZARA, who opened up in Sydney in April 2011.

Lucky for me, they are over East. This should curb my spending on Topshop. However if they offered free shipping, I cannot be held responsible for my actions :)

Topshop is due to release its very first wedding-inspired line by Richard Nicholl. They already have expectant mums covered with their gorgeous maternity range. Making us feel more feminine and sexy in our wardrobe choices. Trust me, a woman wants to look good at every stage of her life ;)

Here are some of my favourite Topshop picks for expectant mummies, and a glimpse of their wedding range:

Bridal pieces


Maternity Pieces

These Topshop maternity clothes are so pretty, it makes me want to go for a second baby! Or least string out this one a little longer…

Do you think it is necessary to invest in good maternity wear, or would you just buy size up?

E x

Last weekend, we held a bridal shower for my very close friend, Melissa. Her wedding is on this coming Saturday, so a week prior we thought we would show her a good time by celebrating her bachelorette-hood ‘High Tea’ styling at The Peninsula Tea Gardens in Maylands, Perth. It is located just next door to the historical Tranby Farm House that is one of the first colonial farms still intact within the metropolitan area. It offers the unique opportunity to learn about the early years of European settlement in Western Australia.

The High Tea was set beautifully with polished silver and fine china boneware. The chairs were made of white ratten with white coloured cushions matched together with the ratten glass table. There were bronzed candelabras that were mounted on the wall with interesting warped candles. It was very ‘garden’ themed.

An afternoon of High Tea decadence, with fine bone china and silverware. I felt kinda ‘Queen-ish’!

Parisian tea - Perth style

The service was on time when all the guests arrived, the food came out on tiered cake stands filled with a choice of savoury and sweet morsels. It was so enticing to the hungry eye! One of my friends described the occasion as ‘relaxing and peaceful’, you could say it invoked the same feeling as being pampered at a day spa. We sat down to eat the 'Parisian Afternoon Tea' ($38 pp) which included:

Tea sandwiches – Smoked salmon and salmon mousse, Roast beef and horseradish, Ham and Dijon mustard, Cucumber and cream cheese.

Tasty finger-sized sandwiches and they had mini puff pastry shells with curry or mushroom filling too (great for the pregnant ladies-holla!)

Freshly baked scones served with whipped cream and gourmet strawberry preserve together with a selection of French style Petit Fours and cakes, served with a pot of tea of your choice.

Huge scones (half the size of my palm) with generous servings of freshly whipped cream and jam

Selections for the sweet tooth - mini lemon meringue pies, petite fours and cupcakes with butter cream icing.

After a hours of eating, we played some fun games questioning the bride (Celebrity husbands) and the group of ladies (How well do you know the bride?). It was a great way for everyone to know a little bit about each other. Then we took it outside and sat under the big shady tree alongside the riverbank, where we could look out to the Swan River and played Pictionary (wedding-themed of course). Here is where I found the bridal shower games.

Non-bridal shower related pic - This is my close friend Heidi and I with our pregnant tummies kissing. Awww! Not too long ago we had our joint baby shower, you can read about it here.

Mel looked so relaxed and happy, she seems to be taking this whole wedding business in her stride. I can’t wait to see her on her BIG day…and no doubt, I will have to bring a box of tissues!

But if you are planning a bridal shower in Perth, or just want a nice afternoon out with the girls, The Peninsula Tea Gardens is the place to go! The customer service is warm, friendly and very helpful. Plus the food is fresh and delicious too! Definitely found its way to the top of my ‘Best Places to Chill’ in Perth.

What is your favourite place to chill out with friends?

E x